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27 of the Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys

If you are stumped on stocking stuffer ideas for boys I’ve got you boo! As a mom to three boys of ALL ages I can help you come up with unique, creative and FUN stocking stuffers for boys of all ages…spoiler alert BIG boys like a LOT of the same things as little ones!


Don’t miss out on all the fun you can have with picking stocking stuffers your boys will love! I chose some of my sons’ favorites as well as some new Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 2021 that will keep your boys happy and occupied.

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Funny Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys

  1. These flinging monkeys are seriously hilarious. We got them as stocking stuffers one Christmas and all of the kids had so much fun with them! The monkeys are like slingshots and make an amazing monkey noise as they shoot.
  2. What boy doesn’t love a mini waving inflatable tube guy!? This can be a fun accessory in your son’s room.
  3. YEET! Button If you know, you know! Your boy can say his favorite word without opening his mouth.

STEM Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys

  1. The SPHERO is a mini robot ball! My kids have these and they are a great STEM toy that they love to play with. One caveat…you’ll need a phone to operate this using an app. So expect to give up your phone for little kids, teens will even love using it!
  2. A tiny TEENY science kit (beakers, funnel, weights SO COOL!) your boy will love to find this in their stocking!
  3. Magnetic Shape Shifting Box. If you have little boys grab some magnet wands for hours of fun!

Useful Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys

  1. A new toothbrush is always a hit at my house! Grab a character toothbrush for little boys and a sleek black toothbrush for bigger boys
  2. Bath bombs aren’t just for girls! Boys will love the fizz, the nice smell AND the awesome dino inside! Grab some shower steamers for your teen boys.
  3. Everyone can use a notebook! This “I paused my game for this” notebook would be fun for teens and check out this Minecraft notebook would be a wonderful stocking stuffer for younger boys.

Stocking Stuffers for Boys that will keep their hands busy

Boys of all ages have one thing in common ENERGY! Here are some fun stocking stuffer ideas for boys that will keep little (and big!) hands busy.

  1. A keychain with little peas you can squeeze out, so satisfying!
  2. These noodles stretch, they can twist, tie and they are squishy!
  3. These look SO simple but are so much fun for big boys and little boys! The Sports Wrist Ball is attached by an elastic to your wrist and you throw it and catch it.

Art Supply Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys

  1. Fortnite How to Draw this would be super fun stocking stuffer for boys who love Fortnite.
  2. 642 Awesome Things to Draw Sketchbook (Young adult edition) has prompts that will keep your kid or teen busy creating!
  3. Flipbook Kit This would be great way for kids to learn about animation!

Active Stocking Stuffers for boys

  1. This jump rope has a built in counter so boys can try and beat their record. It comes in lots of colors and will keep your boys hopping.
  2. Glow in the dark flying discs are easy for little hands to throw and catch but still fun for teen boys too!
  3. A super fun stocking stuffer and skill for boys to work on…juggling balls!

“World’s Smallest” Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys

  1. World’s Smallest Microscope– These super TINY versions of things will be a huge hit with boys! This microscope actually works and fits in your pocket.
  2. World’s Smallest Transformer – More than meet the eye (and perfect for a stocking!)
  3. World’s Smallest Hot Wheels Track– We have these and they squirt far and are so much fun!

Magic Trick Stocking Stuffers for Boys

  1. A magic dice box will be a fun trick (and stocking stuffer!)
  2. 50 Greatest Card Tricks-Bigger boys and teens will love learning and performing awesome card tricks.
  3. This magic pen trick will MYSTIFY, STUPEFY and excite everyone in your audience!

Fun Games to stuff in stockings for boys

  1. We LOVE the card game Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese Pizza! It is pretty active for a card game and easy enough for kids of many ages to play.
  2. Throw Throw Burrito is sorta like Spoons, but with a soft burritos you throw and a few extra twists. Super fun!
  3. This UNO Minecraft version is awesome! We love UNO at our house because it is a game kids can play from little to big.

I hope these stocking stuffer ideas for boys will be a big hit at your home! Are you looking for some other great Christmas Gift Ideas? Check out these posts!

Happy Stocking Stuffing!

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