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53 Hilarious and Affordable $10 White Elephant Gifts to Steal the Show!

Do you have a white elephant gift exchange this holiday season and are looking for $10 white elephant gifts? I’ve got you covered! 

I love white elephant gift exchanges in all of their forms. They are a great way to add fun to a holiday party and take some pressure off of people to buy “the perfect” Christmas gift. Whether your white elephant exchange is at an office place or a family party, these 53 $10 white elephant gifts will delight party goers and make your gift one of the “most stolen.” 

Read on to get 53 $10 white elephant gift exchange gift ideas that will be the hit of any Christmas party! 

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Funny $10 White Elephant Gifts for the Bathroom

People are endlessly entertained by bathroom jokes…so here are white elephant gifts for the bathroom!

Bacon Flavored Toothpaste: Breath as fresh as…bacon?? This would be a funny unisex white elephant gift. 

Bathroom Book: Everyone needs a little entertainment in the bathroom! This book has “thought provoking questions to answer while you poop.” Make bathroom breaks more entertaining with a humorous guest book.

Golf Toilet Game: This gift will let them practice their short game while they take care of business. 

A computer keyboard with a brown gift box and a red ribbon nearby.

$10 White Elephant Gifts perfect for the Office!

If your white elephant exchange is at work, these desk gifts would be an excellent choice!

Mini Desktop Basketball Game: Turn your desk into a mini basketball court. This has a string on the basketball to keep it from falling off the desk. 

Mini Tabletop Bowling Set: Give the gift of a perfect strike! This mini bowling alley fits on a desk or tabletop. 

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure: This comes complete with a lady in a bathrobe and 6 cats. Why would anyone want this?! Well, no one would so that makes it a great White Elephant gift. 

Sloth Planner: This five year sloth planner is cute and usable!

Pet Rock: This comes with bedding and instructions for care. 

Bob Ross The Joy Of Painting Sticky Notes: Sticky notes featuring Bob Ross, a painting easel, and some of his memorable quotes. 

Mini Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy: A mini version of the advertising waving guys (my kids called them wiggly woggly guys! A fun desktop companion!

Avocado Erasers/pencil sharpener: THE PENCIL SHARPENER IS IN THE AVOCADO PIT. So cute!

Giant Rainbow Stress Balls: These are so satisfying to squeeze! Perfect for office stress relief. 

Mini Desktop Tetherball Game: Not only is this cute, but it looks like a fun solo or partner desk game!

Wooden Lollipop Stress Reliever: This is a desk white elephant gift that people will fight over! Spin the lollipop stick in your hand to make the colorful leaves spread out into new and beautiful patterns. I want one!

Blobfish Stress Toy: The ugliest fish EVER makes for a sorta cute (and excellent) white elephant gift..

100 Cat Meme Stickers: Stickers with all sorts of random cat meme photos. Sounds perfect for a white elephant gift!

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White Elephant Gift Ideas for Health and Beauty

Even though these white elephant gifts fall under the health and beauty category, they are great unisex gift ideas!

Snail Soap Dispenser: Somehow 7000 of these snail soap dispensers have sold in the last month? It is so strange but kind of adorable…great for a white elephant gift exchange!

Dill Pickle Lip Balm: Some people love to have lip balm with a dill pickle flavor? 

Unicorn Poop Soap: Soap that looks like unicorn poop – glittery and colorful.

Bacon Bandages: Cover up those small wounds with a piece of sizzling bacon. 

$10 White Elephant Gifts for Kitchens

Everybody needs to eat! That makes these kitchen/food white elephant gift ideas a great choice for any gender/type of party. 

Cat Butt Magnets: These are hilarious. 6 different cat butt magnets for the fridge!

Sloth Tea Infuser: A sloth-shaped tea infuser that hangs from the cup and infuses the tea! It’s so cute. 

Funny Face Wooden Spoons: A set of funny wooden spoons with faces.  

Funny Face Drink Coasters: These 20 double sided coasters can be held up to your face for entertainment. (40 funny faces)

Corgi Butt  Bottle Opener: This is cute and useful!

Potato Chip Bag Clips: 4 bag clips that are shaped like potato chips. 

Vent Clip for Dips: People who love to drive and dip their fries will appreciate this vent clip that holds dip. 

Mini Succulent Fridge Magnets: These are so cute! 

Mini Srirarcha Bottle Keychain: A 1 ounce keychain with Sriracha hot sauce.

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Cozy White Elephant Gift Ideas for Home

People can get cozy in the most hilarious ways with these creative $10 and under White Elephant Gifts for the home. 

Dino Chicken Nugget Pillow: Everyone’s favorite chicken nugget in pillow form! This would make a hilarious $10 white elephant gift. 

Mother Hen Plush Toy: This just makes me laugh! Soft and so cute!!

Waffle Blanket: You’ve seen tortilla blankets…but this is a fun different option!

Red the crab silicone utensil rest: This is stinking cute! And it is unusual and useful…perfect for a $10 white elephant gift!

My last nerve candle: This candle makes me laugh! It says, “My last nerve…oh look! It’s on fire!” 

Motion Sensored Toilet Disco Light: Because at night…of course you want a motion activated disco party! Hahaha!

White Elephant Clothing Gift Ideas

While these clothing gifts might not make it on a fashion runway, they will get some good laughs and *possibly* get stolen a ton!

Pew Pew Star Wars Shirt: This would be a hilarious gift! I find XL is a great general size. 

Goose Socks: I don’t know why these make me laugh so hard! A unisex and useful white elephant gift!

Animal hat with moving ears: Pull down on the “paw” and the ears move. 

Snail Hair washing band: This is so hilarious! You can use it to keep your hair out of your face while you wash it. I want one now!

Pineapple Sunglasses Pants: These joggers are comfortable and…colorful? 

Magnetic Handholding Socks: A pair of white and a pair of black socks with eyes and tiny arms with magnets inside. When your feet are near each other (or someone else wearing a pair) the socks “hold hands.” 

White Elephant Gift Ideas for the Car

If the people at your white elephant gift exchange drive, these funny gift ideas for cars are an excellent choice. 

Bacon Air Freshener Doesn’t everyone want their car to smell like sizzling bacon??
Rubber Duck Dashboard Decoration. A rubber ducky, in a floatie, wearing a pink cowboy hat, sunglasses and a necklace. Perfection?!

Absorbent Car Cup Holder Coaster: these come in different patterns and are useful and fun for a white elephant gift. 

Funny Car Eyes Windshield Cover

Squirrel in Underpants Car Air Freshener

“Believe in yourself even if no one else does” sticker: This comes in sasquatch or Loch Ness Monster styles

A white elephant gift box is wrapped in twine with brown paper tags and a pinecone on top.

$10 White Elephant Gifts for Hobbies 

Gift an activity that will keep them busy with creativity. 

Glitter Heart Picture Frame: This white elephant gift will be even more funny if you add a photo of yourself to it! But it can also hold the photos of your office photographer. 

Danny Devito diamond art kit: So random, but a hilarious gift!

Dog Catching Treats 750 piece puzzle

Clean Swear Word Coloring Book: Add some colored pencils or markers to this to get to $10 and it is a great white elephant gift!

Crazy Chicken Lady Playing Cards: Seems like everyone has chickens these days…this deck of cards is a funny nod to that!

Hold on, let me overthink this Cross stitch Kit: This would be a fabulous white elephant gift under $10. 

I hope these $10 white elephant gifts are great for your pocket book AND fun to gift! Did you find something you love? 

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