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30 Amazing Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

What are good gifts for the woman who wants nothing? What are gifts for the woman who has everything?

I feel like every woman has said “nothing” when asked what they want for Christmas or their birthday. I also am confident that WE DON’T ACTUALLY MEAN IT.  Here’s the deal…women are constantly multi-tasking. When it comes to the holiday season we usually carry the brunt of the Christmas load and the LAST thing we are thinking about is what we want for a gift! On top of that, it is a little frustrating (to me) when someone asks me what I want because I want to be surprised by something thoughtful and special.

I know that thinking up gifts is not everyone’s forte…especially if the person you are looking for happens to be a woman who wants nothing! So I’ve tried my best to come up with a great starting point of gift ideas for many different types of women. I hope that you can find something(s) on this list that will be a wonderful gift idea for the special lady in your life.

Time-saving Gifts for the woman who wants nothing

I think pretty much every woman would wish for more time! Here are some clever gifts that will free up precious time for something more enjoyable!

An Instant Pot is a huge time saver. Recipes that would normally require lots of time and babysitting become a “throw it in and forget about it” meal which saves me tons of time. This IP also works as an air fryer.

A Roomba (robot vacuum) is every mom’s dream come true. You can schedule it to vacuum your house at night and wake up every morning to beautiful carpet lines!

How does an Echo Show save time? In so many ways! I use it to look up recipes, make announcements to my kids in other rooms, set alarms, write a shopping list and more! I can also play Amazon Prime Video or music while I’m working in the kitchen AND video chat with my family. An Echo Show is a great gift for the woman who wants nothing!

Sentimental Gifts for the Woman who wants Nothing

A thoughtful or sentimental gift is a great direction to go as a gift for a mom who has everything. Choose from a gorgeous bar necklace where you can put custom coordinates (where you met, got engaged, were married etc), a hand stamped necklace with your kids’ names, or custom stamped bracelets. You could add her favorite sayings, some affirmations, or kids names to these!

Gifts that make her feel beautiful

Every woman wants to feel beautiful! These luxury beauty gifts for women can be found on Amazon and will help her love the skin she’s in. L’Occitane is a luxury beauty line that has amazing products. This is a sample kit of skin lotions she will love! Next up is a derma roller with skin serum to help keep her skin looking youthful. Last a dead sea face mask that helps remove impurities.

Gifts that help her relax

These gifts are perfect gifts for the woman who wants nothing… because no matter what she does busy women will love gifts that help them relax and unwind! First up is a full body zero gravity massage chair! This is a pricey gift but the good news is you will BOTH get to enjoy it. (Just make sure you have somewhere to put it!). We bought this bluetooth eye mask for my mom and she uses it every night! It connects by bluetooth to a sleep app or music for all night soothing sounds. This essential oil diffuser is beautiful AND works as a humidifier! Couple it with some essential oils good for relaxation and stress relief and you have an amazing gift!

Gifts that help her feel more productive

Women are busy…whether they are working, staying at home with kids, or juggling both work and kids! There are gifts that you can give the woman who wants nothing that will help her manage time and feel more productive.

I love these blank daily planner sheets. Not only are they cute, but they will also help you start a new day ready to get things done! Another option is a full productivity planner like this. A visual timer is a great gift for busy moms who want to be more productive! Kids can see how much time is left and moms can plan out tasks and stay on time.

Gifts that help her rediscover a hobby

Another fun direction to go with gifts for the woman who has everything is to buy gifts centered around activities or hobbies that she USED to enjoy. Women often feel like they lose themselves in their roles as businesswoman, wife, and mother. Help her revisit things she used to love to do!

Did she rock out to karaoke? Look at this beautiful karaoke machine with wireless microphones and a speaker (GOLD!). Did she love to draw or paint? This mixed media art kit is lovely! And every kid loves coloring…grab this gorgeous adult coloring book and some colored pencils for a nostalgic gift.

OR Gifts that help her start a new one

I always encourage giving gifts that help develop hobbies or talents. Products that can help someone jump into a new interest or hobby make great gifts for the woman who has everything.

This DIY Candle kit would be a gift I would love! Hand lettering is a great hobby for card making or DIY home decor. Have you heard of diamond painting? It would be a fun new hobby to try out.

Gifts for the woman who wants nothing but wants to be better organized

If the woman  on your list is talking about how she would love to be better organized at home, here are some gifts that will help her to do that!

Start off with the ultimate organizing book by Martha Stewart. Another great gift for a woman who has everything are these plastic multi use bins. They can be used to organize so many spaces! Last, grab these adorable basket labels that come with cute pre-printed tags.

Gifts for women that help her have fun with her kids

You can’t go wrong with a gift that will be enjoyed by both mama and her kids! Here are some just for fun gifts for the woman who wants nothing.

A bluetooth projector (with a built in DVD player AND can connect to a FireTV Stick) and an inflatable movie screen are TONS of fun for the whole family! Add this retro counter-top popcorn popper to your gift.

Make your own Fancy Drink Gift for Women

Designer sodas are all the rage where I live! Not only would this gift be fun for the woman who has everything but your whole family will enjoy it too!

Start with a SodaStream which can make all sorts of delicious bubbly drinks. Add a NUGGET countertop ice maker and I promise, if your lady loves soda she will LOVE YOU FOREVER if you get her this. Almost every woman I know wants one of these. For real. Last, get some delicious syrup flavors to add in! I recommend coconut, pomegranate and

Gifts that show how much you appreciate her

One of the most important gifts you can give the woman who wants nothing is the validation that comes from showing her that you see and hear her. When you pay attention to what people talk about you can choose gifts for them that will make them feel like you have been listening (because you have!).

This is my very best gift advice. Think back to what the lady on your list talks about. Is she passionate about something? Is she having a hard time with something? Which of these gift ideas could make her life easier or more enjoyable? Try to get a variety of gifts (both practical and for fun) so she has something to enjoy.

I hope that I sparked some ideas and that you now know how to pick a gift for a woman who wants nothing (because, she really does want something  special YOU picked out for her!)

Happy Gifting!

Looking for more great gift ideas for women? Try these on for size!

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These gift ideas will help you with Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Mother's Day gifts or just because gifts for the women in your life!

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