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35 Useful and FUN Gifts for Dancers for 2024

Have a dancer on your gift list? I grew up dancing and have several nieces who are amazing dancers. I curated a big list of excellent gifts for dancers that are fun, unique and will encourage their love of dance while developing important skills.

Gift Ideas updated on: September 2023.

What is a good gift for a dancer?

Whenever I try to think of gift ideas, I first consider what hobbies that person has. There are so many creative ways you can expand on that hobby and encourage their continued love of it. Good gifts for dancers will help dancers show their love for their sport and improve their skills.

Here are some great gifts for dancers. 

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What do dancers need?

I’ve divided up this dancer gift guide into a few sections: Gifts for dancers that will help improve their skills (turns, flexibility), dancer essentials, decor gifts, jewelry gifts for dancers, gifts that will pamper your dancers and gifts to inspire your dancer. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Gifts to help improve dancing skills

Dancing Gifts that help with turns

The ability to do good turns (and lots of them!) is an essential skill for every type of dance. Here are some gifts for dancers that will help them get a perfect pirhouette. 

A Turnboard – Even though this is called a Ballet turnboard…this is a great skill builder for dancers of all types. It can help them with spotting, balance, turns

Another smaller turnboard option is this circular disc turnboard. It works the same as the above turnboard, but it is more portable (and requires the dancer to spin exclusively on the ball of her foot). 

A balance board would make a great git for a dancer! We keep one by our TV and our kids are constantly using it. This will help your dancer build her core strength and balance, both critical components of being a beautiful turner. 

Gifts to help dancers improve their flexibility

Flexibility will help dancers with leaps, splits, and scales. There are quite a few products that can help your dancer gain this necessary skill. 

The PlumBand stretch band is made specifically to help kids and teen dancers improve their flexibility. It comes with a stretch band as well as a getting started guide that includes stretches. 

Another option is a stunt stretch band that attaches to your door frame. It comes with a door frame attachment, a strap, a travel strap and a how-to guide. 

If you have a ballet dancer, she will also need to have very flexible feet especially as she heads toward en pointe dancing. This professional foot stretcher set has everything your ballerina will need, a wood stretch board, stretch bands, foot strap, spacers, and even a handy carry bag. 

Best At-Home Dance Equipment for Teen Dancers

The ability to practice dance at home can make a huge difference in a dancer’s abilities. Here are some great at-home dance equipment ideas that would be a wonderful gift for a kid or teen dancer.

Best Dance Barre for teen dancers

If ballet is your dancer’s focus, a ballet barre that she can use at home will help her improve her skills and flexibility. There are quite a few barres you can purchase fairly inexpensively (and fold up and put out of the way!) 

This folding barre has a top made of real wood. It has wheels for easy transport and can be folded flat. The top of the bar is 37” off the ground and unfortunately it can’t change height. If you have a daughter taller than 5’8” this barre may not be the best choice, but if you are primarily looking for something easy to move and that folds away this product is well reviewed. 

Another barre option that IS adjustable (and comes in tons of colors!) is this 4ft/5ft Freestanding Adjustable Barre.  This barre can be easily assembled and disassembled (using only hand tightening, no tools!) and comes with a carry bag. It has two barres and the bottom one can be moved up or down in height. This barre is strong, steady and a great option as a gift for your ballet dancer!

If your dancer has a room dedicated for dance (or space in her bedroom) a mounted ballet barre could be a wonderful gift! This barre is 4 feet long and the brackets for mounting to your wall are included. It also comes with a bonus turnboard! 

Best Dance Floors for Dancers

Typical flooring in a house just doesn’t cut it for dancers. Either they are damaging the flooring (with taps), dodging furniture or just unable to complete complicated turns or combinations because the floor isn’t smooth enough. 

If there is a space in your dancer’s home that can be dedicated to dance (think basement or garage even!) here are three of the best dance floors you can purchase as a gift for dancers. 

This is a portable competition floor that will let your dancer practice turns on any surface.  It comes in three different sizes (16”, 24” or 32”)and works well for ballet, tap or turns. 

Another well reviewed dance floor is the Marley floor. It comes in a 10 foot roll that you can secure to the floor with dance floor tape, providing a smooth and excellent spot for your dancer to practice. 

The fanciest of the three dance floors, these interlocking IncStores 12” x 12” Practice Dance Tiles come in six different wood colors. They are a best seller on Amazon and reviewers say they are very easy to assemble. 

Gifts for every type of dancer

These gifts will work for any (and every!) type of dancer.

Ballet Booties: If you have a dancer you know the ordeal of taking on and off dance shoes to protect them. These boots allow you to keep dance shoes ON while walking outside and are also useful for keeping feet warm in between dance classes. As an added bonus some dancers use them around their house as slippers! There are kids sizes and adult sizes available and several different colors. 

Even though they have a funny (but understandable!) name, Toe Undies are a great tool for your dancer to have. This three pack has cowhide bottoms to make them long lasting and helpful for dancing and turning. 

Over Shoe Turn Socks: These slip over the top of shoes and make it so your dancer can practice on carpet. 

Foot/BackCare Gifts for dancers

Sore feet and back are common problems for dancers. Here are some soothing ideas to pamper their tired toes and bodies!

Reuseable Ice Therapy Socks This will make it easy for your dancer to ice her sore feet! The socks have pockets for included ice packs and will feel so good after a long day of dancing!

There are many different price points on massagers, so I chose this Shiatsu Foot Massager that is right in the middle. It has different heat and massage options that will feel so great on a dancer’s tired and sore feet. 

A muscle relief foot soak would make a unique and useful gift for your dancer. It has eucalyptus and peppermint oil that will feel tingly and refreshing. As a side benefit, it helps fight athletes foot, fungus and foot odor. 

An inexpensive gift for dancers is soothing foot cream. Peppermint Piggies Soothing Foot Cream w/ Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Menthol will help keep your dancer’s feet healthy and will feel great after a long day of dancing. 

Dancer’s Dots will provide immediate relief for dancers with pain and/or callouses and are especially great for en pointe ballerinas. These cushioning gel pads provide cooling and moisture to each and every spot your dancer needs it. You can order a set of 20 or a set of 90. 

There are other gel foot pads available, but these Dancer Pads are made especially for dancers (and have amazing reviews). You will need to purchase a LEFT foot pad and a RIGHT foot pad, but they will help relieve dancers pain and pressure under their big toes. 

Back Wheel Pain This wheel is amazing for massaging and stretching out your dancer’s back (and bonus, you can use it too!) 😉 

Essentials Gifts for Dancers

These might be things your dancer already has, but essentials are made to be updated. Even if she already has one of these an adorable replacement will always be welcomed!

Dance Bag: I recommend you check first to make sure your dancer doesn’t already have a bag from her dance studio or team, but if she is just starting out (or even wants a spare!) this dance bag comes in three different shiny metallic colors. It has a spot for shoes and can fit all of the essentials for a day of dance.  

Makeup Case: Competition dancers need to have their makeup and accessories easy to access. This adorable hard backed makeup bag comes in several different colors and has containers and pouches that will keep everything organized. 

Insulated Water Bottle for Dance: I love this 26 ounce water bottle that says, “Eat, Sleep, Dance Repeat!” and your dancer will love it too! This makes a cute, useful and inexpensive gift for a dancer. 

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Book Gifts for Dancers

If you’ve been on my site for long, you’ll know that I try to give a book (and promote reading) every chance I get. Here are some book options that make great gifts for dancers. 

AbunDANCE coloring book for dancers of all ages: This book has so many fun coloring pages that a dancer will love to color in her spare time at competitions or at home. 

Taking Flight biography: Have you heard the story of Michaela DePrince? I first heard about her in the ballet documentary “First Position.” She was an orphan born in Sierra Leone, who was tormented because of a skin condition. She saw a picture of an ballet dancer en pointe and knew she wanted to be a dancer. After being adopted by an American couple she was able to pursue her dream of dancing and has accomplished SO much! I love to encourage kids by showing them amazing examples of people with grit.  This book would be an inspirational gift for dancers!

Another fun way to get your dancer reading is this middle grade trilogy called the “Dance Your Heart Out” collection

Dancer Swag Gift Ideas

Dancers love to show off the love they have for their sport. Here are a bunch of different dance swag gifts that your dancer will love to get and show off their dancer swag. 

Younger dancers will love these sweet ballerina bedsheets.  

This Eat, Sleep, Dance, Repeat 8” x 10”  print comes unframed, but would make a cute addition to a dancer’s bedroom! 

Custom Metal Dance Studio Sign This sign would be SO much fun to give as a gift to a dancer! Select “customize Now” to add your dancers name to this super cute 8” x 12” sign. 

I LOVE this wall art/medal holder! If you have a competitive dancer, this medal holder that says, “She believed she could, so she did,” would make a great dancer gift! It comes in many different sizes and colors, and also has the option to add a photograph. 

Jewelry Gifts for Dancers

You can’t go too far wrong with kids or teens and jewelry. Here are two different styles that dancers will love.

Bangle Dance Bracelet  This one is specifically for ballerinas with super cute toe shoes charm!

This Just Dance Message cuff is more simple but lovely! Also available in gold and rose gold.

Ballerinas will love this set of ballet necklaces that they can share with a friend! 

I hope these gift ideas for dancers has helped you out! I grew up dancing and would have loved all of these dance gifts. If you are looking for other gift ideas for teens or tweens check out this other post: Gift Ideas for Tweens and Teens.

Happy Gifting!

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I don’t know if my friend will like any of this stuff and I think she has most of it. But I think this website is great and it has amazing resources! Definitely a five-star website before dancers! 🩰

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