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DIY Numbered Grandkid Photo Gallery Wall

Hello gifters!

I’m about to share with you what my mom has said is her favorite gift she has ever received. Since we gave it to her for her birthday in September she keeps telling me how much she loves it and how often she goes to look at it. And this is a lady who is near impossible to buy for. Woot!  Not only is it her favorite gift, it was also really fun to put together and the easiest group gift I’ve ever coordinated. We made her a Numbered Grandkid Photo Gallery Wall. Look at how cute it is!

DIY Numbered grandkid photo gallery wall

Often when you coordinate a group gift (like one for parents or in-laws from their children) it ends up being a nightmare. This group gift was a breeze! After I thought of the idea and presented it to my sisters, we each were in charge of getting all of the supplies for our own kids (including the 3M photo hangers!). Then we met at my mom’s house on her birthday and hung it up together. Here’s how you can do your own Numbered Grandkid Photo Gallery Wall.

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How to:

First, we decided together on 3 sizes of photos that fit the space. We wanted this to be an eclectic gallery, with lots of different frames and numbers, since each grandkid is different and amazing in their own way. We chose to use 11×14, 8×10, and 5×7. Each of us daughters chose pictures of our kids, found different frames, and printed them in the different sizes (trying to make sure there was a variety).

Next, we made a list of the grandkids (1-15), (because who can remember all those numbers, not me!) and then each purchased the numbers corresponding to our kids. For this step we did let each other know where we had purchased our letters so we didn’t have repeats. I found my numbers (as well as chalkboard shapes to write numbers in my case…I had numbers nine, eleven, thirteen, fourteen and fifteen!) at JoAnns. Another sister found numbers at Hobby Lobby, my third sister found hers at Michael’s and modge podged paper onto them, and the last went to Home Depot and purchased metal address numbers.

Last, we all purchased enough 3M photo hanging velcro for our kids’ pictures(have you tried this stuff? It is awesome!) and met at my mom’s house on her birthday. We each had wrapped up the pictures and numbers and after she opened them we explained our plan and did it right then! My mom had an empty wall on the way down her stairs. It took about 20 minutes for us to hang the photos. Depending on your mom’s style you could do more of a uniform hanging like this:


Donna Griffith Photography


But we chose to hang the pictures randomly (not in correct grandkid number order and not spaced evenly). We all just love how it turned out.

DIY Numbered Grandkid Photo gallery wall

Who you should buy this gift for:

This gift would be perfect for your mom, your dad, your mother-in-law, your father-in-law, and your grandparents.

How much did it cost?

The cost will vary depending on what frames you use, the numbers you use, printing costs and the number of kids you have! HAHA! The good news is, you could definitely do this gift on a budget by using frames you already have and photos you already have printed. The numbers ranged in price from $1-$7 each. Using coupons at JoAnns, Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, you could bring the cost down on those too!

Here is an 11×17 photo frame for $15 (plus $9 shipping), and a paper mache number for $2 plus $2.75 for shipping. Add in a couple dollars for printing and you’d be right around $30 per kid. I used some of my own frames, paid less for the numbers by buying locally, and spent less than $30 per kid.

So tell me, are you itching to do this gift for someone you love? It would be such a wonderful parent gift for Christmas! I’d be willing to bet they will love it as much as my mom did! Make sure to Pin this or share it with someone who might love this too!
Happy Gifting!


DIY Numbered grandkid photo wall


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