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DIY Baby Medicine Cabinet Gift

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Who doesn’t love a baby shower? I love to get together and celebrate the miracle of a new amazing human added to this world. I’ve given my share of adorable outfits (because those are hard to pass up!) but more recently I decided to try and give a gift that ALL new parents need, but not everyone thinks about.

DIY Baby Medicine Cabinet

The first time your new baby gets sick is terrifying. Trying to figure out how to help your baby, if you need to go to the doctor, what medicine you can give etc etc can feel overwhelming. This baby shower gift helps take a little bit of the stress off of new parents by supplying them with baby medicine for when baby has a fever, has tummy problems or has a cold.

This gift is super easy to put together and I’m providing you with all of the free printable tags to make it fast and cute! Here are the supplies you need to buy…

What’s in this gift

Small three drawer plastic cabinet– This is a two pack, you can buy them separately at Wal-mart/Target etc.

Infant Tylenol An essential for when baby is teething/has a fever

 Infant Motrin Babies can’t use this until they are over six months, but once they can it works great if your doctor tells you to alternate fever medications.

Baby Vaporub When baby is super congested I like to rub some of this on their chest (or toes!) to help them unclog.

Baby cold medicine Babies can’t have traditional cold medicine, but this is a homeopathic medicine that has helped soothe my babies’ coughs and sore throats.

Nose Frieda– This is a genius invention although it kinda grosses some people out. It is a special straw device that you use to suck the baby’s mucous out of their nose. (Don’t worry, there is a blocker so it won’t get in your mouth!!) I only had this for my last baby but it works really well!

Baby Saline Drops-These saline drops are essential for the Nose Frieda Drops and actually help a lot just on their own when baby is congested. The drops loosen up the mucous.

Baby Gas Drops These are absolute life savers when baby is fussing with a gassy tummy!

Baby Diaper Cream

Avery Labels I used 1 x 2 5/8 and they fit perfectly on the drawers

Dry Erase Marker with eraser

I also used my handy dandy laminator to make the medicine tracker erasable and reusable. I think everyone needs to have one of these!


Laminating Pouches

Putting it together

First, you need to sign up for my Free Gift Printables Library below. You’ll print off both the Medicine Tracker and the drawer labels. You can print the drawer labels on normal paper and just tape them to the drawers. I promise the labels are so easy though! You need to purchase Avery Labels 18160 and just print the pdf file directly onto those, then peel and stick!

Next, you attach the labels, tape on the medicine tracker, and using ribbon tie the dry erase marker on the back of the drawers.  Add the medicine and you are done!

I made a little video to show you how it works!


Do you know new parents that could use a baby medicine cabinet?


Happy Gifting!


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