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The greatest gifts for grandpas

The Best DIY Gifts for Grandpa

Choosing DIY Gifts for Grandpa means you can personalize your gifts to fit the grandpa in your life perfectly.

I have a few theories on why Grandpas are hard to buy for.

  1. They have hobbies, but over the years have amassed EVERYTHING they need for said hobbies.
  2. They have money, and like men often do, when they want something they just get it for themselves
  3. They have no known hobbies

I tried to think of gift ideas that will work for all kinds of grandpas so that you can find a gift that he will love. These DIY Grandpa Gifts work for birthday gifts for grandpas, Father’s Day gifts for grandpas, Christmas gifts for grandpas or just because gifts! They are practical gifts for grandpa because he will be able to use them and have fun doing it!

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DIY Gifts for Grandpa Road Trip Gift Basket for Grandpa


DIY Road Trip Gift for Grandpa

There is something about men and being out on the open road. They love it! How about a gift that encourages Grandpa to have great adventures?

I included this Travel Cooler Bag for drinks and food. You can also throw in this beautiful book Road Trip USA that has hundreds of possible road trip itineraries, detailed driving maps, and tips including “roadside curiosities, parks and local histories.”  The large scale Rand McNally Atlas will fill in when GPS isn’t working and it’s always good to add some tasty snacks.

There’s a free printable Gift Tag to go along with the Road Trip DIY Gift for Grandpas (and something for every gift!) . You just sign up for the Gifty Girl Printable library by entering your email below. You’ll also get my newsletter so you will stay up with all the fun gift ideas!


DIY Gifts for Grandpa: Astronomy Star Gazing Gift Basket


Astronomy DIY Gift for Grandpas

When thinking of gift ideas for men it is important to note that men are just little boys in grown-up bodies. Little boys LOVE outer space…and so do grown-up men! Another thing I love about this gift is that it will give Grandpa a chance to spend time looking at the stars with his grandkids.

This gift includes a telescope.  This Orion Starblast  114 MM is an entry-level telescope that you can program to actually MOVE to the constellations you want to see.

I also included Nightwatch-A practical Guide to Viewing The Universe.  This book is hailed as “the ideal first book for the backyard astronomer…that will grow along with the observer’s skill.” Another great book is The Stars-A new way to see them. This book has star charts,  constellation explanations and facts and figures of planets and stars. Lastly I added The Night Sky-Planisphere. Have you heard of a planisphere before? It is a rotating star chart. You put the date in and it rotates to show you want constellations you can see in the night sky. SUPER COOL and a wonderful part of a unique DIY Gift for Grandpa!

DIY Gifts for Grandpa Cookie of the Month Club Free Printable Certificates


Cookie/Soup/Dessert of the Month Club DIY Gifts for Grandpas

This is perhaps the easiest (and one of the most fun) gifts you can whip together for nearby Grandpas. It is a perfect last minute DIY Gift for Grandpas! We have done it several years for my dad in different forms. Basically you print off the certificate (I have cookie, soup and dessert-of-the-month) from my Gift Printables Library. Choose a designated day each month (we liked to do the first Sunday of each month) and then you deliver treats! My kids LOVE to help make grandpa his monthly treat and it was fun to visit with him when we delivered. This gift gives a little something each month and grandpas love it! For the Dessert-of-the-Month I came up with a list of dessert ideas and let him pick 12. You could do the same or just surprise him with the cookie/soup/dessert. Easy-peasy and so fun!


Family History Gift for dad or Grandpa


DIY Gifts for Grandpa: Family History Gift

Grandpas are always good for a great story. This gift allows them to tell their best stories and as an added bonus you get to have treasured memories that you and your kids can have forever. The way this gift works is that you gift Grandpa a way to record his stories. You could go the old-fashioned book to write in, OR use this amazing technology for voice recording!! This tiny device is a digital Audio Voice recorder USB Pen Drive.  It can record 150 hours of audio which you can then PLUG into your computer and download the audio. The next part of the present are these beautiful  free writing prompts made by Allison Kimball . In January of this year launched an initiative called #52stories, encouraging people to record one story a week about themselves. These prompts are not only lovely, but they are also thought-provoking questions.  I printed the prompts and included them with the voice recorder and journal in the hopes that Grandpa will record his stories, which could then be typed up and given in hard copy form back to Grandpa and to children and grandkids as a treasure!  Everybody has a story, and it is a gift for the whole family for him to record his life stories. (Plus I think most Grandpas would love the opportunity to share stories of days gone by.

Life History Interview Gift Certificate

Along the same lines as the “Tell me your stories” gift, this is the non-DIY version.  The company takes the labor (and fear!) out of writing a personal history.  Some of’s options include:

Life Story Interview– This can be conducted in person (in Utah) or over the phone. Prior to the interview, interviewees are contacted to make goals for the interview and receive “food-for-thought” questions to get prepared. After the interview, you’ll receive approximately 75 minutes of audio on a flash drive, interviewer notes and a printed booklet of life story questions. You could have several family members contribute towards this gift and give a series of interviews to get a more comprehensive life story (or even a book!) created.

Story Coaching– If your giftee has talked about wanting to write their own life story, this is a great option to help them along their way. Let the experts at give them professional advice and encouragement to help jumpstart their writing.

Purchasing a personal interview means that your giftee will be interviewed by a talented journalist who not only has all of the right questions but also has the ability to delve deeper when needed and encourage opening up that might not happen otherwise. This is what one of their customers said about their experience gifting a Life Story Interview. 


Another amazing part of this gift is that you can purchase and print a gift certificate right from your computer…this thoughtful gift can be purchased and given in a very short timeframe (a last minute gift!).

Right now they are having a holiday special for $10 off each interview or coaching session and if you use the code GiftyGirl you can get an additional 5% off their lowest priceClick Here to purchase.

If you want to learn more you can read about here

I think a Life Story Interview would be an amazing and thoughtful gift for spouses,  parents, in-laws, grandparents, veterans, actually EVERYONE because we all have a story to tell. Whose story would you love to hear told?


Unique DIY Gifts for Grandpa Breakfast Tour Gift


Unique DIY Gifts for Grandpa: Breakfast Tour Gift

We gave this gift to my dad a few years ago and he (and my mom!) both enjoyed it. My dad LOVES to go out to breakfast and this was a gift that let him explore some new breakfast haunts. We chose four breakfast places (some we loved and some that we read about online) and got him gift certificates for each.

I then mounted a map to foam board, made some cute gift card envelopes and a “Grandpa’s Breakfast Tour” banner. It’s a cute and simple gift to put together. This gift is also easy for grandpas who live far away. You can look for highly-rated breakfast joints on Yelp or this list of restaurants by state shown in Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.   Amazon has gift cards you can purchase or you can buy them straight off of the restaurant web sites. You can download the envelopes and banner for free from my Gift Printables Resource Library Below (and get a bunch of other great gift printables!)

If none of these gifts work for your grandpa, you might want to check out some of these other great gifts for men!

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Happy Grandpa Gifting!




  1. Allison Kimball

    December 1, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas and saying such kind things about #52stories. This is a great list

    1. The Gifty Girl

      December 2, 2017 at 11:53 am

      Thank YOU Allison! Your prompts are amazing!!

  2. Clara

    December 3, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    My grandpa would love Mimi’s Cafe, because Mimi is what we call my grandma! My grandpa is a total meat-and-potatoes guy.

  3. Lori W.

    December 3, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    These are great ideas – grandpas ARE hard to buy for! My grandpas are not around anymore, but my dad is a grandpa, so I think about him. We used to take some epic road trips when I was a kid. To continue the tradition, We have been including my parents in some of our family trips. The memories are priceless! The roadtriongifts would be a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Melissa Styler

    December 3, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    The road trip gift would be great for the papas in our family!

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