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15 Amazing Dinosaur Gift Ideas for Kids

I know my dinosaur gift ideas. After three boys who were (and still are!) obsessed with dinos, I have tried a lot of different dinosaur products and can confidently say I am an EXPERT dinosaur toy buyer. Beyond dinosaur figures, there are lots of great options for the kids who love dinosaurs! I love encouraging my kids’ love of dinos by helping them learn more about these fascinating creatures.  Here are a few of our favorites!

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you anything)!  Get more information in my full disclosure.

Dinopedia This book was a gift Santa brought last year and it is almost falling apart from constant use. We take this nearly EVERYWHERE with us! It has bright and colorful pictures, and just the right amount of interesting facts for your little dino lover. It also shows the size of each dinosaur compared to humans (which my boys love to know about!). This book is worth every penny and makes a great gift dinosaur gift idea.

Dinosaur Atlas This is another book we have and love. Full of great information and illustrations. It also has a lot of “lift the flap” pages which we love to open! 

Dinosaur Goggles Encourage pretend play with these awesome dinosaur goggles!

Dig a Dino T-Rex– This kit has the fun of dinosaur excavation combined with a skeleton that you can assemble, pop apart and reassemble.

Dinosaur Dig Tools– Technically this is a Backyard Safari tool, but they work amazingly well for digging up dinosaur bones. 😉 This tool ring comes with a long pointer/magnet, scraper, brush, mirror, and pincers.  As a warning, the tools do come off of the tool ring pretty easily (the maker calls them quick release), but my boys have thoroughly enjoyed trying out their paleontology skills in our yard and also while camping.

Soft Dinosaur Figurines Trust me when I say that playing with dinosaurs can sometimes be painful! You will want to go with these SOFT type dinosaur figures that are made of less painful, squishier plastic. This is a great set with a good mix of dinosaur favorites. As a dinosaur gift idea, you can’t go too far wrong with more plastic dinosaurs to play with! 

Dinosaur Build-a-Track These tracks are so much fun! This comes with Jurassic Park like cages, cars and some smaller dinos. 



Jumbo Dinosaur puzzle-We have a couple of these. My boys love them because they are giant and they can talk about what dinosaurs are in it. They also love to find the dinosaur toys that are the same kind of dino and put them on top of puzzle. 

Velociraptor claws– You could call these the dinosaur version of dress-up. These claws are fun to wear and pretend with. Velociraptors were fast, great hunters and great jumpers so what kid wouldn’t want to be like them? A super fun dinosaur gift idea!

Dinosaur Lego Creator Kit This 174 piece Lego Creator Dinosaur kit is fun to make and display!

T-Rex Stuffed Animal – Santa brought each boy his own stuffed dinosaur last Christmas and they still sleep with “Rexy” and “Steggy” every night. Sometimes dinosaurs need a cuddle! There are lots of cool choices, like this adorable long neck or this stegosaurus.

There is something very exciting and satisfying for kids when they know the big names of all of these dinosaurs. My kids have loved playing  “BingoSaurus” dinosaur bingo and identifying dinosaurs, and this works great to teach kids dinosaur names!
Find IT Dinosaur Edition This is a great quiet activity or game for the car. It has cards for more formal gameplay, or your dinosaur lover can just move the container around and see what dinosaur items he or she can find. This dinosaur gift idea would be perfect for road trips or when you need kids to be quiet. 

Dinosaur Bed-in-a-bag This super affordable bed-in-a-bag set will make your little dinosaur lover so excited! It includes fitted and flat sheets, a comforter and a pillowcase. This would make a great dinosaur gift idea!

Remote Control T-Rex It roars, it stomps and your kid is in control! This remote control dino is a wonderful dinosaur gift idea. Your kids will love it! 


There you have it, did you find something your dinosaur lover doesn’t have but NEEDS? I hope I helped you think of something new!

Happy gifting!


15 Unique Dinosaur Gift Ideas for Kids. A mom of three dino obsessed boys shares their family's favorite dinosaur gift ideas.

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Sunday 24th of May 2020

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