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Out of the Suitcase Gift Ideas that your Business Traveler will Love

*This post contains affiliate links. This means when you click on a link and purchase an item, I receive a small marketing payment from AT NO COST TO YOU! 
Hello friends!
I recently did a survey and found out that most of you have the hardest time coming up with gifts for the men in your lives…boyfriends, husbands, fathers, father-in-laws.  So I’m going to do my very best to think of a TON of great GUY gift ideas before the Holiday season hits us hard.  I’m starting off with business travelers because I know there are lots out there! Traveling for business is NOT easy, but these gift ideas will make it a little easier on your loved one (and they totally work for women business travelers too!)

Gifts that save time

If you have someone in your life that travels with any frequency, give them the gift of time.  These two gifts will get them through security lines with minimal fuss! They will be excited to learn that they no longer need to take their electronics out of their bag, and they don’t need to remove their shoes or belts and will be through the metal detector before that once every 10 years traveler in the ‘other’ security line even has their bags on the conveyor belt.

TSA Precheck –
If the person you are gifting travels internationally, spend a few dollars more and get the international version of TSA pre-check which includes the domestic membership.
CLEAR subscription –
CLEAR is even BETTER than TSA pre-check.  You get all the benefits of TSA Pre check with the added bonus of getting to the front of the TSA Pre check line. CLEAR isn’t in every airport though.   To make this one of the most amazing gifts ever, be sure to check the list of airports where CLEAR is available.  To gain the most value, you’ll want to be sure CLEAR is available at your home airport.  Email for a referral and you get 2 months free!

New or Updated Travel Gear

This backpack from Timbuk2 is great for everyday use. It includes a protected, dedicated spot for the laptop and plenty of storage and organization for other items like notepad, business cards, cords and more. If your business traveler is booking it around the airport a backpack is a much more comfortable option that an handheld briefcase.
Overnight or extended trip backpack/carry-on

Here are a couple of options for someone who likes to carry-on his luggage.  These bags will accommodate all of the everyday necessities with room for extra clothes for an overnighter or two.
The first bag  (Shown above) has TONS of pockets and extras to make the backpack extra comfortable.

This Amazon Basics bag looks like a backpack but opens like a carry-on case. It has amazing reviews and is super affordable.

If your travelin’ man cannot part from his briefcase, take a sneak peek at it.   Have they had it for 30 years? Does it look like they have had it for 30 years.  Chances are they would love an updated briefcase that is stylish, screams sophisticated and is very practical.  This option (shown above) is fairly pricey but is practical for traveling and looks great.

Does the business traveler in your life already have everything?  How about this “smart” suitcase?  That’s right, it’s smart.  You can track your suitcase via GPS anywhere in the world, lock the suitcase with an app on your phone and you can even weigh the contents of your suitcase with it’s embedded weight sensors.  Say goodbye to additional overweight charges!  Oh, and did I mention that you can use it to charge your electronic devices.  Whaaaaat?!

Traveling Extras

Noise Cancelling Headphones
When you are traveling for business and need to get things done, noisy airplanes (or seatmates) can be a loud distraction. These noise cancelling headphones will help reduce that noise and make traveling a much better experience.  An extra bonus is that they are wireless so that is one less cable that will get tangled up in your bag.

If they already own noise cancelling headphones.  Gift them this little add on gadget that turns their corded headphones into wireless headphones.  So awesome!

Traveling for business while using your laptop, tablet and smartphone can make for battery emergencies.  This charging brick will help them make sure they always have power for their gadgets and can charge two devices at a time. Bonus points for the orange color that will make it easier to find in his (new) backpack or briefcase.

RFID Passport Wallet 

 This wallet holds credit cards, driver’s license, cash and a passport while blocking people from electronically stealing your information. This type of theft happens often in airports so this is a great travelling extra to have.

This is a clever, clever invention. Click on the link to see how cords and devices of all sizes can fit onto this doodad. Seriously, this is awesome and would be valuable for travelers who have tons of charging cables that end up in an big tangled mess in the bottom of your purse, briefcase or backpack.

Kindle Paperwhite– You will find me recommending a Kindle as often as possible because it is one of my favorite things EVER. If your business traveler loves to read then this is an amazing extra that will make flying more enjoyable. They are incredibly light, easy to hold and turn pages, are self backlit for when planes are dark and can store bajillions of books. And my favorite part? I get almost all of my books for free borrowing e-books from the library. Woot!
There is also this new fancier version called a Kindle Oasis  that is even lighter (hard to imagine!) and has a leather charging case that extends the battery for months.

Some awesome extras (that made me laugh)

An Ostrich Pillow   Sadly I cannot post a picture of this here…but you MUST go look at it. And if someone has an extra $100 to spend for a laugh PLEASE buy this for your business traveler. Seriously, I think I would die laughing if someone had this on their head in an airplane.


An armrest divider- If your traveler is sick of battling for control of the armrest…here is a peaceful divider that will give you each an inch(ish) to stretch your arm out on. Ahhhh. So much more relaxing!


I hope this helps spark some ideas for your business traveler! And please, if you buy the ostrich pillow tag me in a picture!! 😉


Happy Gifting!


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