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Super Fun Science Stocking Stuffers for kids

Science Stocking Stuffers are a great way to add some educational fun to your child, tween or teens’ Christmas morning. People are loving my 25 Crazy Unique Stocking Stuffers Post so I thought I would add more of our family’s favorite stocking stuffers! We love to do all sorts of science things at our house and I’ve searched Amazon to bring you 17 super fun science products that will make great science stocking stuffers for kids.

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These test tubes are well used around our house! This is a 12-pack (so you can put a few in each stocking) and opens your child up to endless scientific experiments. My kids (with permission) will mix different bathroom items, things from our kitchen, or some vinegar, baking soda and food coloring for some fizzy fun.  These test tubes provide lots of opportunities for open-ended play and I love that they have screw-on caps.  The only small problem is that they don’t have a test tube stand (so they might be harder for little ones).  Here is another test tube option that includes a stand.

These plastic beakers are another great option for science stocking stuffers.

Plastic and silicone droppers extend science fun and make kids feel like real scientists. One of our favorite activities with these is to put a layer of baking soda on a cookie sheet, then fill plastic beakers with vinegar and different food coloring colors. Then the kids drop the liquid onto the tray and watch it fizz and change colors. Super fun and easy to clean up!

Instant Snow Powder would be such a fun science stocking stuffer. Add water and the powder turns into fluffy snow. Your kids will love this (especially if you live where there is no snow!)

Grab some food coloring while you are at it, kids love to mix colors in the test tubes or beakers (and dark blue fingers never killed anyone. 😉

This set of magnifying glasses would be perfect for science-loving kids. I love the colors and they have great reviews. They are the perfect size for stocking stuffers.

These XL water beads would be so fun to experiment with! They would make a great addition as a science stocking stuffer. My kids can play with these for hours.

Magnets are a great science stocking stuffer. These magnet wands work for older and younger kids…just be careful that the metal things you purchase to go with them are big enough to not be a choking hazard. These come in a 6 pack. so they are super affordable (split them with a friend if you have less than six kids!).

You could purchase some of these magnetic balls to go along with the magnet wand.

Another option are these colorful bingo markers/counting chips that have metal around the edges.

I also think kids will love this magnet slime science kit (and it appears to be stocking sized?)  You should be able to attract the slime with the stick magnets from above.  Also check out this post I made with a DIY Slime Kit for beginners, intermediate or advanced slime makers (super fun and with free printables!)

If you are stuffing the stocking of a tween or teen these magnetic balls are really fun to sculpt with. Just make certain they are nowhere near babies or toddlers who might swallow them because that is terribly dangerous! These would also work as a stocking stuffer for dad for his desk!

This is a tiny science kit all packaged up and ready to go.  It includes 20  experiments and some teeny tiny test tubes and tools. I think tween and teen scientists could have fun with this!

This also looks like fun science stocking stuffers for tweens or teens, a mini-robot kit.

These UV Secret Message Pens come in a 24 pack (!) but they have the best reviews so you will definitely need to split these up with a friend. My kids and tweens love these things (although they don’t last forever).

I hope you found some super science stocking stuffers that Santa could bring on Christmas Eve. Make sure and stick around and check out some of my most popular gift ideas for Christmas!

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Happy Gifting (and stocking stuffing!),


Christmas Science Stocking Stuffer

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