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Gifts for Dads Who Don’t Want Anything (but love food)

Gifts for dads who don’t want anything…but love food. Dads are hands-down the hardest people to buy gifts for because they usually just buy themselves whatever they want. 

But chances are good that the dad in your life 1) loves to eat 2) doesn’t buy himself cooking/food-related products.  So this post with 30 gifts for dads who don’t want anything will surprise dad with a gift that he loves and is excited to use!

What is the best gift for father?

I think the best gifts for dads are ones that they will use. That is why I’ve curated these awesome food gifts that the dads will love for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or Father’s Day Gifts.  

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you anything)!  Get more information in my full disclosure.

Gifts for dads who don’t want anything…but love pizza

Really, who doesn’t love pizza? Pizza is a great dad cooking gift because pizzas are pretty easy to cook. 

You can start this gift off with a good pizza cookbook. The Pizza Bible has recipes for every type of pizza you can imagine. 


For cooking the pizzas there are some AMAZING outdoor pizza ovens! This OONI Outdoor Pizza Oven is fueled by wood pellets. It reaches  932 degrees in 10 minutes! The dad on your list would LOVE stoking up his own outdoor pizza oven. 

Gifts for dads who want nothing and love pizza

Another outdoor pizza oven option is this Napoli Bertello Wood Fire pizza oven. This can be fueled by wood pellets, charcoal or propane (with an extra attachment). 

You could also go with an indoor pizza oven that is much less expensive. This Betty Crocker Pizza Maker has great reviews. 

Dad will also need his own pizza peel to safely put the pizza in the outdoor pizza ovens. This one has great reviews and can be folded up for storage. 

 This two-pack pizza dough roller and pizza docker is a great addition to a pizza gift for dad.  

Dad will feel totally legit cutting up the pizza he just made with this pizza slicer. 


Gifts for dads who have everything…and love Hamburgers

Gifts for dads who have everything but love hamburgers.

Great American Burger Book This cookbook has  some  great burger  recipes (and amazing reviews!)

Stuffed Burger Press -This is such a cool idea! Add yummy things to the INSIDE of your burger! It comes with recipe ideas also.

Hamburger Flipper 

Wicked Juicy Burger Flavoring– This would be a fun addition to a BBQ and add some delicious and unique flavor.

Specialty Ketchup Trio– If the  dad on your gift list loves ketchup give him these great options.

Gifts for Dads Who Don’t Want Anything…But Love Grilling

Gifts for dads who want nothing...but love grilling
BBQ Apron  It may seem funny to see a guy in an apron but they will seriously enjoy having quick access to their grilling tools

BBQ Tool Set This toolset has so many different things that you need for your best BBQing.

Safe Grill Brush  Did you know the old wire brushes can break off, leaving pieces of wire in your burger? If you are still using that kind here is a great new brush that is safe.

Wireless Meat Thermometer This is a must-have (especially for smoking meats). Put the sensor in the meat and then you can take the thermometer with you. It will alarm you when certain temperatures have been reached. We love ours!

Gifts for dads who have everything and love grilling
Beginner Smoker– When we first talked about trying a smoker it was a little intimidating, and this was what a friend recommended. We are still using this one and it works amazing. It is a great size and we have used it a ton.

Mid-level Traeger Smoker– This is a mid-level smoker for people looking to do bigger cuts of meat or more types of meat at one time.

BBQ Sauce Recipe Book

Keto Rubs and Sauces Recipe book– If dad is doing a Keto diet here is a great companion book for barbecuing

Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything…And Love Pancakes

Dads are kind of famous for pancakes, aren’t they? This dad gift will help him elevate his pancakes to pieces of art! 

Griddle: You will need a pancake griddle. One like this is the best option to make sure you have a consistent temperature for cooking pancakes. 

Squeeze Bottles: You will also need some good-sized squeeze bottles (these are 16 ounces each) to create your pancake art.  These allow you to separate your batter and have different colors PLUS they make it easier to create the shapes. 

Food Coloring: Even though this food coloring is specifically made for cake frosting, it will give your pancakes vibrant color (and they last such a long time! A tiny bit goes a loooooong way). This 12 pack of colors will give you every shade you need!

Large Spatula: This spatula is plenty wide enough (and high heat resistant) for you to flip any size of pancake. 

The items above are all of the essentials for great pancake art, but here are some other fun items you could give dad for his pancake making. 

Blender Balls: These handy balls can be inserted into the squeeze bottles to help ensure that the batter has a smooth consistency. 

 Pancake Mold: Pancake art can definitely be made without molds but these fun egg/pancake molds could be a helpful tool and fun addition.

The Best Dads Make Pancakes T-Shirt:  This comes in a bunch of fun colors and would be great to add to this unique Father’s Day gift!

Dad: Pancake Maker Apron: You could also get this awesome pancake apron!


If you sign up for my free gift printables library, you can also print off this FREE instruction sheet of Pancake Art How-Tos! Sign up below to get my weekly gift idea email and access to lots of fun free gift printables!

Gifts for dads who want nothing...but love pancakes

I hope this helps you think of great gifts for dads who don’t want anything but love food!

Happy Gifting!


Gifts For Dads Who Don't Want Anything

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