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Easy and Useful DIY Baby First Aid Kit Gift

This DIY Baby First Aid Kit Gift is simple to put together and SO useful for new and experienced moms!

I love buying adorable outfits for baby showers (because those are hard to pass up!) but more recently I decided to try and give a gift that ALL new parents need, but not everyone thinks about.

I created a DIY Baby First Aid Kit that makes an amazing gift for baby showers and new moms, is useful, and is simple to put together. Read on to find out what supplies you need and how to make your own Baby First Aid Kit Gift.

What medicine should I have on hand for a newborn?

The first time your new baby gets sick is scary. Trying to figure out how to help your baby, if you need to go to the doctor, what medicine your baby can take etc etc can feel overwhelming. This Baby First Aid Kit Gift helps to take a little bit of the stress off of new parents by supplying them with baby medicine and supplies that they will need so they are ready to help baby.

This DIY Baby First Aid Kit Gift is super easy to put together and you can download the printable drawer labels and medication tracker by clicking here!

I checked prices at Wal-mart and Target for the first aid kit products and these prices on Amazon are as good or BETTER.

What should be included in a first aid kit for a baby?

I’m a mom to five kids (3 boys and 2 girls!). Here are the baby essentials every new mom needs for a baby and all of the supplies you’ll need to make your own DIY Baby First Aid Kit for a gift.

DIY Baby First Aid Kit Container

There are a number of containers you could use for your Baby First Aid Kit.

First up is the mini three drawer plastic cabinet that I used for the DIY Baby First Aid kit pictured in this post. It is the exact size you will need to use with the printable drawer labels and laminated medicine tracker. It is also the perfect size to fit baby medicine essentials and isn’t so big that it will take up your whole bathroom cabinet or hall closet.

If you are going this direction, you can purchase these 1.33″ x 4″ printable labels that will fit on the front perfectly (and match the print file you can download!).

It would also be handy to have a laminating machine to make the medicine tracker re-usable. Plus, you will use this for everything once you have it!

If you want to go with a different container for you baby first aid kit, you could also use a cute baby caddy, a plastic caddy, or even a plastic divided bin.

DIY Baby First Aid Kit Essentials

Now let’s get into the medicines/tools that will be perfect for a baby first aid kit. I made labels for Baby Cold Medicine, Baby Tummy Medicine, and Baby Fever/Pain Medicine.

Let’s go through the medicine/tool options for each category.

Best Medicine and Tools for Baby’s Cold

First, there are not the typical medicines available for baby’s that you can use to treat an adult’s cold. These medicine options are primarily to ease the symptoms of your baby’s cold including cough, runny/congested nose. Her are some great options to add to your baby first aid kit.

Baby Vaporub When baby is super congested I like to rub some of this on their chest (or feet with socks!) to help them unclog.

Baby Zarbees Cough Syrup Babies can’t have traditional cold medicine, but this is a homeopathic medicine that has helped soothe my babies’ coughs and sore throats.

Nose Frieda This is a genius invention although it kinda grosses some people out. It is a special straw device that you use to suck the baby’s mucus out of their nose. (Don’t worry, there is a blocker so it won’t get in your mouth!!) I only had this for my last baby but it works really well!

Saline Drops These saline drops are essential for the Nose Frieda Drops and actually help a lot just on their own when baby is congested. The drops loosen up the mucus.

Baby Tummy Medicine

Windi Gas and Colic Relief This is another….interesting device. It sounds really strange but it is great to relieve gas, tummy problems and constipation in your baby! You insert it into baby’s bum (after a tummy massage and lubricating the edge) and it helps your baby toot or poop. It should only be used occasionally but it is a lifesaver when your baby is miserable.

Gripe Water Give baby a few drops when he/she is suffering from painful hiccups, gas or other tummy problems.

Belly Hugger Heat/Compression This handy tool can provide warmth and compression on baby’s tummy to help ease gas pain.

Baby Fever/Pain Reducer

There are often times when your baby will have a fever or some pain (often from teething). Here are some great options to have handy in your baby first aid kit.

3-in-1 Infant Thermometer Now, the forehead scanner thermometers are easy to use, but you want accuracy especially when dealing with an infant fever! This thermometer can be used underarm, rectally (most accurate) or orally.

Infant Tylenol This is one of the only pain meds your baby can have before six months old. This comes in drops that are easy to give baby.

Hot and Cold Therapy Burp Cloth What an amazing idea! You can either have a heated pad (colic and tummy relief) or a cooling pad (fever relief) that doubles as a burp cloth. This would be an amazing addition to a baby first aid kit.

Next, you attach the labels, tape on the (laminated) medicine tracker, and using ribbon, tie the dry erase marker on the back of the drawers.  Add the medicine and you are done!

This DIY Baby First Aid Kit is my go-to for a useful, adorable and SIMPLE baby shower gift! It makes a wonderful gift for new moms, and moms with older kids (because you don’t always have new baby medicine on hand!). 

If you have a new baby on the way, check out these Newborn Hacks, Tips and Tricks from my friend Ashley at

Do you know new parents that could use a baby first aid kit?

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Happy Gifting!


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Sunday 3rd of April 2022

Signed up and still can’t get the printables.


Tuesday 1st of February 2022

I tried to get the download for this awesome idea but it is honestly so confusing. I tried to sign up for the newsletter and find the library but I keep getting redirected to ads. Really wanted to try this out but it is very difficult. Bummer.


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Love this! I'm going to make this for my friend's shower, thanks for the idea!

Teri Lover

Sunday 31st of October 2021

How do I get the free printable downloads?


Thursday 16th of September 2021

There is no link for the printables

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