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20+ gifts EVERY mom wants!

Moms. We are all different, but we have one thing in common. We are busy! Whether you work full time out of the home and rush home to cram in quality time with your kids and housework, work at home and try to balance kids and conference calls, stay at home and try to juggle housework, kids and sometimes homeschooling we all have a lot on our plates!

A common thing I hear this time of year from busy moms is that they don’t know what gifts they want for Christmas. I’ve been there! Sometimes after you’ve thought of gifts for kids and families and budgeted and bought you are a little bit gifted out. It seems like all year long I’m thinking of what I want, but when it comes to Christmas I can’t remember a thing!

Well I’ve got you covered mama.  I’ve broken this down into gift categories with several ideas under each. Pin this or print this or share this on Facebook with whoever is asking what you want for Christmas, and get excited for opening some awesome gifts this Christmas morning.
Here are 20+ gifts EVERY mom wants:

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1. Something that saves her time

Whenever I have a few minutes of “spare” time I’m always trying to figure out which of the 1000 things on my list I should do first, and I’m sure that I’m not alone. Give mom something that will save her time so she has a few more spare minutes to do something for herself.

One option is a Roomba vacuum.  A robot vacuum, that vacuums THE WHOLE HOUSE at night while you are sleeping. That is a beautiful thing! I would love to wake up to a crumb free house every morning and I don’t know another mom who wouldn’t want to!

Another amazing time saver is the Instant Pot Pressure cooker. It’s like a crock pot, but amazingly fast and even more nutritious. If the mom in your life doesn’t have one, she will love this! Pressure cooking cuts down traditional cooking times by up to 70 percent and is more nutritious because you use less liquid and have fewer vitamins and minerals leaching out. Meats, chilis, soups even rice and oatmeal are done in minutes instead of hours!   Don’t forget a cookbook like this The Instant Pot Cookbook one to go with it. There is a bit of a learning curve (it’s intimidating!) and this official cookbook helps you to understand how it works much more quickly.

I also love the idea of help in the meal planning department. The Six Sisters’ menu plans are affordable, come with shopping lists and would be an amazing gift for a busy mom. I’ve made several recipes from their site and they are seriously delicious! They have options for large and small families as well as a gluten-free menu plan.

2. Something sentimental

I love sentimental gifts because I know that a lot of thought went into them. When you are in the trenches of motherhood it is nice to have a reminder of the tender side of mothering. Some gift ideas of something sentimental include:

One Line a Day five-year memory book– Every day there is something you want to remember as a mom. Some days it will be something funny, other days it will be a milestone. This memory book makes it so easy to keep those memories! Inside there is a page for each day, with space to write a few sentences for that day each year. No stress, easy peasy. I love it and mom will treasure remembering all of the little things!

hand stamped jewelry gift idea

Another idea is hand stamped jewelry with your kids’ names. There are lots of hand stamped jewelry makers but my personal favorite is The Vintage Pearl. They make beautiful, quality hand stamped charms for necklaces, bracelets, key chains etc. I’ve had a necklace and a key chain from them and I just love them!

A subscription for photo books through chatbooks will save mom time AND is sentimental. It costs $8 for each 60 page photo book. You can set it up to automatically print a book every time you post 60 pictures on instagram, or do a custom book by liking pictures in your camera feed. Like the memory book, this will capture the visual element of memories that moms don’t want to forget! Here is a code to get your first book FREE! XNE93VXL

Something that makes her feel beautiful

Half of the time I’m covered in some sort of sticky mess deposited by my baby or preschooler, with my hair thrown up in a bun. But I still want to look nice even if I don’t always have the time to make it happen.

Some gift options are:

Pretty smelling lotion: Even on my most difficult mom day, a dash of good smelling lotion makes me feel better! I absolutely LOVE the sent of Secret Wonderland from Bath and Body but you can’t go wrong with any of their scents. It’s my secret to feeling better even when I can’t sneak a shower in!

Makeup: I know, I know, if you are the husband or significant other you are thinking how in the world do I pick out makeup?! Take a quick look in the makeup drawer…if there is ANY eyeshadow, I can guarantee this eye shadow palette from Urban Decay will be a HIT!

A gift card for her favorite store: If you don’t know what store she shops at text her best friend, mom, or sister! You really can’t go wrong with this, just make sure the gift card comes with an understanding that she can go by herself while you take care of the kids!

3. Something that makes her feel seen and heard

At the end of a long day of driving kids, feeding kids, giving hugs and breaking up fights, folding laundry, etc etc I tend to open up the floodgates when my husband gets home. Think, is there anything your wife/significant other has mentioned during a hard day that you could address with a thoughtful gift? Has she said she wishes she could get in some exercise? Is there a local Zumba class that you could get a gift card for? Has she said she wishes she could have a few minutes to read? Or take a long bath? If you don’t know the answer to this, try and really pay attention the next time you can tell it has been a day! Here are some gift ideas:

An Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: I was incredibly resistant to a Kindle, but let me tell you it has changed my (reading) life! Kindles make it easy to read while nursing a baby, sitting on the beach, or even watching your big kids play at the park. They are portable and libraries make it FREE to get e-books! If your wife loves to read, she will LOVE a Kindle!

Bath Supplies: Grab some Bath Bombs, a luxurious, fluffy bathrobe, this best selling dead sea mud mask, and when you come home after her next hard day send her away to a relaxing bath!

4. Something that makes her remember who she is

Before I was a mom, I was a dancer, a reader, a violinist, a girlfriend, a writer, a sister, a daughter. I miss playing a symphony and performaing a dance!  I miss meeting my friends and laughing for hours at silly things! Give her a gift that speaks to all of the different layers of amazing that make up a mom. Now these gift ideas will be very personalized…what did your girl used to love to do? Get her something that takes her back for a few minutes. Some gift ideas:

A karaoke machine: let your songbird belt out some beautiful tunes (and delight the kids!) with a fun karaoke machine.  They are so affordable (and small!) these days, it would make a fun gift!

JustDance : if you have a gaming system, Just Dance is a super fun way to get your dancing shoes on while still at home, and as a bonus this will also be entertaining for the kids, mine love to dance with me!

5. Something that develops an interest or talent

I think an important part of being the best mom you can be is to not lose yourself. Day-to-day life is pretty consuming, but if you allow the mom in your life some time to work on something she loves besides her family. Some gift ideas:

Hand lettering gift set: This is a gift I would just love! Hand lettering is very popular, and it would be a fun talent to work on! Choose a few of these items (especially the online class!) as a fun talent to develop.

Scrapbooking: This hobby has changed a lot (and for the better!). Gone are the days of dragging out oodles of supplies, I love how Project Life makes scrapbooking so much easier and quicker! Choose an album, a core kit, and page protectors as a great gift for a busy mom.

6. Something that shows how much you appreciate her

My favorite gifts ever, the things I treasure and keep, are the handwritten letters and notes I’ve gotten through the years. Grab some nice paper and handwrite a letter to the mother of your kids. It doesn’t have to be poetry, just an acknowledgement of your gratitute of what she does for you and your kids. It can even be a list…just make sure it ends with thank you and I love you! We like to hear things like this often, not just on Mother’s Day. It would make a great gift any time of year!

7. Something that shows how much the kids appreciate her

Smart phones make this gift easy and fun. Take a video of each of your kids talking about what they love about their mom. Or have them draw a picture or make a list of things they love about her (with your help). I don’t know a mom who wouldn’t love a gift like this!

Now you don’t have to get every single gift category in this post, but a combination of a few of them would make an amazing gift for every busy mom! I hope these categories and gift ideas help you find a gift for one of the most important people in your life!

Happy Gifting!


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