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29 Creative Gift Basket Ideas for everyone on your list in 2024

Gift baskets Ideas can help you create a versatile gift because they are scaleable to your budget, can be inspired by so many different themes and work for people of all ages and genders!

There are options to buy pre-made gift baskets, but making your own gift baskets is simple and fun and I’m here to make it even easier. 

Read on for the best gift baskets ideas, inspiration, gift basket themes and 29 of the best gift basket ideas that everyone will love!

How to make a gift basket

  1. Decide on a theme: Gift Baskets are a collection of similar items. Your theme inspiration could be something as simple as a color, a type of food, or a new hobby! (I’ll share specific themed baskets with links below!). 
  2. Set a budget: This is important to do before you start getting deep into the process. Don’t fret if your budget is on the smaller side…you can just get creative and/or make a smaller basket! Decide on an amount and stick with it!
  3. Choose a “basket”: Baskets don’t have to be, well, basket-y ;). You can go with a “container” that matches the theme (i.e. a charcuterie board, a popcorn container, an organizing container). Keep your budget in mind! You can look for a container to re-use from around your house OR just put things into a wrapped cardboard box or paper sack. 
  4. Select items to go inside your gift basket: Look for items that fit your theme AND are within your budget. Don’t be afraid to change your mind…as you look you might find different combinations of gifts that you like as you are shopping for your gift basket. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Creative Gift basket ideas

Now let’s get into a bunch of fun gift basket ideas. I’m sharing gift baskets for men, gift baskets for women, food gift baskets, family gift baskets and some pre-made gift baskets you can purchase ready-to-go on Amazon. 

Family gift basket ideas

I absolutely LOVE to get creative with gift baskets for family gift ideas. I’ll help you elevate a couple of classic family gift baskets and then give you some unique family gift baskets ideas. 

Family Game Night Gift Basket

Ain’t no party like a family game party ‘cause a family game party don’t stop! Seriously, game nights create the best memories. That’s what makes a family game night gift basket a genius gift idea! For your gift basket container, I would start with a wooden serving tray which makes games super portable and can make any surface into a game playing surface! Plus it is gorgeous. Next, we need to add some game playing classics, a few decks of cards, some card holders for little (or older!) hands, a beautiful memory game (works for all ages!) and then one or more of my family’s favorite games like Cover Your Kingdom, Hoot Hoot Owl, The Chameleon, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Uno Flip, and Telestrations. You could also add a fun and colorful candy dish and some M&Ms or another easy grab candy!

Star Gazing Gift Basket

Looking at the stars is enchanting no matter what your age, that is why a star gazing gift basket is perfect for families! Check out my Star Gazing Gift Basket post to get some ideas of products to make a gift basket that is out of this world!

Movie Night Gift Basket 

Movie Gift baskets have been around for years for good reason! They make a great gift basket for individuals, couples and families alike. I would start with either a shallow rope basket (if you end up choosing some of the bigger items I’ll share next) or a popcorn container as the gift basket. In the olden days…you might add a VHS or DVD. But nowadays, you need to get creative with a gift card for a streaming service OR some codes for a Redbox movie rental. You could add a cozy blanket in a bigger movie night gift basket or a popcorn popper in either size gift basket. I would also add some fun popcorn seasonings, popcorn bags for everyone in the family, and yummy movie theater candy boxes.

S’more Gift Basket

S’mores are for more than just camping! They make a great and creative gift basket for individuals or families. A round metal tray would make a great “basket” for this gift basket. This tabletop Fire Pit is whimsical and comes with roasting sticks. Now you need all of the ingredients for a delish s’more: Graham Crackers, marshmallows, (you could choose these chocolate filled marshmallows too!),  chocolate and some peanut butter cups to make it interesting! An extra item to put s’more gift basket over the top? A campfire story book!

Slime Gift Basket

My kids (of all ages) love them a little slime. I love it because my kids are doing science and having fun! I have a post with TONS Of different DIY Slime Kit Ideas, and any of these would be perfect for a slime gift basket. 

Black Car Divider Basket with Aatlas, Road Trip Book and snacks with printable Road Trip Gift tag Gifts for Older Men

Gift basket Ideas For Men

Here are some fun themes and ideas if you are looking to make gift baskets for men in your life. These gift baskets for men would be a wonderful gift for your husband, father, grandfathers, sons, sons-in-law, boyfriend etc. 

A Road Trip Gift Basket is a fun gift for the guy who loves to hit the road. Check out this post to get all of the items that will make this gift basket for men a hit!

Shaving and Hair Gift Basket for men:

For a container, I would grab a masculine but bathroom friendly organizer like this wire bin and add a soft shaving towel. Add fancy shaving cream soap, shaving brush, and shaving razor for men along with some beard balm. You could also add in this handy beard bib apron that attaches to the mirror by suction cups. 

If you want to go more of the hair gift basket route, I would put a hair shampoo brush (these feel SO NICE!) nice brush and comb set, men’s shampoo, hair gel for men

Massage Gift Basket for men

Whether the man in your life is an athlete or works in an office, a rejuvenating massage is a gift he will love! You can put together an amazing massage gift basket quickly and easily with the following items. 

For the basket, I would choose a masculine metal bin. There are many different massage products you could put inside including a deep tissue massage gun, a less expensive selfie massager or a shiatsu back shoulder and neck massager. This double massage ball works on all areas of the body, is inexpensive and would be great in a massage gift basket for men. If you plan to be the one doing the massage for your man, you could add sore muscle massage oil, hot stones (these can be heated in boiling water or a crock pot!) 

Sports Gift Basket

Another great gift basket for men (or women!) is one themed around their favorite sport to watch or do. A football gift basket container could be a sports duffle bag or a collapsible NFL cube container. Inside the sports gift basket you could include a LED light up football, This hand eye coordination trainer would be fun to play with and great for most sports gift baskets. You could also add The Ultimate Football Trivia Book. If your sports loving guy is more of a couch quarterback, this chip and dip bowl would be an amazing gift to add in the gift basket! 

Dad Coach Gift Basket

Dad coaches are the best! If your husband is your kid’s sports coach, you can make a coach gift basket that will have everything he needs to take his kid coaching to the next level. For the basket I would use a masculine wire basket. Inside you could put a coach’s clipboard/whiteboard, a whistle, a best dad coach t-shirt, a coach hat, a coach tumbler and a mindful coaching book that can help him to be an even better coach.

Gift basket ideas for women

The women on your gift list will LOVE a thoughtful gift basket with products inside that you chose for them. Here are some gift basket ideas to inspire the best gift basket for women.

Self-Care Gift Basket

Women often don’t take enough time for self-care. A basket full of items that will help a woman focus on the themselves is a great gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas. I would start with a beautiful rope basket that could then be re-used somewhere in the home. In the bottom, you could place either a fluffy, warm robe, a silky robe, or a cozy blanket. Next, you could add some items for a relaxing bath or shower like bath bombs or shower steamers. I would add in other self-care splurge items like a jade stone tool, an ice roller, a bluetooth sleep mask, a facial steamer as well as a beautiful guided journal.

Manicure/pedicure gift basket for women

Another fun gift basket idea is one filled with all of the things you need for a lovely manicure and/or pedicure. I would start with a cute plastic caddy that can be used to hold all the tools needed so you can just grab and paint, you could also purchase a foot soaking bath or splurge and make a foot spa into the “basket.” Next, add a fingernail polish set, fingernail polish remover, nail clippers, nail files, toe separators, peppermint and tea tree oil foot soak (this feels SO NICE!). I’d also recommend one of my favorite foot scrubbers (this thing works wonders on dry, cracked feet) along with the best product out there for dry and cracked hands and feet, O’Keefe’s Healthy Hands

#Bossbabe Gift Basket Ideas

If the woman on your list is a #bossbabe or #momboss, you could make a thoughtful (and fun!) gift basket filled with essentials. I would use a gorgeous gold desk basket as the container, and add in a coffee mug with a great message, a phone stand holder, a planner book, a motivational flip calendar, a cute (but easy to care for) succulent desk plant, a scented candle, and some luxurious hand cream.  

The best gifts for teenage girls are gifts that are fun and that they will use! These hair care products make a fun and unique gift for teenage girls. What are the best haircare products for teens? Find them in this gift idea post for teens

Gift Baskets Ideas for Teens

It can be hard to think of gifts for teens, but there are some fun ways you can create a teen gift basket to fit your budget that they will love!

You can check out this post that details everything you’ll need to make a Hair Care Basket for Teen girls.

If you have a teen who is just starting to wear makeup, this Beginner Beauty Basket for Teens would be a perfect gift basket idea!

Hobby Gift Baskets

I love giving gift baskets that encourage or rekindle a hobby. Not only are hobbies great for self-care, they also make amazing gift inspiration. Here are a few hobby inspired gift baskets ideas. 

Exercise Gift Baskets

Everyone could use some exercise encouragement. A basket filled with some “new” exercise tools would be a great gift basket for many people! I would use a locker wire basket to put all of the gifts in. In the bottom place microfiber gym towels (great to absorb sweat as you work out!), a set of resistance bands or workout bands that attach to a door frame. A smart jumprope is a fun gadget for any fitness enthusiast. Another fun item to add to an exercise gift basket would be a weighted hula hoop! A half gallon water bottle with a handle would also be a good gift for an exercise gift basket. 

Knitting Gift Basket

I have an entire post dedicated to the Best Gifts for Knitters that you can look at if you have a beginner, intermediate or advanced knitter on your gift list. 

But here is a basic gift basket for people who love knitting. First, start with a yarn tote for the basket. Add in a knitting needle set, some mini yarn skeins, a beginning knitting book, and a knitting neck light

Gardening Gift Basket

You can check out this post on 81 gifts for gardeners if you have someone on your gift list who is an intermediate or advanced gardener…but here is a basic gardening gift basket! There are tons of options for the container of a gardening gift basket…you could use a shallow garden basket or a garden colander. I would add in some long gardening gloves, a quality gardening tool set, bamboo plant labels, The First Time Gardener gardening book and a fun set of seeds. These are some great gardening products that will make gorgeous gift baskets AND help anyone start the helpful hobby of gardening. 

Food Gift Basket Ideas

Food-related gifts are always a good idea because they are consumable…so they make good gifts for people who have everything! Here are some food gift basket ideas that are sure to please.

Charcuterie gift basket

For the “basket” I would use a gorgeous charcuterie board. There are tons of great options, but one of my favorites is this wooden paddle charcuterie board.  In a charcuterie gift basket, you’ve got to add products that will make it easy to cut up allll the meats and cheese! I would add a cheese slicer, and possibly a mandoline slicer. For the actual serving, you could include a charcuterie utensil set, these beautiful mini dip bowls, and some flag toothpick labels. I also think a charcuterie “cook” book would be an amazing addition to a gift basket, because charcuterie boards can be intimidating. 

Barbecue Grilling Gift Basket

I have a post full of grilling gift ideas you can read here, but I wanted to include some grilling basics here for a gift basket. 

A grilling basket would be an amazing container for this gift basket because they can use it for grilling veggies! I would add an instant read thermometer or a bluetooth grilling thermometer. Add some smoked spices, some bbq claws and a pair of grilling gloves. I would also throw in a top-rated grilling cookbook to finish off this barbecue grilling gift basket that anyone would enjoy!

Sourdough Bread Baking Gift Basket

Baking a crusty loaf of sourdough is hard work but is intensely satisfying (and SO delicious!). It became a viral hobby because it is so enjoyable, so why not gift a sourdough bread baking basket to start that hobby for someone else! Here’s what I would add (as somewhat of a sourdough expert myself) 😉 ). 

First, if it is in your budget an amazing container for this gift basket is a ceramic dutch oven pot with a lid…this 3 quart pot is the perfect size for a loaf of sourdough. Next, I would add a sourdough starter jar, with a sourdough starter (a local starter would be better if you can find it!). A proofing basket is a must, and this sourdough proofing basket set even comes with a scoring (lame) knife and a metal scraper. Last, a sourdough cookbook is a MUST because sourdough bread is so intimidating (but totally doable once you get the hang of it!).    

Ice Cream Sundae Gift Basket

This makes a great family gift basket! But really ice cream is for everyone, am I right?! A colorful rope basket like this one would be an excellent container for an ice cream sundae gift basket. One of our favorite ice cream items is this Cuisinart Ice Cream maker…we make some DELICIOUS strawberry ice cream with some simple ingredients. Next, I would add some fun ice cream bowls, ice cream cones, a variety of ice cream syrups, candy toppings and a sturdy ice cream scoop.

Employee Gift Basket Netflix and Chill

Employee Gift Basket Ideas

If you have employees and want to show your appreciation, I came up with a bunch of creative employee gift basket ideas in this post. Check them out and spoil your employees!

Ready-made Amazon gift baskets

If you are short on time, Amazon has some lovely pre-made gift baskets for any occasion. Here are my six favorite Amazon gift baskets. 

A Beef Jerky Gift Basket would be great for men, teen boys or anyone who has a hankering for dried meat. 

This gift basket for women includes a funny cup, a mirror, a bracelet, some bath bombs, a pair of socks, a coffee spoon and a gift card! 

The Man Box  pre-made Amazon Gift Basket made me laugh! It includes a Ferro Rod w/ Tinder Rope for starting fires, a Rambo Knife w/ Sheath & Mini Ferro Rod, “manly & exfoliating”l Coffee Grit Soap, a giant Green Double Insulated Mug w/ Lid a Charcoal Cedar & Sandalwood Candle and a man card. 

A Beard Kit for Men includes everything a man with a beard needs, including a beard bible! Combs, beard wash, beard oil, trimmers and a razor!

Teens, college students or snack lovers will be ecstatic to receive a pre-made snack gift basket! It has a big variety of snacks! 

A movie and game night gift basket would be a thoughtful gift for someone who is feeling under the weather, or a birthday or Christmas gift! 

I hope these gift basket ideas have inspired you to make an epic gift basket! Check out these other posts for more gift ideas.

You can probably guess that holidays are my FAVORITE. Here are some of my best posts and holiday gift ideas that will help make your holidays extra special.

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