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71 Thoughtful (and fun!) Gifts For Teen Girls

Gifts for teen girls can be equal parts fun and infuriating. When teens get to the point where they feel too old for toys, but they don’t know what else they want, gift buying can be a real challenge.

I’m a mom of five kids, including two daughters (one is a teen!) plus I have loads of teen nieces!

I’ve put together all of my best gift ideas for this sometimes difficult-to-buy-for age group. At first I was going to separate the gifts by age, but most of these gifts will work for teen girls from ages 13-18!

Read on for 57 Incredible gift ideas for teen girls!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

What are good gift ideas for teen girls?

There are many different ways to approach gift ideas for teen girls. I recommend

  1. Thinking about your teens current favorites and what gifts could go along with that
  2. What hobbies has your teen girl expressed interest in?
  3. What does she enjoy doing in her spare time?
  4. Are there gifts that could help her connect with her friends? Her family?
  5. What are her goals?
  6. Are there any upcoming events/adventures you could buy a gift for? (Think, gifts for new drivers, gifts for a vacation or study abroad trip).

Music Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Music has been and always will be an important outlet for teenagers to express their feelings. Whether your 13-year-old girl is  making music or listening to it, here are some creative music gifts for teen girls. 

Victrola 3 speed portable suitcase record player with built-in bluetooth speaker: Vinyl has come back in a big way for teens, and she will LOVE having her own record player! You could grab some teen favs for records or vinyl like Taylor Swift Midnights Vinyl, Morgan Wallen Dangerous: The Double Album Vinyl, Harry Styles’ Harry’s House Album, and Olivia Rodrigo Sour Album. (These are all in the top selling albums and the vinyl records I’m buying for my 15–year-old daughter!) 🙂  

Beats Wireless On-ear Headphones: These speakers come in colors that teen girls will love and are Beats brand (so teen approved!). Noise cancelling, wireless, bluetooth speakers are a great teen girl gift! 

JBL Vibe Wireless Earbuds: These earbuds are top sellers on Amazon AND are inexpensive! They come in cool colors too! If you want a more expensive earbuds, your best bets are Apple Airpod Pros and Beats Studio Buds

A Ukulele: This is a fun, non-intimidating instrument that is a great gift for teen girls. This is the ukulele we bought for my teen! Using YouTube Videos she was able to teach herself!  I love the idea of a uke because they are small, and relatively inexpensive. Your 13-year-old girl will love learning songs and singing along to them! Here is a link to free online video lessons.

Ditto Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker: Teen girls will love this speaker! It can connect to her smart phone. The app allows you to customize (and create!) the pixel art it displays AND she can use it to listen to radio stations from around the world! It’s cute, it’s functional it’s a great teen girl gift idea. As an alternate speaker gift idea, grab this less expensive shower bluetooth speaker. Your girl will love to listen to music while getting ready for the day! 

Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone These microphones are fun when your teen has friends over. It connects to a smartphone and plays the music while your teen girl sings.

A yellow background with a teen girl wearing a white shirt holding a phone in her hand. She has medium length brown hair and braces and is smiling at the camera.

Phone Gifts for Teen Girls

Most teen girls have a phone that may or may not be like another appendage to them. 😉 Why not buy a gift for your 13-year-old girl that has to do with her favorite device? Here are some creative phone gift ideas for your teen girl. 

Canon Ivy Mobile Photo Printer 

Your teen girl will LOVE being able to print her own pics from her phone quickly and easily from her own photo printer. The photo paper can be peeled back to reveal an adhesive so pictures can be stuck to notebooks, cards etc. This package comes with 50 print sheets but in future plan to spend about 50 cents per print. 

PopSocket: There are millions of color and style choices, but all popsockets help your teen hold her phone more comfortably and safely. Alternatively, you could gift a phone strap

Phone Projector: This fun little projector will let your teen girl project movies or games onto the wall with friends! It would be a fun extra to have around for movie night. 

Creative Gift Ideas for Teen Girls 

Pretty Simple Lettering Hand Lettering Book: This book is a super fun way for teen girls to be creative with their lettering! I would include a set of lettering markers.

The Easy Drawing Book for Teens if you have a teenage girl who has an interest in art, this book would make a wonderful gift. It will take your girl through  20 different drawing projects from beginning to end.   

Polymer Clay Earring Making Kit Polymer Clay can be baked in your oven to make it ceramic like. Your teen girl will have so much fun making earrings for herself or as gifts! The kit comes with 24 colors of clay, 32 shape cutters and 30 sets of earring hooks. 

Bags/Purses to Gift Teen Girls

Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag: This is a gorgeous bag for a teen girl! It comes in a couple of different styles and a ton of different colors! 

Fanny Pack: This quilted front fanny pack can also work as a crossbody. Four fashionable colors that teens will love!

Carharrt Adjustible Waist Pack: Carharrt is a popular (and incredibly durable) brand. Your teen girl will love this waist pack. 

Jewelry Gifts for Teen Girls 

Personalized Stacking Birthstone Ring This stacking set of two rings would be a gorgeous gift for a teen girl. Choose her birthstone and have it personalized with her name or nickname. So pretty!

20 Pair Quirky Dangle Earrings Set This is such a fun set of earrings! Teen girls will love this set of earrings that includes fluffy clouds, gummy bears, eggs, dinos and goldfish in a baggie! 

Custom Leather Travel Jewelry Box  This cute little travel jewelry box can be monogrammed. 

Stackable Bohemian Bracelets Sets: You can choose from six different colors for your teen. These are very in style and would make a great gift for teen girls. 

Soulvation Hair Tie Bracelet: These are the ultimate mash-up! Teen girls love to wear hair ties around their wrist and these hair ties double as cute bracelets!  

Dainty Sidewise Initial Necklace: This necklace is so beautiful! Your teen girl will love to wear this custom piece and it won’t break the bank!

Two teenage girls are standing outside. One has dark hair in a low ponytail and is looking at the camera smiling. The other has curly long black hair and is smiling off the camera.

Hair Gifts for Teen Girls

I have an entire post about a teen hair care gift basket. Here are six hair gifts for teens they will love! 

Revlon One Step Volumizer Hair Brush: My teen daughter and I share this hair dryer and it is MAGIC! Super easy for teens to use and makes both curly and straight hair look amazing. 

Heatless Curling Rod Headband:  My teen daughter has been using this heatless curling rod for years and it works great. She actually discovered if she puts it in her DRY hair at night and sleeps on it she gets the best curls (she has fine, straight hair). Your teen girl will love this option for easy curls!

Chi Spin ‘n Curl This is an especially great teen girl gift for a younger teen who is still learning to do their own hair, but it is fun for all ages who want curls! What makes this different from a normal curling iron is that inside the Chi Spin ‘n Curl is a rotating barrel that twists (and curls) your hair. Your teen girl just places a section of hair inside and slowly pulls down to get an excellent bouncy curl. 

Claw Clips: Yep, the 90s are back in hair too! Your teen girl would love to be gifted this set of 8 neutral colored claw clips. 

Kitsch Hair Scrunchies: This cute set of scrunchies would be a great teen girl gift!

Hair Scarf Scrunchies: This 12-piece set of scrunchies comes in adorable patterns and colors. 

Makeup Gift Ideas for Teen Girls 

Makeup is another great gift idea for teen girls because this is the age when they are starting to experiment and use beauty products. 

You can read this post full of makeup gift ideas for teen girls Teen Makeup Gifts: A Beginner Beauty Kit.

Here are some beginner beauty products that make excellent gifts. 

This Maybelline Dream BB Fresh is affordable and comes in 5 different shades. It is light coverage and blends easily. 

Dewy finish setting spray will keep your teen’s makeup perfect all day. 

Essence Lash Princess mascara is a great first mascara for a teen makeup gift basket because it is super affordable and has amazing reviews.

Maybelline New York Fit Me! Blush a subtle blush is a perfect first makeup for teens to add some color and contouring . This blush has 10 color options and is a great price. 

Another great teen girl makeup gift idea are these eye shadow palettes for specific eye colors! They are numbered to help beginner eye shadow users with application and are created for specific eye colors. 

Revlon Kiss Tinted Lip Balm Your teen girl will love the pretty colors of this tint and the moisturizing natural fruit oils. 

Tech Gifts for Teen Girls

Kindle Paperwhite eReader: If your teen girl is a reader this is one of the best tech gifts you can give her! Kindle Paperwhite eReaders are backlit so she can read in bed. My teen girl is constantly borrowing eBooks from our local library for free and it still amazes me how she can get a new book in a fraction of a second! We love Kindles at our home!

4K Video Camera for Vlogging: If your teen girl has YouTube aspirations, this is an excellent choice for a video camera! It comes with a remote control and a quality external microphone.

Echo Show: This little piece of tech can be so fun for a teen girl to have in her room. She can watch shows or YouTube videos, you can talk to her from other Echo devices, she can listen to music and if her friends have a device she can video chat with them!

Athletic Gifts for Teen Girls

If your teen girl is an athlete or enjoys fitness, here are some great gift ideas for her!

Speed Skipping Rope with Counter: This jumprope will count jumps and is an amazing exercise choice that can be done year round!

Weighted Fit Hula Hoop This is another fun indoor fitness activity that your teen girl will love to try! Plus it is much easier to store than a traditional hula hoop.

Wooden Balance Board Trainer: This balance board is a great gift for teen girls for many reasons. 1) It is FUN to do 2) You can use it to increase your core strength 3) It helps with balance 4) It can also be used for arm strengthening exercises.

Resistance Loop Exercise Bands: Exercise bands are great for toning and super easy to use at home.

Crossnet Four Way Volleyball: This is such an awesome active game for teen girls! It combines volleyball and four square and teens love it!

FitBit Charge Fitness Watch: Heart Rate monitor, step tracker, pace and even a way to track stress responses, this smart watch will let a fitness minded teen girl track all sorts of helpful metrics.

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The Best Board Games for Teen Girls

Social teen girls will love getting the gift of a new board game! These games are some of my teen daughter and nieces favorites and will let them connect with friends and family without screens. WIN-WIN!

Girl Talk Truth or Dare: This is a remake of a popular 90s game that was so much fun! It has wholesome truth or dare questions made a little more modern (with texting and group chat options). I would probably pick this gift for younger teens although some of the reviews said 16 and 17 year old girls loved it as well!

Pick Your Poison-What Would You Rather Do Game: Teen girls often love to chat, and this game gets teens and their friends thinking of all sorts of “Would you rathers” that are interesting and entertaining.

Anomia: In this card game, players have a stack of cards with words and symbols on it. Everyone flips their cards until two players have matching symbols. Then they race to give an example of the category on their opponent’s card first! Super fun, interactive and fast moving, this is a great teen girl board game!

The Chameleon: This is such a fun group game! You draw cards and one secretly reveals one person as the “Chameleon.” Everyone else’s card reveals (through a grid code) a word on a category card. Players go one by one and give a one word clue that refers to the secret word. The chameleon has to give a clue not knowing what the secret word is but also not revealing they are the chameleon (so some sort of very general word that can apply to a lot of the words on the card!). At the end of each round the chameleon can choose to guess the word OR other players can vote on who they think the chameleon is.

Splendor Board Game: This is similar to Catan in that you are collecting gems and using them to build jewelry and stores. It isn’t hard to learn and is a bit different every time you play. One drawback is that this game is only for four players so it can’t be used in groups.

Snakesss: Another great group game for teen girls, this combines trivia questions with social deduction (basically figuring out who is lying!). Some players are designated as snakes and given the answer to the trivia. Everyone tries to convince people to choose their answer.

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Cozy/Comfort Gifts for Teen Girls 

Teenage girls still need all of the hugs and cuddles that kids do but sometimes don’t know how to ask for it. I’ve found that teen girls love gifts that make them feel cozy. 

Oversized Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt These are gigantic and so comfortable! Your teen will love wearing this around the house. 

Giant Squishy Whale: My teen daughter sleeps with this whale stuffed animal every night. It is delightfully soft and huggable. There are lots of other animals you can choose from including these long cat stuffed animals

Microwavable Stuffed Manatee: This stuffed animal is cuddly, scented with lavender AND you can pop him in the microwave to warm him up! 

Humidifier/Diffuser: This set comes with essential oils that your teen girl can use to help humidify and scent her room. Humidity will help with dry skn too!

Faux Fur/Sherpa Blanket: A cuddly blanket is a great teen girl gift that she can snuggle up with. 

Loungewear Set: This cropped loungewear set is on-point for teen style right now. She will be comfortable and look cute!

Room Decor Gifts for Teen Girls

One creative option for teen girl gifts is room decor. There are useful and fun products that they can use in their bedroom sanctuaries. 

Teens will love changing out the words and symbols in their very own Lightbox.  It’s a great way for them to express themselves. 

LED Fairy Lights with Photo Clips: Lights are an amazing way to glam up any room, and this light set has photo clips too! Your teen girl can hang pictures on the wall and use the six different light modes to suit her mood. 

Cozy Saucer Chair With 7 different colors, you’ll be sure to find a color that will match your teen girl’s room. This chair will be perfect for cozying up to read, talk on the phone or chat with friends. 

Hanging Lighted Hammock Swing: I would have LOVED this chair as a teen (and would still love it now honestly!). This has the added bonus of lights! So fun and cute. 

3-tiered Tabletop Jewelry Stand I love how this jewelry stand looks! And it will be the perfect organizational piece for your teen girl’s room. 

Arched full length mirror This big mirror is perfect for trying on clothes. At 65” x 22” it makes a gorgeous (and functional!)  statement for a teen girl’s bedroom. 

A teen girl sits at a table painting. She has darker skin, a white handkerchief tied around her head. She is smiling as she looks down.

Books to gift your Teen Girl

Finish This Book: This is a book we like to give to teen girls as a gift, it is so creative! It is full of prompts and direction that will help the reader fill the pages with creative writing. 

Books of Bayern Series: This book series is perfect for tweens and young teens. It has a fairy tale/fantasy feel to it and is so well written and interesting. My daughter and I loved it! 

Matched Book Series:  This is more of a romance series (but a good level for teens) and has been several of my niece’s favorite book series. 

Artist Journaling Set: This would be such a cool gift for a teen girl who loves to doodle and draw. The kit includes a 70-page spiral bound blank notebook, sticker sheets, gel pens and paints. 

The Super Easy Teen Cookbook This would be a fun gift for teens! This cookbook includes 75 simple (but teen-approved) recipes that are easy to cook. 

Teen Quiz Book This is the book your teen girl will pull out when friends are over! The quizzes are hilarious and so much fun to answer. 

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Subscription Gifts for Teen Girls

Girls Life Magazine Subscription My teen daughter loves this magazine (and I do too). This is a magazine appropriate for ages 13 and up. It is full of articles your teen girl will love to read but they are presented in a wholesome way. We highly recommend this mag!

3-month IBBeautiful Subscription Box for ages 13-15 Each month (for 3 months) your teen girl will receive a box of 5-6 specially curated goods. Items range from fun school supplies, jewelry, accessories, hair and nail art and light age appropriate make up. 

T-Shirt Subscription Box: Every month, your teen girl can get either a Sanrio (Hello Kitty!) t-shirt, a Harry Potter t-shirt. The price is for one month and one t-shirt…you can decide on how many months you want to gift it but you’ll have to cancel the subscription when you want it to end. 

I hope this gives you some good ideas of gifts for teen girls!

Happy Gifting!


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