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63 Fun Stuffers to put in your Dog Stocking

A Dog Stocking filled with treats and toys is a wonderful way to show your love to man’s best friend. If you are wanting to fill your dog’s Christmas stocking, we’ve got loads of ideas for dog stocking stuffers that will make your four-legged friend incredibly happy on Christmas morning.

Here is our guide to dog stockings and stocking stuffers.

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Dog Christmas Stockings

First, you’ll need something to put all of your pup’s Christmas treats INTO. Here are some adorable dog stocking options. 

This bone shaped Burlap stocking is minimal and festive. It would make a fantastic dog stocking!

This Paw shaped stocking is adorable. White with plaid and ribbon accents, this would be a classy dog stocking option. 

This traditional red stocking adds a canine touch with a paw print on the upper end. It is simple and would most likely match well with your other stockings, making it an awesome dog stocking.

This bone shaped plaid stocking is black, white, and grey which makes it easy to match with other Christmas decor. It would be a great dog stocking!

This cute dog cartoon stocking features a dog wearing a christmas sweater and a pair of antlers, a bone, and Merry Christmas! Text. If you have kids, they will LOVE this uber adorable stocking for the family dog! 

This plush dog stocking is another sweet option, The writing on the top says “Dear Santa, I’ve been a good doggie!” 

Dog Shaped Dog Stocking These stockings are hilarious! Made of faux fur, you can get a stocking specific to your dog breed. There are 9 different breed options (Pitbull, Beagle, Boxer, German Shephard, Golden Retriever, Husky, Schnauzer and a more generic “Curly Black” dog) that will let you display your love of your dog breed! 

Buffalo Plaid/Burlap Dog Bone Shaped Stocking Three Set: Perfect for pet owners with multiple dogs, this dog stocking 3 pack comes with 3 matching bone shaped stockings that are SO STINKING CUTE! They are also big, at 18 inches x 10 inches so you’ll be able to fit tons of great dog treats! These dog stockings would be perfect for a family with multiple dogs.

Knit Argyle Dog Stocking Set of Four: These are colorful, BIG and beautiful! They are a festive addition to your holiday decor. 

Adorable black puppy with a white nose wearing a red Santa suit with his tiny pink tongue out. Dog Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Personalized Dog Stockings

If you want to add your puppy’s name to their dog stocking, there are quite a few excellent choices available on Amazon. Here are some of our favorites. 

The Best Dog Stocking Stuffers

No stocking is great without awesome stuff inside of it! Here are our picks for the best stocking stuffers to go INTO your Christmas Stocking for dogs. 

The Best Dog Bones for Small Dog Stockings (less than 30 pounds)

A special dog bone is every puppy’s stocking stuffer dream! Here are our top dog bones for all dog sizes.

Dream Bones Twist Sticks

Mini Chews

Busy Bones Tiny Chews

Rawhide Free Peanut Butter Smart Bones

Nutri Chomps Dog Chews

Scritchy Scratchy Dog Brushes for Stocking Stuffers

This is the #1 top selling dog brush on Amazon for a good reason! Self cleaning, ergonomic and dogs LOVE it!

Bath Brush can be use wet or dry. Make their baths more enjoyable with a nice scratchy rub!

Furminator is an undercoat deshedding tool that dogs love too! 

Christmas Tree Skirt and decoration on the ground. A black and white dog is looking up towards the camera. Text overlay says the gifty girl dot com

Stuffing your dog’s Christmas Stocking is a fun way to show your best buddy they are loved and important during the holiday season. Choose an adorable dog stocking, and add some treats, a dog bone, a leash and color and a fun toy and your dog will have a rufftaculur Christmas day! 

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