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Stop Motion Gift Idea for Kids!

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My daughter, who has an American Girl doll, really fell in love with Stop Motion over the past year. Using a free app called “Stop Motion,” she loves to set up scenarios with her doll Hannah, and film mini movies. They are really quite impressive, with over 200 individual shots to make it look like Hannah is moving (eating, doing gymnastics, getting dressed etc).  She just uses either my phone or one of the iPads with the app, but there are some amazing (and fun) tools if you have a kid who is just getting started in Stop Motion/Animation movies.

Don’t know what Stop Motion is? Here is a video I found on YouTube!


What’s in this Gift


Stop Motion Gift Idea


First up, if  you are going to go the more affordable phone/ipad route, you need to purchase a tripod. This tripod is inexpensive and well rated, it works great for stop motion!

If you are looking to get the whole package, this Hue Animation Studio includes a bendy camera, software and a book about stop motion animation. It looks really cool!

If you have a Minecraft lover, this animation set would be a perfect gift! It includes 1 movie stage, 6 different backgrounds, 3 exclusive mini-figures, a device holder, and over 18 other accessories.

For those who have kids who love Legoes, they also work amazingly well with stop motion (hello, Lego Movie!) This Lego Animation book would be a fun addition to the tripod or animation studio to get the Lego ideas flowing!

Here is another Animation Lab Book  that also delves into cartooning and claymation to add another level to your stop motion.

And some Modeling Clay and tools if they decide to try out claymation!

What it Costs

This gift can definitely fall under the Fast & Frugal! You could buy one book and clay for around $30. You could just do the Hue Animation Studio for around $70 and that would have all you need (but at a higher price).  Mix and Match items to fit the child you are buying for and your budget!

Who this gift is for

This gift is great for kids, tweens and teens. I think all of them would have fun with it! If you have a Lego or Minecraft loving husband or boyfriend I think they would like it too!

If you are wanting to try Amazon Prime, you can do a 30 day free trial by clicking on the banner to your right!

Stop Motion Animation would be great for someone on your list, have I helped you cross anyone off?

Happy Gifting!



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