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15 Creative Gifts for Dancers that they will love

I’ve curated creative gifts for dancers that are fun, unique and will encourage their love of dance while developing important skills.

What is a good gift for a dancer?

Whenever I try to think of gift ideas, I first consider what hobbies that person has. There are so many creative ways you can expand on that hobby and encourage their continued love of it. Good gifts for dancers will help dancers show their love for their sport and improve their skills.

Here are some great gifts for dancers. Make sure to follow me on Facebook as I roll out tons of new Gift Guides in the upcoming weeks. I want to help you find the perfect gifts for the people you love!

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What do dancers need?

I’ve divided up this dancer gift guide into a few sections: Gifts for dancers that will help improve their skills, dancer essentials, decor gifts, jewelry gifts for dancers, gifts that will pamper your dancers and gifts to inspire your dancer. 

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you anything)!  Get more information in my full disclosure.

Gifts for dancers that will improve their skills

Ballet Turnboard gifts for dancers
A Turnboard – Even though this is called a Ballet turnboard…this is a great skill builder for dancers of all types. It can help them with spotting, balance, turns and core strength.

Here is a video of the turnboard in action, amazing!


Resistance bands gifts for dancers

Theraband stretch/resistance bands – These bands will help your dancer with flexibility and strength, as a bonus they are very small and easy to store.



How to get more flexible for dancer gift

Ballet Stretch Band- This 1 and a half inch wide band has a 90 inch circumference making it ideal for many difficult dance stretches.  It includes access to special stretch training video so you can be sure your dancer is doing the stretches safely.

Portable Barre gifts for dancersPortable Dance barre This is perfect for stretching and practicing ballet positions. 

Portable Competition Floor for dancers

This is a portable competition floor that will let your dancer practice turns on any surface. 
Dance Flexibility Arch Genie
This Arch Genie Foot stretcher will help with toe pointing and en pointe ballet development. It makes my feet hurt just to look at it.


Ballet booties gifts for dancers

Ballet Booties: If you have a dancer you know the ordeal of taking on and off dance shoes to protect them. These boots allow you to keep dance shoes ON while walking outside (with the exception of tap shoes) and are also useful for keeping feet warm in between dance classes. As an added bonus some dancers use them around their house as slippers!

Essentials Gifts for Dancers

These might be things your dancer already has, but essentials are made to be updated. Even if she already has one of these an adorable replacement will always be welcomed!

gift for teen girl drawstring dance bag gift for dancer

Drawstring Dance Bag: An essential for hauling around dance gear. I love this personalized one from ShopSimpleJoy on Etsy (and your dancer will love it too!). If you need a bigger bag, there are also duffel styles you can personalize.

This dance bag has plenty of space and comes in a bunch of colors, perfect for your little (or big!) dancer! 

Water Bottle: Just because it is an important part of dancing doesn’t mean that it can’t be cute.

This “H TUTU O” water bottle is TOO TOO cute (see what I did there?) It even has a spot to write your dancer’s name.

This water bottle has a statement on it that serious dancers will totally agree with. And it is also cute.


PIN for later: The BEST gift ideas for teen girls: Dancer Edition

Decor Gifts for Dancers

Live.Love.Dance Pillow: This pillow is available in 40 colors and would be the perfect addition to any dancer’s bedroom. It is made by the talented Pink Melody Designs on Etsy.

gift for teen girls, gift for dancers dance wall art

Dance wall art:  I love the quote on this printable wall art! After purchasing it you download it, then print and frame it yourself, or have it printed at a photo center (think Sam’s or Costco). You can purchase it from the Etsy shop MrLoveStoned.

Jewelry Gifts for Dancers

You can’t go too far wrong with teens and jewelry. Here are two different styles that dancers will love.


Bangle Dance Bracelet  This one is for ballerinas specifically.

This Just Dance Message cuff is more simple but lovely! Also available in gold and rose gold.

Pampering Gifts for Dancers

Sore feet is not an uncommon problem for dancers. Here are some soothing ideas to pamper their tired toes!

Peppermint Lotion  Have you tried peppermint lotion before? It does an amazing tingly cooling thing and feels amazing!

Foot and Ankle Hot and Cold Gel Pack This can either be used hot or cold depending on if feet are sore or injured. This would be great to have on hand!

This foot spa/massager would feel fantastic after long dance weekends.  You could also add in a lavender foot soak! 

Dancer Gifts to Inspire

Taking Flight biography: Have you heard the story of Michaela DePrince? I first heard about her in the ballet documentary “First Position.” She was an orphan born in Sierra Leone, who was tormented because of a skin condition. She saw a picture of an ballet dancer en pointe and knew she wanted to be a dancer. After being adopted by an American couple she was able to pursue her dream of dancing and has accomplished SO much! I love to encourage kids by showing them amazing examples of people with grit.  This book would be an inspirational gift for dancers!

Another inspirational dancer is Misty Copeland…she has a book that would be an inspirational read as well!

Life In Motion-Young Readers Edition


I hope these gift ideas for dancers has helped you out! I grew up dancing and would have loved all of these dance gifts. If you are looking for other gift ideas for teens or tweens check out this other post: Gift Ideas for Tweens and Teens.

Happy Gifting!



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Sunday 27th of June 2021

I don’t know if my friend will like any of this stuff and I think she has most of it. But I think this website is great and it has amazing resources! Definitely a five-star website before dancers! 🩰

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Wednesday 28th of November 2018

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