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Amazon Black Friday 2019 Best Deals and Gift Ideas

It’s almost Amazon Black Friday 2019! Woohoo! It kind of feels like Black Friday doesn’t really exist anymore…what with Pre-Black Friday steals and EARLY deals…it is hard to get as excited about getting great deals the day after Thanksgiving. 

But there are still deals to be had and some of the best ones are on Amazon! Amazon Black Friday is an ideal time to snag great gifts and get all of your holiday shopping done before December. 

My name is Stephanie and I’m The Gifty Girl! If you are new to my website I hope that you’ll spend a few minutes checking out some of my favorite gift idea posts. I am always trying to think up creative unique gift ideas that you’ll love to give! Most of the gifts are found on Amazon, so if you are still trying to check off your Christmas list I hope these ideas will help! 

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Amazon Black Friday 2019 Best Deals and Gift Ideas

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the biggest deals on Amazon Black Friday 2019 will be on Amazon products. The good news is that Amazon is constantly adding new types of Amazon brand items so you can find great gifts in many different categories.

 PRO-AMAZON BLACK FRIDAY 2019 TIP:  If you know there’s something that you will definitely buy if it goes on sale, add it to your cart ahead of time…especially if it is an Amazon product. 

Here are some gift ideas you will want to grab on Amazon Black Friday 2019.

***Note: Look at the date next to the item to see when it will go on sale. Some “Doorbusters” go on sale the Friday before Black Friday (November 22). Many Amazon items will stay on sale for a few days.   Make sure to follow me on Facebook and bookmark my special BLACKFRIDAY page where I will be posting the best items on sale as they go on sale as well as how (and whom) to gift them to. 

 This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you anything)!  Get more information in my full disclosure.

Tech Gifts to snag on Amazon Black Friday 2019 


Amazon has some amazing tech gadgets (we love them at our house).

Fire Tablet: Great Gift for Kids and tweens at AMAZING prices!

These tablets are amazing for kids because they are durable, have amazing quality and capabilities.  IF YOU ARE BUYING FOR A CHILD BUY THE KIDS EDITION! Then you get a free case, a year of Freetime plus a two-year “Worry-free guarantee.” Also look for bundle deals if you are buying for more than one child. They usually sell two-packs with additional savings during Amazon Black Friday.

If you are buying for a child younger than 8 or so, the older edition (Fire 7 or 8) is a great (and less expensive) option! They are still amazing and they will have no idea that they don’t have the most current version.

My kids use the Fire Tablets to watch shows, read books and play apps and I don’t worry about them accessing anything scary or inappropriate. Another amazing benefit is their guarantee. They will replace your Fire Kids Edition for 2 years worry-free! Broken screen? They’ll send you a new one! And yes, one of my children has had theirs replaced twice. 


Fire 7 Tablet $29 (save $20) 

Fire 7 Tablet Kids Edition $59.99 (save $40) 

Fire HD 8 $49.99 (save $30) 

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition $79.99 (Save $50)

Fire HD 10 Tablet $99.99 (Save $50) 

Fire TV products: Great Gift for College Students/Grandparents/Seniors

If you have Amazon Prime,  Fire TV products like a Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Cube (picture above and voice-activated!)  will let you access not only Amazon Prime Video on any television, but also other streaming apps like Hulu, Netflix and tons of others! It is an affordable alternative to something like an Apple TV.  These are really simple to set-up and also travel well. 

The FIRE STICK 4D price is a great one, and will give you more of the capabilities of the Fire TV Cube without the price. Grab that one!

Starting Sunday November 24

Fire TV Stick 4D with Alexa Voice Remote $24.99 (Save $25)

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote $19.99 (Save $20)

Fire TV Cube $89.99 (Save $30) 

Amazon Kindle: Great Gift for EVERYONE!

My Kindle is still my favorite gift I have ever received. They are such a great gift for people who love to read and there are KILLER DEALS on Amazon Black Friday 2019!

Beginning November 22, Kindle Paperwhite $84.99 (Save $45!)

Two of my kids have basic Kindles and I’m upgraded my 12-year-old to the Kindle Paperwhite (lighted screen for reading at night!) for her birthday this year. You can read about why I love Kindles for kids on this post (spoiler alert, eBooks from the library save us TONS of late-fee charges and gives my kids immediate access to great books all the time). 

Let me talk to a minute about the readers on your gift list who claim they never want a Kindle because they love holding real books/the smell of real books etc etc. 

EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE WHEN THEY GET A KINDLE. For real, I know so many people (myself included) who scoffed at the idea of an ereader but all of us are changed people because of the device. If you are buying for an adult or teen definitely go for the Paperwhite because being able to read in bed with the screen backlit is Ah-Maz-Ing. 

And the Kindles for Kids will be a purchase you won’t regret! Make sure to get one with a case and find out how to download the e-books from your local library (you will need a library card). Download a bunch of books on their for your kid and show them the magic.

Amazon Echo: Great Gifts for kids, college students, everyone!

One of the biggest Amazon Black Friday deals this year starting on THURSDAY NOVEMBER 28 is the Echo Dot which is a fun (and pretty inexpensive) gift for kids, tweens, teens and adults. As a mom, I love having them in my kids’ rooms because I can use them to make announcements. The other day I was on my way home from the grocery store. I used the Alexa app on my phone to send an announcement to all the kids that I was almost home and needed them to help carry in groceries. Sure enough, the garage was open and they were ready to help the second I pulled in. Woot!

There are a lot of different Echo devices and it can get a little confusing! In our house, we have 3 Echo Dots (used in kids’ rooms) and an Echo Show. There are three other Echo devices we don’t have, the new Echo Show 5 (the device shown above…which is kind of in-between an Echo and the Echo show both price-wise and capability-wise), the Echo  (a smart speaker that has better sound quality than the Dot but is pricier), and the Echo Spot which they classify as a “smart alarm clock.”

Echo Dots are quite inexpensive and my kids use theirs for lots of things: to play fun games (Alexa has thousands of skills, lots for kids and some really fun educational ones), jam to music, listen to awesome bedtime stories, and to ask Alexa very important questions.  My 8-year-old son calls my phone from his Echo Dot when I’m not at home, and one of my favorite things is that I can make announcements to EVERYONE’S Echo Dots (time for dinner, time for bed!), from my Echo!

The Echo Show is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets…I look up recipes, listen to music, play music trivia while loading the dishwasher, listen to audiobooks, check the weather, watch Amazon Prime shows and “drop in” on my family (we can see and chat with each other, super fun!). This would be an awesome gift for parents, grandparents and college students. 

The Echo Studio is new, and is a souped up version (speaker wise) of the Echo. It is a “High-fidelity smart speaker with 3D audio and Alexa.” This would make a great gift for a home office or bedroom, especially for someone on your list who loves music. 

Another amazing thing you can do with Echo is to use them to control Smart Devices. Ours pairs with our smart sprinkler system so I can tell Alexa to water a certain zone. You can also use your Echo to turn on and off lights or items plugged into smart plugs, control compatible security systems and even USE THE MICROWAVE. WHAT?! (Make sure to look at the smart gadgets below!)

Another amazing Amazon Black Friday deal STARTING WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27 will be the AMAZON SMART PLUG which you can buy for only $4.99 (SAVE $20!!!) with the purchase of an Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, Echo Show 5 or Echo Studio. 

This Amazon Smart Plug is SO COOL and would make a great gift for college students, adults, and grandparents. These are voice-controlled and/or can be used with the Alexa app and schedules. You can also purchase special attachments including a night light or motion sensor. 

To give you an idea, if you have a grandparent who lives alone, you can set up the smart plug and plug in a lamp. You could designate a schedule so the lamp turns on at a certain time every day (so the home isn’t dark). Or plug a fan into the smart plug and the grandparent could say, “Alexa, turn on the fan” and the fan would turn on. 

I’m not sure if there is any limit on how many smart plugs you can purchase for this deal. 

PRO AMAZON BLACK FRIDAY TIP: Amazon usually does great bulk deals on Echos for Black Friday. If there are a few people who might like these on your gift list, count up how many you need and keep your eye out for bundle deals!

Other Smart Gadgets on sale Amazon Black Friday 2019

Smart gadges make great gifts for YOU, dad, husband, boyfriend, parents, grandparents, teens

Whether you grab a Ring Doorbell for grandma or a Smart Garage Door Opener for your husband, if you haven’t tried an Alexa enabled device HOLY COW it feels like you are leaping into a new time! 

One of the best Amazon Black Friday 2019 deals is a Ring video doorbell Pro/Amazon Echo Show 5 Bundle. This would be a great gift for dad or grandpa or grandparents and is an amazing deal at $189 (almost half price!) This deal starts FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22 as one of the doorbusters. 

There are lots of Smart Gadgets (in a range of prices) that will be priced excellently on Amazon Black Friday 2019. Make sure to check back on my special page starting Friday November 22 to see the best deals as they come up as well as who the gifts would be good for. For now, click here to see Smart Devices that are compatible with Alexa.


Amazon Essentials Clothing Deals on Amazon Black Friday 2019


During Prime Day in July, Amazon had great deals on their Amazon Essentials clothes. If you do the “Four Gifts of Christmas” (Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read) this would be a great time to grab some clothes for something to wear! 

On Prime Day there was a promotion where if you purchased a certain amount on Amazon  Essentials Clothing items in one transaction, a few weeks later money you got money credited back. I bought back-to-school clothes for my kids and was very impressed with the quality. I’m hoping there will be a similar deal around Black Friday! Make sure you are following me on Facebook or keep checking back on my special #*BLackFriday page to see the deals as they go live. 

 Amazon Essentials clothing prices are already low, so while the discounts probably won’t be huge, the deals will make these clothes even more affordable. 

My recommendation is that you go ahead of time and type Amazon Essentials (Women, Men, Children or more specific, women’s dresses, pajamas) then start adding things to your cart that you like. If they end up doing the deal where you get credited for spending a certain amount of money then you’ll be all ready to go!

They have almost every type of clothing you can imagine…pajamas, socks, underwear, athletic clothing, dress clothes, and on and on. Go check them out here!

Amazon Essentials Clothing

Amazon Black Friday deals for Crafters/Makers


On Amazon Prime Day this summer they had quite a lot of great deals on crafting supplies. 

I’m expecting the Cricut Explore Air Bundle (this is what I have!) and the.Cricut Maker to be on sale again. I’m confident there will be a deal on the Cricut EasyPressand all of its sizes.

In past years we have seen crafting items like: lettering markers, on sale, art sets, liquid chalk markers, vinyl for Cricut and Silhouette machines, Brother Sewing Machines, Sharpies sets and gel pens. I can’t guarantee these particular brands will be on sale but I’ve seen them consistently on Amazon Prime Day and Amazon Black Friday for the past 3 years I’ve been doing The Gifty Girl. I’ll be adding items as they come on my special Amazon Black Friday page 



Amazon Black Friday 2019 Deals for Kids


After carefully tracking the toy deals offered for the past three Amazon Prime Days and Black Fridays, I am pretty confident you will see these toys (or similar) available on Amazon Black Friday 2019. 

Green Toys (made of recycled milk jugs…so durable and fun. We LOVE these!) , hoppy horse toys (of all animal varieties) , gaming accessories , Xbox bundles, play tunnels, lots of different games for little kids and games for big kids, lots of Melissa and Doug Toys, remote control cars and drones

Appliances/Home Gadgets on Amazon Black Friday 2019


There are historically quite a few different gadgets for your home for sale on Prime Day and Amazon Black Friday.. From Robot Vacuums to Instant Pots and Air Fryers  to blenders, Amazon Black Friday is a great day to grab that gadget for a gift (think weddings!) or for yourself. Check out my post with 50+ ideas to make gifts from Wedding Registries amazing if you need some inspiration. 

This will be a great time to snag some fun gifts for dads! Lots of barbecuing gifts on sale like the ones I mention in my Ultimate Grill Guide post. 

 I hope this makes you excited for grabbing some great gift deals on Amazon Black Friday 2019! Comment below if you have any other questions or are looking for something special on Black Friday.  I would love to help you out.

Don’t forget to bookmark my special Amazon Black Friday Deals Page! I’ll start posting my favorite deals starting November 22 here: The Gifty Girl Amazon Black Friday 2019 Deals and Gift Ideas

Happy Amazon Black Friday Buying! 


There are great deals to be had on Amazon on Black Friday and the days proceeding. Find out some amazing gift ideas that you can grab during Amazon Black Friday 2019.

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