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Stop Motion Gift Idea for Kids!

My daughter, who has an American Girl doll, really fell in love with Stop Motion over the past year. She loves to set up scenarios with her doll Hannah, and film mini-movies. They are really quite impressive, with 200-600 individual shots to make it look like Hannah is moving (eating, doing gymnastics, getting dressed etc).  She also recently started using play-doh to make her stop motion. Stop Motion videos are fun for boys and girls to make! I would say this gift is best for ages 7 and up as it takes some patience and tech ability. This gift would be so much fun for bigger kids, tweens and teens! UPDATE: My daughter is now 11 years old and still doing TONS of videos…they get better and better every time and  I LOVE this fun hobby she has!

Don’t know what Stop Motion is? Here is a video I found on YouTube!


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Tools for making Stop Motion Videos

There are a few different ways you can do stop motion. The least expensive way is using a Stop Motion  app and a smart phone/ipad/tablet. This tripod is inexpensive and well rated, it works great for stop motion!

There are also options that include cameras. This is the camera my daughter uses, it includes free movie making software and attaches to your computer. The benefit of this method is that it shows the last frame as well as the one you are currently taking. This Hue Animation Studio includes a bendy camera, software and a book about stop motion animation. It works really well and has held up for the past two years. I highly recomend this one.

I don’t have personal experience with this set but it also includes a camera and is highly rated.


If you have a Minecraft lover, this animation set would be a perfect gift! It includes 1 movie stage, 6 different backgrounds, 3 exclusive mini-figures, a device holder, and over 18 other accessories


For those who have kids who love Legos, they also work amazingly well with stop-motion (hello, Lego Movie!) This Lego Animation book would be a fun addition It includes backgrounds, figures (with changeable faces!) and a book. You would still need to get a camera or tripod.


This lego figures set would be awesome for Stop Motion Videos!


Here is another Animation Lab Book  that also delves into cartooning and claymation to add another level to your stop motion.

And some non-drying Modeling Clay and tools if they decide to try out claymation!

These sculpting tools would help to make really cool figures!


Stop Motion Animation would be great for someone on your list, have I helped you cross anyone off?

Happy Gifting!


Stop Motion is a super fun hobby that kids, tweens and teens will love! If you are looking for a gift that inspires creativity and hours of fun check out these stop motion gift ideas. #thegiftygirl #stopmotion #stopmotiongifts #giftideasforkids #giftideasfortweens #giftideasforteens #creativegifts #creativegiftideas #uniquegiftideas #moviemaker #animation #animationgifts

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