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90 AMAZING Stocking Stuffers for Teens for 2024

Stocking Stuffers for Teens are an amazing opportunity to gift a little something extra fun, useful or even silly. Too often, stocking stuffers are an afterthought, but with some creative ideas you can buy stocking stuffers for teens that will make looking into their stocking on Christmas morning one of the best parts of their day!

As a mom of two teens (and three younger kids) I’ve gotten pretty good at finding unique but FUN stocking stuffers for both teen girls and teen boys. 

I have TONS of other stocking stuffer ideas including

Super, cool, unique and crazy stocking stuffers for everyone on your list

Stocking Stuffers for Girls

Stocking Stuffers for Boys

Science Stocking Stuffers

Read on to see my favorite stocking stuffers for teens (that your teen girls and boys will LOVE!). 

This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Self-Care Stocking Stuffers for Teens 

There are fun ways to help your teen, well, smell better! Your teen might be wishing for a new body spray or face wash and feel too shy to ask about it. Slip one of these fun hygiene/self-care stocking stuffers into his stocking. 

Change his normal deodorant out for some sweet Dr. SQUATCH deodorant! This has lots of amazing reviews and fun and different scents. 

Another hygiene essential that can go into a stocking is a razor. Harry’s Razors for Men Kit are high quality and durable and this kit includes shaving cream.  

OffCourt Natural Body spray is a great way to help your teen boy smell great without an overpowering scent! This brand has amazing reviews for helping sweaty men and boys smell good. 

Cetaphil facial cleanser is the #1 most highly recommended facial cleanser brand. This specific face wash contains salicylic acid, a common facial cleanser ingredient known to be effective at clearing acne. It would make a great stocking stuffer for teenage boys!

You can also encourage healthy face hygiene by throwing Cetaphil facial moisturizer in your teen boy’s stocking. Cetaphil also offers a wide range of good facial mosturizers. This one has good reviews and would fit well in a stocking. 

Shower Steamers are a fun self-care item for teens. Basically you plop one on the floor of the shower and as the warm water hits it, amazing aromatherapy scents make it feel like you are at a spa! There are several to choose from, I would pick Energize Shower Steamers for teens who shower in the morning and Calm Shower Steamers for teens who shower at night. 

Pack of Seven Facial Masks This is a fun selection of facial masks that would be great for a teen girl stocking stuffer. 

Body Spray for Teen Girls I love body spray as a way to introduce scents without going as strong as perfume. This is one of my favorites!

Facial Ice Roller These ice rollers feel divine! Your teen will love how this feels for headaches or just to reduce puffiness.

Unique Food Stocking Stuffers for Teens

You can surprise your teens with fun and crazy food in their stockings. 

Elijah’s Xtreme Regret Hot Sauce is highly reviewed and very spicy. It would be a fun stuffer for teens stockings (as long as they enjoy spice!).

Camel Jerky This might be a better pick for an adventurous eater! Exotic camel jerky would be a fun stocking stuffer for teens!

Exotic Soda: If you have soda drinker, a crazy exotic soda could be a fun food stockign stuffer. This six-pack has wild flavors, including bacon, peanut butter and jelly, and even ranch dressing.

Paqui’s one chip challenge is another funny and crazy stocking stuffer. It is a single, extremely spicy chip. It would be a funny challenge that daring teens will love to try. 

Dragon Fruit Chips This dragon fruit is beautiful and delicious! It would be a fun exotic stocking stuffer for teens.  

Five Pound Gummy Bear This would be a hilarious (and giant!) stocking stuffer for teens. 

Giant Jawbreaker Stocking Stuffer This jawbreaker is 3 3/8th inches diameter and comes chapstick! Haha! Super fun and surprising stocking stuffer for teens. 

 2.2 pound jar of Nutella Nutella lovers will be THRILLED with this ginormous jar of delicious spread. Such a fun stocking stuffer for teens. 

Freeze Dried Skittles Crazy texture, delicious taste. Have you tried freeze dried skittles? Your teens will LOVE this fun and unusual candy in their stocking.  

Stocking Stuffers for Teen Gamers 

You might be worried that you won’t be able to get a stocking stuffer your gamer will actually love. I had my very own gamer teen son find things he would love to find in his stocking on Christmas morning.Here are some great stocking stuffers for teens who are also gamers!

A gift card is a fantastic and easy stocking stuffer for gamers. They can also be bought at several amounts, so you don’t have to go over budget.

Xbox Players – Xbox gift cards make a great stocking stuffer for teen gamers who play on the Xbox.  

PlayStation Players – PlayStation gift cards will let a PlayStation gamer buy games through their gaming system. 

PC Players – If you have a teen gamer who plays on the PC, a Visa gift card will allow them to purchase games and gaming extras. 

Another awesome stocking stuffer for gamers is Gamer Fuel Powder (Gfuel). This is a drink mix targeted specifically to gamers to keep their reflexes sharp. It would be a fun and unique stocking stuffer for teens as long as you are okay with them drinking lots of caffeine!

Blue light glasses are another gaming essential that would make a fun stocking stuffer for teens who love gaming. They help prevent eye strain and help gaming sessions last longer. They are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer as well. 

Another useful accessory is Gamer Grip Lotion. Gamer grip is a lotion that prevents sweaty palms and helps you keep a good grip on your controller or mouse and keyboard.

These fun Gaming Socks actually GLOW and would be a fun stocking stuffer for teens. 

Remote Control LED Lights are a fun stocking stuffer for teens whether or not they are gamers! These can adhere to most anything and include a remote to change colors, light patterns and turn the lights on and off. 

Gaming Keychain If your gamer is a driver, this is a fun stocking stuffer. 

Stocking Stuffers for Teens who love their Phones 

Teens are practically attached to their phones nowadays! There are a lot of fun products specifically for phones that would make a useful and fun stocking stuffer for teens. 

A pop socket is a collapsable handle that sticks on the back of your phone. It also doubles as a stand so you can watch videos comfortably without having to hold up your phone.

A stick-on phone wallet has adhesive to stick it the back of your phone case. Your teen can use it to store credit/debit cards and drivers license. 

A car phone mount is a great gift for teenagers. It makes it easier and less dangerous for them to get directions and change their music while driving.

Attachable camera lenses for phones will take your teen’s photo skills to the next level. This will let them take close-up or wide angle photos easily.   

Stickers to decorate your phone would be a super fun stocking stuffer for teens. Another awesome phone related stocking stuffer are stickers! Teenagers love to put cool stickers on their things, especially their phones. 

A Mini Bluetooth Speaker will let your teen listen to music while he or she is getting ready for school or while they are with their friends! 

This water resistant bluetooth speaker is made for the shower! It attaches with suction cup and can be linked to the music they are listening to on their phone. 

This phone power bank is small and will let your teen cordlessly charge their phone while still using it! It also comes in many colors and would make an excellent stocking stuffer for teens. 

A phone lanyard will let your teen keep track of their phone in a stylish way. This one attaches with a silicone “web” design. 

Tech Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Teens and tech are like PB and Jelly. Here are some tech stocking stuffers for teens that they will be excited to see on Christmas morning. B08MBJ4SLJ

A key organizer is a super cool piece of tech! It looks something like a pocketknife and you can use it to store your keys more effectively than a keychain.

Apple AirTags are useful tracking devices that your teen can put on just about anything including their Airpods or car keys. If your teen has an iPhone, this would be a fun tech stocking stuffer! 

Smart Cube with Bluetooth: If your teen loves Rubix style cubes or speed cubing (or even if they haven’t tried it before) this is a really fun tech gift that would make a great teen stocking stuffer. This cube wirelessly connects to your device (phone or iPad) and has drills, games and helps you learn how to solve the puzzle. 

Specdrum Musical Ring: Music loving teens will have a blast with a musical ring as a stocking stuffer. Using an app, the ring reads the color it’s being tapped on and creates songs and beats. Very unique and so fun!

Bluetooth sleep mask: These masks are amazing! They are soft, make everything dark and have bluetooth headphones built-in. Your teen can use these with soft music or sleep meditation for a better night’s rest. 

Clip-on Ring Light for Selfies: If you have a wannabe YouTuber or a teen who loves to post on social media, this clip-on ring light would make a great stocking stuffer for teens. 

Kindle Paperwhite: A teen who is a reader will go crazy if they find a Kindle Paperwhite in their stocking. I can’t say enough great things about Kindles. Not only can you immediately download ebooks, but you can also get them for free through your local library! 

Mini phone/gaming Projector: This mini projector is the size of your hand and can project from your phone, gaming system or a FireTV Stick or Roku. Teens will have a ton of fun using this with friends. 

Fujifilm Instax Camera: This camera takes and prints pictures! A teen will love this in their stocking (it comes in a few different colors as well). 

Mini Cat Bluetooth Speaker This is the most adorable little kitty cat bluetooth speaker and would be such a fun stocking stuffer for teens! It comes in thre different colors.  

Sports Stocking Stuffers for Teen Athletes

If you have a teen athlete, you can use their stocking as an opportunity to add some useful and fun products to help them train.

A training jumprope is a great gift for an athlete of any sport. Jumproping is one of the most effective cardio types, and it is typically regarded as one of the funner options. 

Gatorade GX Water Bottle is a super cool new gatorade product. It is a water bottle that lets you make Gatorade on the go using Gx pods (gatorade flavor pods that fit in the water bottle). It would make a super cool stocking stuffer for a teenager who loves sports drinks.

A grip strengthener is another great stocking stuffer. Strengthening grip is useful for all sports, but especially for basketball and football. 

A Reactive Catching Trainer would be a wonderful stocking stuffer for teens who play a sport involving a ball. It will help hone their catching reflexes in a fun way. 

Every athlete will love a massage ball in their stocking on Christmas morning. 

FitDeck exercise cards include fitness drills in card form for basketball as well as yoga, core strength, dumbbells, resistance tubes and stretching. 

Boxing Reflex Ball Even if your teen isn’t a boxer, this is such a fun stocking stuffer AND it will help with eye hand coordination! We got these for my nephews and it was hilarious. You attach it to your head and then box the ball (it is harder than it looks!) 

Spray After Sport Face Cleanser This is a spray that athletes put on their face after working out. It helps kill bacteria to prevent breakouts. Your teen athlete will appreciate and use this one, a great teen stocking stuffer. 

Inspirational Silicone Bracelet There are tons of different sayings to choose from. Your athlete can get inspiration and stay motivated with one of these fun bracelets.

Fidget Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Keeping busy hands occupied doesn’t stop when your kid is a teenager. In fact, teens really love something to fidget with (and these fit perfectly into stockings!). Here are some fun fidgety toys for teens. 

Cube Magnet Fidget Toy  This is a unique and BEAUTIFUL fidget toy. It shape shifts into so many different things and the magnets mean they can be paired with a second cube magnet to make even bigger structures. So fun!

Silicone Poppers Trust me, my kids from tiny to teen LOVE these silicone poppers. They are strangely satisfying to play with. 

Magnetic Fidget Rings These are a fun and entertaining fidget toy…the magnetic rings can attach in any number of configurations and your teen will love spinning them around. 

Magnetic Fidget Sphere A set of 12 magnetic pentagons that can be stacked or built into structures. It will give your teen something to “play” with. 

ONO Mini Roller Soft mini double roller that you can squeeze, use to massage sore muscles, or roll from hand to hand. This comes in six different colors. 

Suction Cup Fidget Toy This little toy makes a very satisfying snap when the suction cups hook and unhook. 

Anxiety Ring Your teen can move the tiny balls on the ring all the way around as a way to calm themselves. As a bonus it is cute!

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner If your teen is a Harry Potter fan they will love finding this in their Christmas stocking! It is beautiful, fun AND the perfect sized stocking stuffer. 

Double Pendulum Fidget Spinner This is another unique and beautiful fidget spinner based on a double pendulum and chaos theory. Your teen will be enthralled by the spinning options and will love this in their stocking!

Stocking Stuffers for Teens: New Drivers

Car keys Lanyard: One of the best stocking stuffers for new drivers is a lanyard. They can attach their keys, wallet, and keychains to it to have them all in one place. Thread wallets is a high quality brand with 20+ designs to choose from.

A Car Phone Mount is perfect for a teen stocking stuffer. This mount can help keep your teen safe while on the road because he/she doesn’t have to look down while mapping.

A Playstation car air freshener is a fun stocking stuffer for a teenager who loves to game. 

Car wipes are another great stocking stuffer for new drivers to help them keep their car nice and clean. 

Survival Hammer MultiTool: It’s always a good idea to have tools on hand for emergencies in your car. This multi-tool has all of the tools in one handy gadget that will fit perfectly into a teen stocking. 

Interior car LED lights: This is a fun way for teens to personalize their car. The lights plug into the cigarette lighter and can be attached by screws or velcro. One of my favorite features is that there is a music mode, so the lights will change according to the music that is playing. 

Dual USB Charger with bling! A teen driver can add some shimmer to the car with this dual charger, making it easier for friends to charge their phone as well. 

Steering Wheel Cover: There are lots of fun choices for a steering wheel cover including fuzzy steering wheel covers or leather steering wheel covers

Cup Holder Trash Can: Some teens will love having a trash can available while driving. Others will still throw their trash right on the ground. HAHA! If you have the former, this could be a fun teen stocking stuffer. 

Toys for Teens to put in their Christmas stockings 

I’m here to tell you as a mom of teens…THEY STILL WANT TOYS. Perhaps they can’t vocalize it, maybe they don’t even realize it, but it is so fun to give teens a stocking stuffer that they can actually play with on Christmas morning! 

Here are some options that are stocking stuffer friendly. 

A paper airplane engine is a great stocking stuffer. It is a motor that attaches to a paper airplane to make it fly further! It would make a cool stocking stuffer for a teenager.

A mini drone is another fun gift for a teenager, and it fits right in a stocking!

Another great stocking stuffer for teenagers is a set of juggling balls. Juggling is a semi-easy skill to learn and they will have fun doing it!

A parachute soldier is a must have toy. You’ll be surprised at the high places your teenager will climb to drop their parachute soldier! 

Tiny Science Kit: Who wouldn’t have fun with a teeny tiny science kit? This comes with pipettes, mini petri dishes measuring scoops and more! It also has 20 science experiments. 

Tiny Baking Kit: This has teeny tiny tools and teeny tiny recipes! Super fun for a teen stocking stuffer. 

Moon Ball: We have these balls and they are SO BOUNCY. Your teen will have fun with this high bouncing ball.  

360 degree RC Car This tiny car will fit into a teen Christmas stocking and provide lots of fun! It will has a button you can push to make the car flip over. 

Blank Flip Book If your teen enjoys drawing, a blank flip book would be a fun activity to put into a stocking. You draw pictures that are slightly different and then flip the pages to create your own animation. 

I hope these categories sparked some great ideas for teen stocking stuffers that your teen girl or teen boy will LOVE to see on Christmas morning!

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