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84 of the BEST White Elephant Gift Ideas $20 and under!

I’ve found the BEST white elephant gift ideas $20 and under that are fun, creative classy AND appropriate for all ages!


Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone in the White Elephant Gift world. I mean, I LOVE the actual idea of a fun surprise gift trade (check out all of these fun ways to do a gift exchange!) but what I HATE about White Elephant Gift Exchanges/Yankee Swaps are the useless, garbage, crude, yucky gifts. I don’t want to be embarrassed opening a gift in front of other people and I don’t want a gift I just throw away when I get home (because…wasteful!) I’m sure there are more people like me….comment below so I know I’m not alone!

I made it my mission to come up with the Best gifts for White elephant exchanges this holiday season. I’ve chosen a mix of sweet gifts, funny gifts, useful gifts, creative gifts and most of a ll FUN gifts! There is a big range of prices but the best part is that all of these white elephant gift ideas $20 and under. If you like a particular gift but it is under your spending limit, consider adding a gift card (or cash!) for the remaining amount. You can’t go wrong! These white elephant gift ideas are perfect for anyone from co-workers, bosses, cousins, grandparents …really anyone! If you have a holiday party in your future with a white gift exchange, I hope these ideas will be the perfect fit. 

Without further ado, here are the best White Elephant Gifts $20 and under that everyone will fight over! 

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This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Adulting White Elephant Gifts $20 and under

“Adulting” is popular buzzword. These white elephant gifts  are a fun way to make a little bit of (relatable) fun about being an adult!

Adulting Notepad: From “People to contact reluctantly” to a checklist that includes “puts pants on” this hilarious notepad contains 60 sheets of adulting tasks. Such a great gift for a white elephant or Dirty Santa gift. 

I adulted Stickers: 100 pages of hilarious stickers to celebrate the most un-remarkable accomplishments including “I didn’t eat my feelings” and “I made a sensible choice.” 

Adulting Candle infused with insufficient funds: The candles from the Malicious Women Candle Co make great white elephant gifts! This one is specific to adulting. 

Adulting Made Easy Book: This book is divided into chapters that will help people learn the easiest tasks including making an appointment at a doctor’s office. 

Rugrats Adulting T-shirt: Characters from Rugrats running from Reptar the Dinosaur on this funny adulting t-shirt. 

Inspirational Adulting Sign: This funny sign says “Adulting” and shows one star out of five. “Do not recommend.” 

Cozy and Funny White Elephant Blankets/Home Decor

Cozy up for the long winter with these hilarious white elephant blankets and home decor items. Because 1) everyone loves tacos and french bread 2) A PANDA RIDING A BULLDOG

Tortilla Blanket: You can get wrapped up like a burrito in this fun blanket! A fun and useful white elephant gift idea.

Panda riding a Bull Dog Blanket: This is so random! But it will make everyone laugh and may be the most stolen gift at a white elephant exchange.

Giant French Bread Pillow: This could be a throw pillow or go on a couch!

Bathroom Sign: This funny sign would be an entertaining decor gift!

Cactus Coaster Set: This coaster set look like a pot, and the coasters hook together to form a cactus! It is fun and useful!

Nose holding statue: If you’re looking for a white elephant gift that people definitely WON’T have…this is it! A statue of a man holding his nose…perfect to decorate a bathroom!

Adorable Literal White Elephant Gifts

You can’t go wrong with these useful ACTUAL white elephant gifts! I think they are adorable.

White Elephant Tea Mug: This mug shaped like an elephant has a spot for a tea bag! 

White elephant Ring Holder: I love this cute elephant ring holder! 

Elephant Statue: Made of poly resin, this 10″ x 8″ white elephant is so gorgeous! It is a little on the pricier side, but would make a stylish decoration. 

Kissing Elephant Salt and Pepper Shakers: One is white, one is gray, the perfect practical gift for a white elephant gift exchange. 

White Elephant Statue: Another great choice if you are looking for a literal white elephant! This is more of a modern style. 

Hilarious and random White Elephant Gift Books

I laughed and laughed when I found these books. Totally random…and totally white elephant, no?

How to talk to your cat about gun safety book: Because, all pets need to know about gun safety and we might not know how to talk to them about it! 

This Book is just pictures of animals silently judging you: When it comes to hilarious coffee table books, this one is an excellent choice!

Bathroom Guest Book: This fill in the blank book is perfect for your guest bathroom! And even better for a white elephant gift!

You’ve Goat this: Book of wisdom including 200 pages of adorable goat photos and advice for the good the bad and in between. 

The Book of Unusual Knowledge: All sorts of interesting tidbits that you didn’t know you need to know. 

Half Dressed Men Doing Household Chores Adult Coloring Book:  Because nothing is more attractive than a man doing house chores! 

Coffee mugs are a reliable fall back for white elephant gift exchange. I found six special mugs that will get a good laugh at your yankee swap!

Meh Coffee Cup: For the co-worker who feels unexcited about life. 🙂 

Bob Ross Mug Heat Changing Painting Cup: Once a hot liquid is added to this mug, a “happy little” painting appears!

You’re my National Treasure Coffee Mug: This is also a heat changing mug…it is black when there is cold liquid, but as soon as you add something hot, Nicholas Cage appears with the saying and a floral wreath around his head. Haha!

Dumpster Fire Coffee Mug: Along with a dumpster on fire, this mug says, “I’m Fine, It’s fine, Everything’s fine.” 

Sarcastic Coffee Mug: This one says, “Of course I talk to myself…sometimes I need expert advice.” 

Excel Spreadsheet Mug: We all have one (or more) co-workers that would love this mug! It says, “Ohh this calls for a spreadsheet!” 

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Crafty White Elephant Gift Ideas $20 and under

These white elephant gift ideas involve craftiness and would be a fun activity gift!

Crafting with Cat Hair Book: Oh my goodness! This would be hilarious for a white elephant gift exchange!!

Cat Embroidery Kit: This 4 pack includes hoops and thread for four cats with floral crowns on. 

Custom Diamond Painting: This takes some pre-planning but you could send a photo of YOURSELF or someone from the office/family and have a custom diamond painting kid made from it. SO FUNNY!

Armed and Dangerous Gluegun T-shirt: Even if you aren’t a crafter, this t-shirt would be hilarious as a white elephant gift. 

Rock Painting Kit: Paint your own rock pet with this kit!

Bob Ross Paint by Numbers: Everyone loves this guy! This tiny kit including easels and paint would be a perfect gift for a white elephant exchange. 

Fun Throwback White Elephant Gifts for under $20

Throw it back to everyone’s childhood with these super fun throwbook white elephant gifts. They would make a perfect present for friend white elephant gift exchanges or office gift exchanges. 

World’s Smallest Glowworm: The World’s smallest toys are so fun! This glowworm is a fun throwback toy (it actually glows!).

Grumpy Care Bear: There are lots of different options of care bear stuffies, so you could buy a specific one that would be funny to your workplace/family. 

Magic 8 Ball: The ultimate go-to for making important decisions, this would be a fun gift to receive at any age!

Slinky: Even though this isn’t called a slinky officially…that’s what we used to call them! 

Lite-brite: I just absolutely loved this toy! It is an excellent throw-back gift for a white elephant exchange. 

Retro “Game-boy:” This isn’t a real game boy (it is a much less expensive version) but it has a bunch of older “knock-off” games and a carrying case. 

The best Cookbooks for White elephant Gift Ideas $20 and under

These cookbooks are hilarious…from Crook to Cook?! HAHAHA! Also a great white elephant for people who love true crime (which is a LOT of people!)

From Crook to Cook Platinum recipes from Tha’ Boss Dogg’s Kitchen: Snoop Dogg cooking? The perfect white elephant gift!

You Suck at Cooking: A recipe book for people who are terrible at cooking but want to improve. 

The art of eating through the zombie apocalypse: From “Overnight of the Living Dead French Toast” to “Twinkie Trifle” this hilarious book is perfect for zombie lovers. 

Fifty Shaves of Chicken: This tongue-in-cheek cookbook might not fly with all audiences (maybe not great for workplace?) but it is hilarious. 

The Golden Girls Cookbook: This “cheesecakes and cocktails” cookbooks has fun Golden Girls recipes!

The Serial Killer Cookbook: With the popularity of true crime these days, this cookbook is sure to be a hit with the White Elephant gift crowd. 

Awesome White Elephant Gift Socks

Socks are another useful gift idea that also make for hilarious gag gifts…these funny versions will be perfect for a white elephant gift exchange!

3 pair of animal paw socks: Cat, leopard, chicken feet…the possibilities for humorous socks are endless. 

Hi, I don’t care thanks: These whimsical floral socks are definitely feminine but the sentiment is for everyone! 🙂 

Custom Face Socks: You could use any photo you want for these custom socks! An animal, a neighbor, yourself…

Shhh…I’m overthinking Socks: It’s a common problem and a funny gift idea!

Handholding Socks: These socks crack me up! The arms on the side are magnetic so when you’re feet are close together your socks hold hands, haha!

Muppet Beaker Socks: If the crowd at your white elephant party know the muppets, this pair of socks (which includes fuzzy hair) would be a hit!!

White Elephant Beer/Drinking Gift Ideas 

Take these with a grain of salt because, well I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I’ve never had a drink in my whole life. HAHAHA! These seem like decent drinking gifts no? Tell me if I’m wrong!!

12 pack beer drinking vest: This could be for beer or soda! 

Beer Holster: Along the same lines, this genuine leather holster would be hilarious as a white elephant gift! 

Beer Cap Opener and Gun: This is handy and funny! Once the gun is used for opening the beer bottle, you can use it as a gun (which I imagine would be kind of painful!). 

Dumbbell Beer Glass: This says, “Yes I do workout, lifting beer” and is shaped like a dumbbell. 

Dunzo Party Game for Drinking: This looks like it could be a fun game. 

Whisky Glass with Silicone Ice Mold: This says it is perfect for chilling whisky. 

Amazing Planters and Pots for White Elephant Gifts

I fell in LOVE with these funny/beautiful planters or pots. They would be great for White Elephant gifts! I DARE YOU not to have “I’m a sucker for you” song in your head for the rest of this post. 😉

Rose Gold Quote Planters: These planters come with 8 quotes that you can add to the pots if you’d like. 

Say Aloe to my Little Friend Pots: This gift is two pots in different sizes: one big pot with that saying, and a smaller one that says “Little Friend.”

Please don’t Die Planter: For the less-than-green-thumbed people, such a funny gift!

Crocodile Planter: This is an adorable longer planter! 

Planter with glasses holder and draw on mouth: This is so cute! Plus you can use it to hold glasses and draw on a smile. 

Sloth Hanging Planter: This is adorable! 

Desk top decision maker: This wooden stand has a magnet that can “help” office workers make a decision. A funny gift for office white elephant parties!

LED USB Clock Fan: This is an unusual and cool gift for the office!

Mini Golf Pens: A three pack of golf shaped pens.

Rechargeable Mini Desk Vacuum: This would be useful for the office!

Personal Ceramic Heater: Unpleasant office temperatures are universal. This can help when people are arguing about heat/cold and has great reviews.

Funny White Elephant Gifts for the Office $20 and under

Another set of white elephant gifts for co-workers…these are more funny and maybe less useful (the cat mousepad is HILARIOUS!).

I work hard so my cat can have nice things Mousepad: This would be hilarious to gift and is under $10.

Funny Decision Maker Spinner: This has options like “pass the buck” and “reorganize.”

Funny Work Merit Stickers: You can hand out a sticker for “Didn’t fall asleep during a meeting” or “No Action Items Assigned to me.”

Hype Button: Push this button when you need some hype!

Dumpster Fire Pencil Holder and 100 flame notecards: This is so cute and would be a funny office gift!

Funny Notepads for White Elephant Gifts

Everybody needs a place to jot down notes. These notepads will work equally well for family gift exchanges or office gift exchanges.

Four Pack of Funny Notepads: These notepads which read, “Everything is fine,” “This is my life now,” “I’m not even trying anymore” and “I have no idea what I’m doing.” Each notepad has 50 pages.

Sarcastic and “Demotivational” Sayings Notepads: There are 8 different notepads with funny sayings on them.

“It’s all good” sticky notes: This gift includes six notepads with encouraging statements like “high five” or “nailed it.”

Pep Talk Notepad: This 50 page notepad can be filled out for someone at work who needs a pep talk. So funny!

Hello, Today Cat Notepad: This notepad has 50 pages and includes a way to prioritize tasks (and cute cat illustrations).

Paper Tantrum: When you want to throw a tantrum but can’t, fill out a page from this 50 page notepad!

I worked hard to find the best secret Santa gifts for 2023. I hope these 84 white elephant gifts $20 and under fall within your price range and inspire you to find the perfect gift for your gift exchange or yankee swap. Which one would you like to get or give the most? 

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Happy Gifting!

If you have a white elephant gift exchange in your future, these 42 hilarious white elephant gift ideas $20 and under are amazing! From funny, useful, clever, classy and hilarious, you won’t be embarrassed to give (or get!) these great white elephant gifts.

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