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45 of the Best Self-Care Gift Ideas

Self-Care for moms is something you hear about a lot lately and with good reason. Kids are busy these days…which means moms are even busier! It is easy to be so busy checking off to-dos for everyone else on your list that you forget to put anything for yourself on there. I’m glad that there is now a sort of  “reawakening” happening to `remind moms that they need to take care of themselves too! Around Christmas and Mother’s Day one of the most asked questions I see moms asking other moms is “What do you want?” We are so busy juggling 1000 balls that we don’t even know what we want. Isn’t that crazy? And maybe a little bit sad?I started thinking about what gifts moms can ask for that will help make our lives better. Sometimes self-care is presented a little more frivolously…things like face masks and pedicures. Those are fun, but self-care gifts should go much deeper than that.  It is about focusing on your basic needs so that you can healthily give to others like your children, family, and friends. I researched and found key self-care areas, and then paired them with self-care gift ideas I think women will love. I hope you find something that you would like to receive (or give!).


Physical Self-Care Gift Ideas including gifts for improving sleeping, eating, breathing and hydration

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Physical Self-Care Gift Ideas

Physical self-care is all about keeping your body healthy. A healthy body makes it easier to complete all of our everyday tasks more comfortably. This includes self-care in the areas of eating, sleeping, exercising, drinking water and nutrition. These gifts make it easier for mom to take care of her body so she can help take care of everyone elses.


I think a lot of the difficulty moms have with taking care of themselves eating-wise is because they inevitably end up “convenience eating.” Whether that means you are grabbing fast food or eating your kids’ leftover chicken nuggets because you simply don’t have enough time, this way of eating might be easier but it definitely isn’t healthy. There are lots of things available to make meal planning easier so moms can eat better.

Super Healthy Kids: I absolutely LOVE the recipes, shopping list and convenience that Super Healthy Kids provides.  The best part to me is that every meal incorporates fruits and/or vegetables so you can feel good about what you are eating and what you are feeding your kids.

FitBook: This is a 12-week planner that will actually check off a lot of the areas of physical self-care. It is small (5.5 inches square) and includes areas to log and track your “healthy eats, including trackers for nutrients, vitamins, water and sleep. Also includes a daily workout page to track strength training, cardio, classes, and flexibility.” You can purchase one, 12-week book or a four pack. Writing down and tracking fitness goals is so motivating!

Meal Planning Whiteboard: Advanced meal planning takes away that dreaded 3 p.m. dilemma of “what can I make for dinner?” If you take a few minutes during the weekend to write down meals it takes some of the daily pressure off. This white board is magnetic so you can keep it on your fridge and easily see and execute your meal plans.

Healthy Eating Tools:

Some of my favorite tools for making fast and healthy dinners are:

Instant Pot: Yes, the hype is true! This is amazing for making dinner super fast. It has saved me many times. This is the IP that is priced in the middle. There are less expensive ones like this that have great reviews but I haven’t used one before so I can’t vouch for it.

Spiralizer: We all love to eat spiralized vegetables (even my kids!). This is a great tool to make zucchini noodles (zoodles) that we use in place of pasta. They are delicious! (P.S. There are cheaper options…but you do NOT want one without a handle…trust me!)


Bamboo Pajamas- Have you ever felt bamboo pajamas? Oh my goodness! They are heaven. Light, soft and so so comfortable. These will help you be comfortable so you can sleep better.

White Noise Machine– We have a white noise machine for my kids and I realized how much I enjoy having a constant soothing sound (I prefer the stream sound). This white noise machine is highly rated and has a lot of different options to make your sleep background calm and relaxing.

Pillow  I have totally become one of those people who needs my own pillow to sleep well. If you are having problems sleeping you may want to try the new technology they have that can help you rest more comfortably. This pillow has technology that keeps you COOL and supported.

Sleep Mask: I grew up in Alaska, “The Land of the Midnight Sun” so I grew up regularly using these. If you are light sensitive, these masks are actually quite comfortable and will help you sleep longer.

Soft Blanket: Maybe a new super soft blanket of your own will help you to get better sleep. I hear more and more about husbands and wives each having their own sheets and blankets on a shared bed and I think it is an amazing idea.

Weighted Blanket: If you have anxiety or just like the feel of a heavy blanket when you sleep, a weighted blanket might be super helpful for sleeping.


Healthy Habits Happy Moms: This is a website I happened upon a few years ago and it really influenced the way I think about food and exercise. This is a program designed by three moms and it encourages you to approach weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise in a way that is kind and forgiving to your current situation. They talk about incorporating movement into your daily routine and changing the way you eat one healthy habit at a time. I love this website and plan because other plans I have tried make me feel like a miserable failure. The HHHM plan makes you feel successful at whatever level you are at. They have different workout and eating plans you can purchase as well as HHHM 365 program that gives you tons of support and direction.

Fitness Tracker Watch- The big names in this product are FitBit, and Garmin but I also found this less expensive version that appears to track all of the same things and has amazing reviews and is about a third of the cost of the other two!

I think the best kind of exercise is something you LOVE to do. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? You could ask for this Yoga Gift Set which includes everything you need plus a video.  If you are intimidated by Zumba Classes at the gym you could try this Zumba set at home.

There are also tons of free exercise videos available to stream using your Amazon Prime! If you don’t already have Amazon, you can try a free 30-day trial by clicking below.

Water Intake

Water Bottle -There are several things I like about this. One-It has positive statements on it. Two- it has times on it to help you keep up with drinking the right amount of water at the right time.

Fruit Infused Water Bottle- If you have a hard time with drinking water, this bottle has a place to put fruit inside to give it a delicious flavor. My favorite is cucumber and strawberry water. So refreshing!


Scented Candles- These Chesapeake Bay aromatherapy candles come in scents like “Peace + Tranquility, Focus + Patience, Reflection + Clarity, and Joy + Harmony.” I love the smell of scented candles and will take anything that might promote more peace and tranquility in our home.

Another option for adding good smells to your home is using a diffuser and essential oils.

Diffuser/Humidifier-I love this diffuser because it is also a humidifier and we live in the desert.  Humid air is also better for breathing.

Essential Oils- There are also lots of different essential oil options which can seem overwhelming at first. Some good ones to try are this –Peace and Calming Essential Oil or this introductory essential oil pack


Spiritual Self-Care Gift Ideas including prayer artwork, prayer journal, meditation cushion and meditation books and audio guides.Spiritual Self-Care Gift Ideas


Prayer Journal- For me, prayer is a vital way to connect with my Heavenly Father and find peace, comfort and direction.  I feel better when I pray every day. This prayer journal is a way to take notes and be able to reflect on past prayers and answers to prayers.

Don’t Forget to Pray artwork– beautiful artwork like this can be a decoration and a good reminder to pray. I also love this watercolor print (Both of these are digital downloads so you purchase them, then download them and have them printed.)


Meditation Book This book is a 28-day guide that gets to the nitty gritty basics of meditation. What it is,  how to do it and why it can be so integral to health and happiness. This book is not religious based.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation CD- This CD is a four part audio series to help you use mindfulness meditation in your daily life.

Meditation Pillow- This cushion is pretty and functional…it will help you be more comfortable as you meditate.

 Lifestyle Self-Care Gift Ideas including bath bombs, daily planner, hiking gifts, coloring book.Lifestyle Self-Care Gift Ideas

This is the part of self-care that incorporates the “must-dos” with taking care of ourselves. There are products that can help you organize your life so that you can carve out extra time to take care of yourself. You can do this with:

Structure/Setting Goals

Having a scheduled and structured day can actually help you take care of yourself. It is less strenuous mentally because you have certain things you do each day, and you can also make sure to structure your schedule so that you have time set aside for self-care.

This “Mom-on-the-Go” planner is my absolute favorite for moms. It has every planner page you could possibly think of. I find my week goes SO much better if each Sunday I look ahead at what we have going on and make simple plans for what we will do each day including cleaning, learning, sports, school etc. There are also fun planner stickers you can buy to make your planner pretty and spaces for you to set and reflect on your goals.


This is the self-care that is sometimes difficult to do because it can feel a little selfish. But we all need time each day to relax and refresh. What helps you feel relaxed? Meditation? Exercise? Reading? For me, there is nothing like taking 20 or 30 minutes and reading a great book to make me feel like me again. My favorite gift of all times is my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.  It is light, holds all of my most treasured books that I can access in a second, and lets me grab a library e-book from the comfort of my own couch in a few seconds! Seriously, if you are a reader you NEED one of these. (And I was one of those people who talked about my love of actual paper books…until I took my kindle on a vacation!).

Some other relaxation gift ideas:

Bath Bombs

Neck warmer/Cooler with lavender

Adult Coloring Book 

Time In Nature

Being outside is so restorative, how about some gifts that help you get outside easier?

Hiking Boots

Walking Stick/Trekking Poles

Hiking Books There are options for many different states/cities

Nature Bucket List Journal

And if getting outside just isn’t possible, you can enjoy some stunning photography of nature in National Geographic’s Greatest Landscapes Book.




Mental and Emotional Self-Care Gift Ideas including affirmation cards, inspiring artwork, bullet journaling kit, jewelry and coloring book.

Mental/Emotional Self-Care Gift Ideas

Positive Self Talk

I am Enough: A Coloring Book of Reminders

Affirmation Cards

Choose Joy T-Shirt

Positive Thinking Wall Art Printables 

Motivational Bracelets

Mood Journal

Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self Exploration 

Bullet Journal Set

Mother’s Day is a great time to set goals to take care of yourself more intentionally, and these gifts will help make that easier for you. What would you like from this list?


Happy Gifting!



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    May 9, 2018 at 1:39 pm

    Love these ideas! I especially like the exercise stuff.

    Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday!

  2. Heather Mecham

    May 11, 2018 at 3:55 pm

    My favorite way to engage in self-care is to spend time in nature. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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