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Creative Gift ideas for older parents, grandparents and seniors

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This is definitely the gift question I get asked the most often. What do I buy my parents/grandparents?  Parents pose quite a few problems.  Sometimes they have everything they could ever want or they’ve “downsized” and have no space for things.  If your parents are seniors or in assisted living it can be even harder. You want to show you love and care about them by giving them gifts on special occasions  but you don’t want to give them unnecessary clutter or things they won’t or can’t use.

I talked a little bit about how I try to be very mindful and purposeful in my gift giving. This extends to giving to my parents as well.  Often my gifts fall a little more on the sentimental side because I think parents and seniors really enjoy those types of gifts.

Here are a few gift ideas for seniors!

Chatbooks! $8 for 60 page book of photos!

Memory Photo books- These won’t be just your normal photo book. Make it more special by including written memories. After choosing a theme (Christmas, Birthdays, Family Vacations, Growing up, etc), compile old photos and memories and put them into a photo book. Sites like Shutterfly really simplify the process!  Imagine having old family Christmas photos, combined with you and your siblings’ favorite Christmas memories or traditions. This would take some coordination but would make a very special gift.  Here is a great photobook option to check out.

Family Photo book Subscription- Another idea would be to send them a photo book of what your family is currently up to each month. Chatbooks makes this VERY EASY! Have you tried Chatbooks? They are the truly the easiest photo book ever! After downloading their app, you can set up a photo book series that pulls from your Instagram feed (or favorites you mark in your phone’s camera roll). A book is printed and sent automatically each time you have 60 Instagram posts or favorites (if you choose that option). Sending an additional copy to your parents or grandparents is incredibly simple as well.  To do so, you’ll open your Chatbooks app (or login on the website) and you’ll click on your series, and click “additional copies.” Then click “order additional subscription”. Then follow the order steps and enter your parents or grandparents’ address! Each book costs $8, so you a whole year would be $72. What a fun and simple way to connect with your family and have them up to date on all the fun and funny things that happen with your fmaily This way they can keep up with your life and enjoy fun pictures and memories! Here is a code to get your first book FREE! XNE93VXL

Audio Books– I think audio books would be a useful and fun gift for older parents/grandparents. One option would be a “Book of the month” club, where each month a family member would be in charge of choosing a book, and either recording the audio, or coming to visit the parent/grandparent and reading them the book throughout the month. It would be an amazing way to spend time with them, and fun to share a book!

If family is unable to do a recording, another great option is Amazon’s Audible. For $14.95 a month, you could purchase an Audible subscription.  That allows for unlimited audiobook downloads. You can set it up to play from a desktop, or if that isn’t available Amazon’s Echo works amazingly well with Audible! It costs $180 and will take some set up, but once it is done it can be operated solely by voice, and plays Audio Books from its own speaker! I did call and ask Amazon about their new Echo Dot. While it is less expensive and CAN be used with Audible, you would need to purchase separate speakers to be able to play the audiobooks.  If you’d like to see how Audible works, here is a free month membership!

Cookie/Soup/Dinner /Dessert of the Month Club:  This is a gift that we usually do for my dad. I give him a certificate and then we bring him that item each month. For the Dessert of the Month Club, I gave him a big list of desserts and let him choose his 12 favorites. It was fun to try out recipes that I never would have tried (Flan! Rice Pudding!) and my kids really enjoyed cooking them with me!  We also enjoyed dropping the desserts off and visiting the first Sunday of each month.  Currently we are doing a “Soup of the Month” club. I’ve made Chicken noodle (yum!) and butternut squash soup (not so yum!).  This gift is obviously limited to people who live nearby their senior, but I’ve included some FREE PRINTABLE gift certificates you can download! Click here for the Cookie-of-the-month certificate, click here for the soup-of-the-month certificate, click here for the dessert-of-the-month certificate. There are options to do something similar through Harry and David, here is their dessert of the month club . Much more expensive than do-it-yourself but still great!


Grandkid photo gallery: This is a DIY gift idea I wrote about in this post. If you had a parent or grandparent that didn’t have a lot of space you could do a scaled down version. It makes a fun talking piece and gives grandparents the ability to talk about their favorite subjects.


I hope this helps you with an idea for your parents/grandparents or another special older person in your life. Happy Gifting!

Creative Gift ideas for grandparents, older parents and seniors!



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