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49 Thrilling Gifts for 10-year-old Boys in 2024

Finding amazing gifts for 10-year-old boys can be a real challenge! Not only are they wanting to feel more grown-up than “little kids”, it can also be a challenge to rip them away from screens. 

I know there are a lot of gift guides out there, but as a mom to five kids (three of them are boys) I have lots of experience thinking of next level gifts for kids of all ages. And I happen to have had a 10-year-old son three times so I am especially knowledgable about the best gifts for boys of this age. 😉

I’ve learned which gifts older boys love and continue playing with and the gifts that are duds. I’m here to share the best gift ideas for 10 year old boys! You can choose any of these gifts for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or a “just-because” gift for the tween boys in your life. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Ride On Toys to gift 10-year-old boys

Even though they’ve hit double digits, 10-year-old boys still love to play outside, and gifting them a ride on toy that is new and fabulously fun will help encourage them to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air! Here are my boys’ favorite ride-on toys (that the whole family will love!)

Y Flikr Wiggle Scooter This is one of our all time favorite ride ons for all ages! It is great for 10-year-old boys because it glides and drifts. Even though we bought this for my oldest son, his little brother (s) have both enjoyed this super fun scooter. 

Pro Scooter Stunt Scooter A stunt scooter works better for skate park tricks. My 10-year-old has this exact stunt scooter and it has been awesome. 

EzyRoller Ride-On Drifter This is a sit down version drifter. We have this and all my kids fight over it! It has a hand break and the movement comes from wiggling your feet. It is kind of a more grown-up version of a wiggle car. 

Active Outdoor Toys that make great gifts for 10-year-old Boys

Boys in this age group have a LOT of energy, so I’m always looking for the best toys that get my ten-year-old boys outside having fun! Here are some of our favorite active outdoor toys. 

Pogo stick My kids love to see how many bounces they can get in a row on the pogo stick. It is also easy to store and great for indoor or outdoor play.

Skittles/Molkky Yard Game Set: One of our family’s FAVORITE outdoor games! You try to reach 50 points by knocking over wooden numbers “skittles.” If you knock over one pin, you get that amount of points. If you knock over more than one pin, you only get one point for each pin! Older kids will love the strategy (and subconsciously) the math of this game. 

Slackers Ninjaline If you have two trees in your yard (or a close-by park!) A Ninjaline would be such a great gift for a 10-year-old boy! It comes with all sorts of obstacles like the America Ninja Warrior tv show. 

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Active Inside Toys for 10-year-old Boys

I always like to gift toys that can help kids be active indoors because we get a lot of snow in the winter! These gifts can help with hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and balance. Here are some of our favorite toys for indoors that still keep your blood pumping. 

Balance Board Trainer 

This is a great gift for a 10-year-old boy who has interest in skateboarding or snowboarding. Even if they don’t, it is a fun challenge to stay balanced and on top of the board!

Pindaloo Another fun little gift for boys, the pindaloo is a game where you toss the ball through the U-shaped tube and then try to catch it. We have one and all of my boys (and girls) enjoy it!

Juggling Balls Juggling is challenging but also good for eye-hand coordination. Your 10-year-old boy will love this gift and enjoy learning this skill. 

Tech Gifts for 10-year-old Boys

Show boys that there is more to tech than just video games! Here are some cool tech gift ideas that your 10-year-old boy will love. 

Toybox 3D Printer: If you are looking for STEM toys, we have this 3D printer and it has been amazing! I love that it can be completely done by my kids, using the ToyBox app. They love being able to make their own new toys whenever they want! It comes with lots of “food” or melting plastic and is easy to set-up and use. 

Mandalorian Mini Speaker: Give the gift of music in an adorable Bitty Boomer Speaker. There are lots to choose from, but this one would be perfect for a 10-year-old who loves the Mandalorian!

MakeBlock Programming Robot Kit: This is not a toy we have experience with but it has amazing reviews. This robot kit includes a remote control and helps kids learn coding too! 

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Video Gaming Gifts for 10-year-old Boys

Like it or not, gaming is here to stay! If you want to find a cool gift for a 10-year-old boy who loves gaming, 

Nintendo Switch Lite also add an Switch accessory kit. This is the portable version of the Nintendo Switch.. A 10 year old gamer will totally enjoy this gift!

Video Gaming Swivel Chair This chair will keep your 10-year-old comfy while he games! 

Gaming Headseat with Microphone The new playdate is video gaming with your friends with headsets! This gaming headset will help your 10-year-old be able to hear and talk to his buddies. 

Books to Gift 10-year-old Boys

I’m always giving books for gifts, here are some 10-year-old boy gift options. 

Kindle Paperwhite: If your 10-year-old boy is a reader, this is THE BEST GIFT EVER. They can download ebooks FREE from the local library and have their favorite books at their fingerprints. Expensive but WORTH IT.

How to Survive Anything: Boys this age love anything to do with survival!! This is an age appropriate survival book they will LOVE!

Keeper of the Lost Cities: This is my 10-year-old boy’s favorite book series. A great choice for boys who love Harry Potter books. 

Catwad Book Set: This graphic novel book set is a great gift choice for 10-year-old boys. It is full of ridiculous scenarios and humor that boys will love. 

Building Toys that 10-year-old Boys will Love

If you have a 10-year-old that loves to build, here are some fun educational gifts that will encourage that interest. 

Lego Chain Reactions Your 10-year-old can design and build 10 amazing moving machines with this cool book. It also comes with 33 Lego pieces, 6 plastic balls, string, paper ramps and other components.This is a wonderful way to help your boy develop problem-solving skills

Gravitrax Marble Run This is a more grown-up marble track that 10-year-old boys will LOVE! It comes with 122 pieces and 9 ready-to-go track instructions to start creating your own marble runs. 

Think Fun Gravity Maze Is another marble track that comes with challenge cards that encourage your child to put together successful marble tracks with different pieces. 

Kinetic Chain Reaction Stunt Kit This looks super fun! Using ramps, mini-trampolines and targets, your 10-year-old boy can make some wicked cool stunt courses. 

STEM Gifts for 10-year-old boys

I always want to encourage my kids to explore Science Technology Engineering and Math, so I’m constantly on the look out for cool new toys to spark their interest. Here are some great options. 

Science Magic Kit: Combine magic with science for an epic stem kit gift for a 10-year-old boy. This kit will let them do 20 mind-blowing science experiments including bending metal with water, create a vanishing test tube, make a coin float, and much more. By this age, the good news is most 10-year olds will be able to understand the instructions and complete the magic tricks by themselves. 

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox. This is a less expensive version of Lego Mindstorm and would be perfect gift for a 10 year old boy who loves STEM! It includes 847 LEGO pieces that kids can build and rebuild into 5 cool multifunctional models. This looks like a great science kit for big kids who have an interest in engineering and or robots. 

Telescope: Kids (and adults!) love to learn about space! This is a quality beginner telescope. I would pair it with this book 110 Things to See with A Telescope. 

10-year-old Boy Hobby Gifts

10-year-old boys still want to play, even if they try and act more grown-up. Here are some gifts that can encourage them to try a new (fun!) hobby! 

Remote Control Airplane This is one of my top picks for a tween boy. Two of my boys have had this exact model and it works wonderfully for beginner pilots. It has three levels on the remote control so it is easier to control when they first start flying it.  Make sure you begin in a park when it isn’t too windy and have them practice shorter, close flights before getting too brave! This is tons of fun and quite durable. 

The Ultimate Guide to Paper Airplanes This is an instruction book that shows how to fold amazing paper airplanes. There are some books with tear out airplanes, but we’ve found this book is much better! The kids can learn how to fold it and not have to rely on paper with lines and numbers. This book provides hours of fun for my boys (and girls!) and makes for a great and inexpensive 10th birthday gift. 

Rock Tumbling Kit: When my boys were this age they have such interest in rocks! We bought my oldest a rock tumbling kit and all the boys have loved finding rocks and “shining” them up. 

Art Gifts for 10-year-old Boys

Creativity is a skill boys will need in any career they choose! These art gits will let boys express themselves artistically while having fun. 

Water Marbling Paint Kit This looks like so much fun! Your 10-year-old will fill a tray with water and then add paint on the top. After swirling the paint in the water, he can put paper on top and reveal his masterpiece. 

Boy Craft Catapult Wars A buildable catapult combines creating, science and competition (everything 10-year-old boys love!)

Star Wars Diamond Painting Stickers for Kids 

Sports Gifts for 10-year-old Boys

Many boys LOVE sports, and here are some unique sports gifts that a 10-year-old boy will love. 

Badminton Set This set is portable and easy to set up. Your boy can put it up and play with friends!

Sonic Fin Football It whistles and will provide hours of fun for your boy and his buddies!

Reactive Catch Skills Trainer This funny doo-dad will help with eye hand coordination and I imagine it will get tossed around all the time just for fun! 

Kickit Soccer Tennis Game We bought this for my 10-year-old for his birthday and we’ve had a ton of fun with it! It is a short net with a soft soccer ball. The game can be played inside or out and basically you try and kick the ball over the net to your opponent. It requires a fair amount of control which is great for soccer players to practice! We also sometimes use ours to play badminton. 

Room Decor Gifts for 10-year-old Boys

If you are looking for a non-toy gift for 10-year-old boys, get them something fun for their bedroom!

Minecraft Torch Lamp If you have a Minecraft lover, this is such a cool gift! It is a nightlight that looks just like a Minecraft torch from the video game!

Memory Foam Beanbag My son got this beanbag for a gift from his grandparents and it is GIANT and so comfy. It would be a great addition to a 10-year-old boy’s bedroom! He can read in it, play video games or just relax. 

ATM Piggy Bank: We have the less fancy version of this bank…it is amazing! This bank keeps a running total of the money inside, and has a spot for the dollar bills to get pulled inside. My kids LOVE their ATM Piggy Banks! Make sure and check the prices of the different colors of banks…some are less expensive than others. 

The Best Board Games for 10-year-old Boys

Here are my boys’ favorite board games at this age! These are great for family game night or games with friends. 

Cover your kingdom This strategic card game is favorite of my boys. It doesn’t take too long to play and is easy to pick up after a few minutes. 

Upside Down Challenge Game This game makes for a great time with friends! Boys will love trying to complete tasks with glasses on that make everything look upside down. And one of the best things is that it gets them playing without screens (yay for social interactions!). 

Flipside I love that this cool toy can be played solo or multiplayer! My boys absolutely love it…you have to flip to match the colored lights to the blocks. It is small enough to take with in the car, and fun enough that he will want to show his friends. It is also a great birthday party gift idea for 10 year old boys!

Imaginary Play Gifts for 10-year-old Boys

You might not expect imaginary play gifts to be listed in a gift guide for 10-year-old boys, but that is exactly what Pokemon is! It’s not the latest trends, but Pokémon seems to stick around for tween years and even teen years! Here are some Pokémon cards and accessories for this game. 

Pokémon Booster Packs

PokémonElite Trainer Box

Pokémon Card Binder

Classic Toy Gift Ideas for 10-year-old Boys

These toys are classics for a reason! Show your 10-year-old that there are toys that don’t need screens to be fun! 

Fancy Yo-Yo: I bought my 10-year-old boy a yo-yo for his birthday and is still playing with it a year later! He loves to do learn new tricks and carries it in his pocket. 

Metal Flip Over Top: These tops flip themselves OVER and spin on the other side. They are lots of fun!

Kendama: Boys LOVE the challenge of a Kendama. There are four different places you can “catch” the ball. 

Key Takeaways on Gift Ideas of 10-year-old Boys

Boys are so much fun to buy gifts for! And even though their interests can vary, I hope this gift guide has helped inspired you with gifts your 10-year-old will enjoy as well.

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