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66 Crazy Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas for kids of all ages


Unique stocking stuffer ideas might rank pretty low on your Christmas to-do list. But stockings are a great place to add some fun and unique gifts that your kids, tweens and teens will love. There are tons of stocking stuffer ideas lists out there…but I’m bringing you some fun little gems that you won’t see anywhere else. 

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This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas that Fly

Kids (and grown-up kids!) will love these flying stocking stuffers! Add some fun to Christmas morning with these fun flying products.

Flying Monkey Slingshot These were stuffed in our kids’ stockings last year and they are HILARIOUS! As a disclaimer…my two-year-old was absolutely terrified of these monkeys. HAHA! The are slingshots and they do an incredible shriek as they land. My kids all loved them (except the baby).

These LED flinging toys are awesome, this set comes with four of the slingshots so it will work for four kids! Super fun to play at night and quite durable.

LED Light up foam planes are so much fun! My kids have them and we use them all the time. They are amazingly durable, fly really well and the lights make them especially cool at night. They would be an excellent stocking stuffer idea for kids.

Flying Disc toys are always an excellent option for kids. This particular disc is small and lightweight and can go up to 100 feet in the air! Reviewers say it is sturdy and works well.

Hand Powered Helicopter: Even littles can get these flying! They are fun and colorful (and come in a 10 pack!)

So many littles will be enchanted by these elastic wind up butterflies! They are small enough to fit in a book, so when someone opens the book it will fly out! AH!! These would also make an adorable (and inexpensive) stocking stuffer idea.

Sticky Stuff Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I know some parents aren’t thrilled about any toys that are sticky…so if that is you keep scrolling! I don’t mind sticky in the name of Christmas fun!

Giant Sticky Hands– Not only are these fun for hours…they also make the chore of picking up wrapping paper much more enjoyable. 😉

Manliest Stick On Mustaches – These aren’t your average dollar store mustaches…they are hilarious! This is a set of the manliest ‘staches, girliest mustaches, gnarliest goats and meatiest pork chops. Kids of many ages will think these are a hilarious stocking stuffer!

These Sticky Splat Pigs come in a box of 12 (split it with your neighbors?) and are so much fun! They are sticky and splat when you throw them against the wall or on the floor.

Octopus Wall Climber Sticky Toys come in a four pack and are super fun. Your kids can throw them on the wall and they flip and twist all the way down.

Stretchy Flying Ninjas would be such a fun stocking stuffer! This comes in a 12 pack.

Animal Sticky Notes Think of these like post-it notes for kids! They will love being able to write their own notes and it would be so cute in a stocking! Teens will love these black post it notepads (just include some cool white or metallic Gell pens).

Fun Bath Time Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Bath Bombs are such a fun gift idea, and now they have amazing ones for kids with SUPRISES INSIDE! There are bath bombs with squishies inside (all kids love these!)

but there are also bath bombs with dinosaurs inside or bath bombs with super heroes or My Little Ponies!. Your kids will love to find a few of these tucked inside their stocking!

Older tweens and teens will love these bath bombs or shower fizzies

A new bath toy will always be a big hit for kiddos, these light-up floating animal bath toys would be a great stocking stuffer for littles!

Color Drops will add fun color and excitement to bath time (and will fit perfectly in a stocking!).

Da Bomb Bath Bombs are super cool stocking stuffers for teens. There tons of different choices, and each has a teen-worthy surprise inside. The company was started by two teen girls and includes unique bath bombs like Tattoo Bath bomb, Sporty Bath Bomb, Fortune Teller Bath Bomb, Mystery Bath Bomb and Neon Bath bomb. Each bomb has a surprise product inside!

Magnet Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Speks Fleks Magnetic Silicone Building Set – These bend and hook together in many different ways. A great stocking stuffer for teens, kids and grown-ups alike!

Magnet wands are so much fun! Throw some paperclips on the ground and kids are mesmerized.

This four pack of magnetic rings are great for older kids, teens and grownups. My kids love theirs! Twirl them around your fingers to relieve stress.

Shape Shifting Magnetic Box This is one of the coolest new products for stocking stuffers for 2022! Your older kids, teens and adults will LOVE the color, patterns and versatility of these crazy boxes. (They can also magnet together so if you buy more than one your kids can build bigger structures).

A magnetic phone holder would be a great stocking stuffer for teens and adults.

Magnetic Poetry is hilarious and educational….there are so many different choices available for kids, teens and adults.

Squishy Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Mesh Stress Balls – My kids of all ages love these. This comes in a four pack so you can split it with your neighbors if you have less than four kids.

I highly recommend these Nee-Doh Squishy Snowballs. There are a lot of different Nee-Doh options, but this is a fun variation for a stocking stuffer! Nee-Doh’s are loved by my kids from toddler to teen.

These jumbo squishies are slow rise and scented. Kids love these things!

This uniquely shaped silicone stress ball will be delightfully squishy and give a little massage, a fun and unusual stocking stuffer.

Eye Popping Squeeze toys will provide hours of fun for your little kids.

Scream-O Screaming Donkey: These are SO funny in person. Squish them and they scream! Super random, but hilarious stocking stuffer idea for kids of all ages! You can also choose from a Scream-o Goat or Scream-O Unicorn.

Ball Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Boxing Trainer – This tool straps to your head, and has an attached elastic so you can practice boxing. I think this would be a super fun stocking stuffer for teens/college kids/men!

Sports Wrist Balls These are one of those toys that kids love forever and ever! My kids pull these out all the time and even the big kids like to play with them. You throw the ball and it rebounds back to your wrist. This is a set of 3.

You can’t go wrong with fun new bouncy balls!

Waboba Moon Balls are legit. These bounce incredibly high and all of my kids (from littles to teens) LOVE these!

Juggling Balls are fun for kids, teens and adults. These juggling balls will be a stocking stuffer that will help them develop a new fun skill!

OllyBalls are inflatable balls. There are lots to choose from including balls you can color in and even glowing balls!

Music Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Kazoo – But not your run of the mill, every day AVERAGE kazoo. This is an “ultra light aluminum backpacking kazoo.” Need I say more?

A Jew’s Harp is an unusual instrument and would be a fun stocking stuffer idea for an older kid, teen or adult.

This four pack of harmonicas would be a great stocking stuffer.

Musical Egg Maracas are an adorable stocking stuffer for toddlers.

Mandalorian Bitty Boomer Bluetooth Speaker would be a stocking stuffer that teens will love! There are tons of characters available.

Hot Potato is a game that little kids LOVE. This is a plush potato that plays music and stops on its own. This is a fun stocking stuffer.

Tattoo Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Tattoo Pens – These look like a great stocking stuffer idea that tweens and teens would love! They can use them to draw on their own fun tattoos.

Disney Tattoos will be a hit for the princess lovers in your house.

You could also gift Encanto Tattoos as a great stocking stuffers for kids who love this movie.

A teen might like a henna tattoo kit to design their own long-lasting henna tattoos.

You can’t go wrong with Pokemon Tattoos

A Fake Tattoo Sleeve would be a hilarious stocking stuffer for a teen or adult.

Crazy Candy and Food Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Tabasco Sauce with Keychain Carrier is a fun idea for stocking stuffers! Put this in a teen or adult’s stocking if they like some extra spice!

How about the world’s hottest gummy bear for your teen?

The candy that whistles, the whistle you eat! Grab some adorable candy whistles!

Chocolate Lovers will enjoy a one pound chocolate bar in their stocking. If you are willing to spend more, you can get this five pound GIANT chocolate bar!

Super Sour Lemon Drops

Hot Peanut Challenge Tube This challenge is not for the faint of heart so it probably would be best for a teenager or grown-ups stocking. These peanuts are HOT HOT HOT but it would be a fun and unique stocking stuffer (and fit excellently).

Writing Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Mini colored pencils – These are ADORABLE. We ordered these for our kids and they were definitely a win.

They would make a great companion to the flipbooks

Great deal and a must add to your list of stocking stuffer ideas! My kids adore these puzzle erasers that are cute and useful!

Aspiring authors will LOVE to find these Writing Prompt Cards in their stocking. 52 different writing prompts.

Everyone will love a mini notebook for writing down their best ideas! These come in TONS of colors and would make a useful and fun stocking stuffer.

Older kids, teens and adults will enjoy gel writing pens and this pack is colorful and fun!

Beauty/Self-Care Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Hair Chalk – This will let kids add a bit of fun color to their hair!

Animal Shaped Lip Smacker Chapstick Choose from bunny, fox, kitten unicorn or panda! These are adorable and useful.

You could also stuff a stocking with some useful (and more importantly fun!) Christmas hand sanitizer.

Beard Care Kits are a fun idea for a men’s stocking stuffers.

Wet Brush Mini detangling brushes are cute and amazing for easily-tangled hair.

People young and old will love these telescoping back scratchers!

I hope you found some super fun unique crazy stocking stuffers that your family will love!

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Happy stocking stuffing!

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Steve and Trudy Carn

Thursday 15th of December 2022

These last minute stocking stuffers are a great idea. It helped me purchase some unique and timely gifts. Thank you "The Gifty Girl."

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