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33 of the BEST Stocking Stuffers for Girls in 2024

Stocking stuffers for girls are SUPER FUN to purchase. I grew up with 3 sisters (no brothers) and now have two daughters and MANY nieces. I’m here to give you tons of adorable stocking stuffer ideas that girls of every age will love.


Don’t miss out on all the fun you can have with picking stocking stuffers for girls! I chose some of my daughters’ favorites as well as some new Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 2023 that will keep your girls happy and busy.

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This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Top Stocking Stuffers for Girls in 2023

These are the stocking stuffers for girls that they will go Gaga over, the most popular new toys for stocking stuffers for 2023 are:

  1. Kittens vs Pickles Mystery Bag: Kids LOVE everything that is Mystery/Unboxing and this one is pretty cute. Each package a pair of 3″ surprise collectible stuffies that are either or kitten or a pickle (go figure!). This would make a fun stuffer and there are options of ordering a single mystery bag OR a six pack.
  2. Mini Brands Collectibles Disney: This is another fun collectible that comes in the form of a mystery ball. Inside your child will find 5 “Mini” versions of something Disney. There are also other teeny tiny Mini Brands Mystery Balls you could put in a Christmas stocking for a girl (think tiny milk cartons and Sonic drinks…could be any “Branded” thing!).
  3. Fashion Fidgets Sensory Toy Doll: These adorable dolls come in a surprise package, have a keychain attachment and have built in fidgets of all kinds.

Funny Stocking Stuffers for Girls

  1. This is a modern version of the Magic 8 Ball that girls will love! Ask the Mr. Predicto Ball ANY question, wave your hand over the top and hear it predict the future! It is so much fun!
  2. Squeeze this adorable kitty and watch it’s eyes bulge! Strangely satisfying and funny.
  3. This is a tin of tiny tiny cooking tools that actually work! Little and big girls will love to use the recipes to make teeny tiny foods.

STEM Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Girls

  1. The SPHERO is a mini robot ball! My kids have these and they are a great STEM toy that they love to play with. My daughter loves to do the coding game with her Sphero. One caveat…you’ll need a phone to operate this using an app. So expect to give up your phone for little kids, teens will even love using it!
  2. A tiny TEENY science kit (beakers, funnel, weights SO COOL!) your daughter will love to find this in their stocking!
  3. Magnets! Choose these magnet balls ONLY if you have a responsible girls and no little ones. If you have little girls another option that is a little more safe, my kids love these magnet wands !

Useful Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Girls

  1. Wet Brush makes the absolute best brushes for getting tangles out of girls’ hair. Now they are making so many great styles! Check out this Disney princess inspired hairbrush or pick a cute patterned LIGHT UP one for your tween or teen girls.
  2. You can’t go wrong with a fun set of socks! Keep their tootsies warm and stylish with these animal socks.
  3. Girls of all ages will love to find these adorable pocket journals in their stockings! Amazing patterns in this five pack, plus it is available lined, grid or dots (for bullet journaling).

Stocking Stuffers for Girls that will keep their hands busy

There are tons of fun stocking stuffers for girls that will keep their hands busy.

  1. Cat’s Cradle is one of those simple, classic games but it is still fun! Little girls and big girls will love playing Cat’s Cradle with you!
  2. These noodles stretch, they can twist, tie and they are squishy!
  3. A Rainbow Loom Mini Loom (with elastics) will have your girl making bracelets in no time! My kids love making rainbow loom elastic bracelets.

Art Supply Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Girls

  1. How to draw Cute Stuff: Animals this would be super fun stocking stuffer for girls who want to learn how to dra.
  2. 642 Awesome Things to Draw Sketchbook (Young adult edition) has prompts that will keep your kid or teen busy creating!
  3. This Portable Water Color Kit has amazing reviews and is so adorable! It has all of the supplies an artsy girl would need. Just pull it out, paint some pictures, fold it back up and done! (Plus it is Christmas stocking size!)

Active Stocking Stuffers for Girls

  1. This Chinese jump rope is so much fun, and not a lot of kids know about it! Girls will love playing this game with two friends, OR you can attach it to two chairs and play jump solo.
  2. A Stopwatch is a fun way to keep kids active and would make a great stocking stuffer for girls (or boys!) Using this they can time themselves running, jumping, going through an obstacle course…you name it!
  3. Girls will stay moving and grooving with a colorful ribbon wand!

“World’s Smallest” Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Girls

  1. World’s Smallest Microscope– These super TINY versions of things will be a huge hit with kids! This microscope actually works and fits in your pocket. Let your future scientist work on her skills!
  2. World’s Smallest YoYo – This Duncan yo yo actually works! (and is perfect for a stocking!)
  3. World’s Smallest Magic 8 Ball– What does the future hold? Find out the VERY tiny answers!
A happy girl in a red turtleneck with a santa hat. She is smiling and holding a bell. Maybe she is excited because of the stocking stuffers for girls she found in her stocking.

Jewelry Stocking Stuffers for Girls

  1. This is the most adorable set of clip-on earrings that a little girl would just love in her stocking! If you have an older girl, here is another cute set of earrings.
  2. An inspirational bracelet would be special in a girl’s stocking. This engraved bracelet has lots of sweet quotes to choose from.
  3. These birthstone rings are gorgeous! I think tween or teen girls would love to find this in their Christmas stocking.

Magic Trick Stocking Stuffers for Girls

  1. A magic dice box will be a fun trick (and stocking stuffer!)
  2. 50 Greatest Card Tricks-Older girls and teens will love learning and performing awesome card tricks.
  3. This magic pen trick will MYSTIFY, STUPEFY and excite everyone in your audience!

Fun Games to stuff in stockings for Girls

  1. We LOVE the card game Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese Pizza! It is pretty active for a card game and easy enough for kids of many ages to play.
  2. This is a pocket version of Rory’s Story Cubes. Super fun and a great ways for little girls to get creative telling stories!
  3. Girls will love this Frozen Edition of Uno! We love UNO at our house because it is a game kids can play from little to big.

I hope these stocking stuffer ideas for girls will be a big hit at your home! Are you looking for some other great Christmas Gift Ideas? Check out these posts!

Happy Stocking Stuffing!

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