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42 Glorious Gifts for 10-year-old Girls

Gift Ideas for 10-year-old girls are so much fun for me! I’m a mom to two girls, and a girl myself (obviously! 😉 and I have to say 10 is a really fun age for girl gifts! 

10 year old girl gifts can help girls explore hobbies they are interested in, stay active indoors and out, connect with family and friends and have fun. But sometimes it is hard to think of the perfect gift for this age!

In my gift guides, I like to try and show you gift ideas for 10 year old girls that will cover  allll the different types of girls that are out there. I’ve divided this gift guide for 10-year-old girls into different categories to help you as you look for gift inspiration. 

Please read on for my recommendations of the best gift ideas for 10 year old girls. I hope you find it helpful!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Ride On Toys to gift 10-year-old girls

10-year-old girls still love to play outside and a great gift idea for them is a new ride-on toy that is fun! I love gifting toys that will get kids outdoors and way from screens. Here are my girls’ favorite ride-on toys. 

Y Flikr Wiggle Scooter This is one of our all time favorite ride ons for all ages! It is great for 10-year-old girls because it glides and drifts. It is so fun!!

Razor 360 Castor Trike: This is similar to the Y Flikr that it is a glider…but it is sit down. My girls pedal and spin around like crazy! So much fun and affordable. 

EzyRoller Ride-On Drifter This is a sit down version drifter. We have this and all my kids fight over it! It has a hand break and the movement comes from wiggling your feet. It is kind of a more grown-up version of a wiggle car. 

Active Outdoor Toys that make great gifts for 10-year-old girls

If you want to get your 10-year-old girl outside having fun, these active outdoor toys will do the trick.

Stilts: Your 10-year-old girl will love balancing and walking around the yard feeling 10 feet tall! This set of Stilts can be adjusted for height and can hold up to 250 pounds. 

Roller Blades: This age is the perfect age and level of coordination for roller blades. This pair of girl’s roller blades are both light-up and adjustable.  Grab a helmet and pads to go along with this gift. 

Double Dutch Jumpropes:  Double Dutch is something amazing for a 10-year-old to work towards. Jumping rope is a classic toy because it is FUN and great exercise. These colorful double dutch jumpropes would be an inexpensive gift a 10-year-old girl would love. 

Active Inside Toys for 10-year-old girls

Just as much as girls need outdoor activity, some gifts that provide indoor activity will help keep her active while having fun.

Here are some of our favorite toys for indoors that will keep your girl active even on cold days. 

Balance Board Trainer: This is a great gift for a 10-year-old girl who has interest in skateboarding or snowboarding. Even if they don’t, it is a fun challenge to stay balanced and on top of the board!

Ribbon Ninja Game: This is such a fun game for all kids, but one that a 10-year-old girl would love to play with her friends! It can be played indoors or outdoors…and while it is simple (remove the ribbon from your opponent) it will keep kids active and laughing!

Yoga Mat with app: This isn’t your average yoga mat…it has symbols and comes with an app that will help your 10-year-old girl learn and practice yoga. 

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Tech Gifts for 10-year-old girls

Show girls that there is more to tech than just video games! Here are some cool tech games. 

Toybox 3D Printer: Girls will love to create their own toys and gadgets with this 3D printer. We have the Toybox and it has been great fun for all of my kids! My favorite part of it is that the kids can do it all completely by themselves! It has an app with lots of different designs to chose from. As long as they have access to a smart phone or iPad, they can operate this by themselves. It comes with lots of “food” or melting plastic and is easy to set-up and use. 

Kodak Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera: This is a very cool and inexpensive gift idea…one important thing to note is that the paper to print on figures out to be about 50 cents per picture. Your 10-year-old girl will love being able to take pictures, print them immediately and then share them with friends. 

Hue Stop Motion Animation Kit: This is the stop motion kit we bought for our then 10-year-old girl. It is awesome! You connect the included camera to a computer, and then click a button to take the pictures for the stop motion movie. The computer screen shows the picture before so you can make the small changes for a well-done video. This comes with a camera and an instruction book. 

Video Gaming Gifts for 10-year-old girls

Like it or not, gaming is here to stay! If you want to find a cool gift for a 10-year-old girl who loves gaming, 

Nintendo Switch Lite also add an Switch accessory kit. This is the portable version of the Nintendo Switch. A 10 year old girl gamer will totally enjoy this gift!

Girls Gaming Headset: A cute gaming headset will let your girl chat with friends while playing minecraft. 

Bloxels Build your own video game: This looks like a great gift for a gamer who also love art. You build your own bloxel characters using puzzle pieces and then scan it into a Bloxels account where you can see the character you created come to life! It doesn’t require coding experience but will give a lot of satisfaction to a 10-year-old girl who is interested in gaming. 

The Best Books for 10-year-old Girls

I’m always giving books for gifts, here are some 10-year-old girl gift options. 

Kindle Paperwhite: If your 10-year-old girl is a reader, this gift will save you so much money! You can download free eBooks from your local library and your girl can have all of her favorite books at her fingertips AND read at night with the backlit screen. The perfect gift for a reader!

The Books of Bayern series is a treasure! I read this with my daughter when she was 10, and we both LOVED it. It is the perfect mix of fantasy and girl power, and will have your girl wanting to read and read! 

The Girls Doodle Book has blank pages as well as drawing prompts for girls. You could gift this book along with a set of cute colored pencils.

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Building Toys that 10-year-old Girls will Love

Building toys can still be fun as a 10-year-old and will help your daughter with spatial skills. If you have a 10-year-old girl who is a future entineer or designer, here are some fun gifts that will encourage that interest. 

Magnetic Building Set A building set that 10-year-old girls will love…this set contains 204 pieces. I wouldn’t buy this if there are little kids in the house who put things in their mouth because these magnets can be dangerous!

Gravitrax Marble Run This is a more grown-up marble track that 10-year-old girls will LOVE! It comes with 122 pieces and 9 ready-to-go track instructions to start creating your own marble runs. 

Domino Set: Colorful, simple but also a great challenge for 10-year-old girls and their friends! Setting up a chain reaction domino course will be a great way for your girl to spend time with her friends. 

STEM Gifts for 10-year-old girls

I always want to encourage my kids to explore Science Technology Engineering and Math, so I’m constantly on the look out for cool new toys to spark their interest. Here are some great options. 

Science Spell Book: This science experiment book is a delightful mix of science and magic. Learn the science while casting some magical spells and trying alchemy recipes. 

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox. This is a less expensive version of Lego Mindstorm and would be perfect gift for a 10 year old girl who loves STEM! It includes 847 LEGO pieces that kids can build and rebuild into 5 cool multifunctional models. 

Lip Gloss Making Kit: This would make such a fun gift for a 10-year-old girl! She’ll learn about measurements, chemistry and the science behind lip gloss while making her very own custom lip balm. 

10-year-old girl Hobby Exploration Gifts

10-year-old girls still want to play, even if they try and act more grown-up. Here are some gifts that can encourage them to try a new (fun!) hobby! 

Friendship Bracelet Kit: This kit is amazing and will make it easy for your 10-year-old girl to make intricate bracelet designs for herself and all of her besties! It includes embroidery floss and a special bracelet maker that holds the strings taut and in place for bracelet making. 

Llama Latch Hook Kit: Latch Hook has small pieces of yarn that you punch through a plastic canvas to make a pretty picture! Your 10-year-old girl will love this unique gift. 

Drawing Kit: This kit has so many art supplies that your girl will use to make all sorts of beautiful artwork. 

Art Gifts for 10-year-old Girls

Creativity is a skill girls will need in any career they choose! These art gits will let girls express themselves artistically while having fun. 

Diamond Art Kit: A 10-year-old girl will love these adorable diamond art kits (that even come with a frame!). Choose from a unicorn, a space cat and a mermaid. 

Llama Lettering Workbook for Kids: This adorable workbook will let your girl try out fancy writing skills! I would some fun gel pens to go along with this book to make a unique and fun gift for 10-year-old girls. 

Water Marbling Paint Kit This looks like so much fun! Your 10-year-old will fill a tray with water and then add paint on the top. After swirling the paint in the water, she can put paper on top and reveal his masterpiece. 

Sports Gift Ideas for 10-year-old Girls

Gifts that will help your 10-year-old girl explore her sports interest are a great idea! Here are some fun sports gifts for girls. 

Solo Soccer Trainer: This soccer trainer will let your girl practice her soccer skills solo! 

Dance spinboard if you have a dancer, this spinboard is not only fun, it will also help your 10-year-old get better at spins and spotting! 

Counting jump rope: cardio endurance is important for every single sport! This jump rope will let your girl work on her endurance at hike and have fun beating her own records! 

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Room Decor Gifts for 10-year-old Girls

If you don’t want more toy clutter, room decor is a great gift idea for 10-year-old girls! Here are some fun options. 

String Lights for wall/curtain: Add a little sparkle and magic with this inexpensive set of string lights. You can hang it from curtain rod or on a wall. 

Memory Foam Beanbag My son got this beanbag for a gift from his grandparents and it is GIANT and so comfy. It would be a great addition to a 10-year-old girl’s bedroom! Your daughter can read in it, play video games or just relax. 

Echo Dot Owl: my kids love their Echo dots and 10 is a great age for this smart device. It makes a great gift because your girl will be able to listen to music, stories, play games and communicate with family and friends! Plus it is darn cute!

The Best Board Games for 10-year-old girls

Here are my girls’ favorite board games at this age! 

The Game of Life: this game is a classic for a good reason! Your girl will love spinning the wheel, going to college, choosing a career, and getting paid, married and having adorable baby pegs added to her car. 

Reigning Unicorn: This game has all of the components 10-year-old girls will love! Unicorns, lots of action, tons of laughs and a fancy unicorn headband. 

Shut the Box: Up to four players can compete to “shut the box” by rolling dice and flipping down numbers. This game is so simple but super fun!

Classic Toy Gift Ideas for 10-year-old girls

These toys are classics for a reason! Show your 10-year-old that there are toys that don’t need screens to be fun! 

Magic 8 ball: What does the future hold? Your 10-year-old girl will love asking the Magic 8 ball yes or no questions and getting the answers. 

Hula Hoop: My mom was a champion hula hooper and not only is it great exercise, it can provides hours of active fun for girls. 

Kendama: Kendamas are a wooden toy from 16th century France! They have such gorgeous colors to choose from and enough challenge for 10-year-old girls to stay very entertained. 

I hope this giant 10-year-old Girl Gift Guide has inspired you with the perfect gift for the girl on your list!

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