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30 Gymnastics Gifts that Kids Will Flip Over

If you have a gymnast on your Christmas list gymnastic gifts are the way to go! Whether you are looking for gymnast gifts for Christmas or gymnast gifts for girls or guys on their birthdays, I dipped back into my own gymnastics history and asked my sister who is a gymnastics coach what the best gifts would be for kids who love gymnastics.  Check out this awesome list of 17 Gymnastics Gifts that kids (and teens) will flip over!

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Gymnastics Gifts that will help them be a better Gymnast

I love buying gifts for my kids that will help them become better at whatever sports or hobbies they are interested in. I would much rather buy a gift to fuel their fire than something they will play with once and then put in a closet. These gifts will help your gymnast improve their strength, flexibility and gymnastics skills. 

stretch strap gift for gymnast


Flexibility is imperative for a gymnast. This Stretch Strap includes a door anchor and instructions for increasing flexibility for gymnastics. 

stretching tool for younger gymnasts

This PlumBand would be better for younger gymnasts to increase their flexibility. 

balance board to train gymnastics core strength

Balance and Core Strength will help with every gymnastics skill.  We have a balance board like this one that we keep in our family room. The kids love to just get on it and I love that they are getting stronger without realizing it.  🙂

Balance Board gymnastics training

Here is another balance board option that is more pricey but looks super fun. Your gymnast won’t even mind doing it!


Plyo box gift for girls who love gymnastics

Plyo Box: Another tool that will help them increase their core strength and develop better jumping skills is a plyo box. This is a 3-in-1 box that has different heights depending on which side it is laid. There are different exercises you can do with these boxes depending on what you are working on. 

How much is a gymnastics mat? What kind does my child need? 

The type of mat your child will need depends on what level of tumbling they are currently able to do. The types of mats available can vary wildly in price but they make great gymnastics gifts. For younger gymnasts who are starting out I would recommend the following: (you could also ask their coach for recommendations of what type of mat would be best for your child). 

Tumbling Trainer mat gift for young gymnasts

If you have a little tumbler this Tumbling Trainer is so much fun and will help develop back and front walkovers, and back and front handsprings.  This size works best for ages 5-8. 

wedge mat for gymnast gift for girls

 Another great option for younger gymnasts is a wedge mat. This one folds up and will help them develop somersaults, back walkovers and back extension rolls. Plus they are fun to roll down. 🙂

 These inflatable tumbling mats are amazing! For younger gymnasts who are NOT doing long tumbling runs (more standing tricks) you could use a 10′ mat. Older gymnasts will definitely need much longer. This brand of mat has options up to 26 feet long. There are also SO MANY inflatable mat options on Amazon but this one has the most and highest reviews. Lots of knock-offs pop up so go with one that is well-reviewed, by MANY people. You do not want to go cheap on something that is keeping your gymnast away from a broken limb. 

adjustable bars for gymnast gift

 I would have absolutely LOVED to have my own gymnastics bar to practice on as a child. This training bar is a great one because it is height adjustable up to five feet and has a 330-pound weight limit.  At that height it probably won’t work great for older or more advanced gymnasts, but kids up to age 12 or so should be able to get some great home strength training and practice on this gymnastics gift. 

collapsible balance beam gift for gymnast

There are several different options for balance beams that would make a great gift for gymnasts. Moms will love this 8-foot foldable balance beam because it is portable and foldable. It is a bit mushy though so a wood core beam would be better for older gymnasts.  

height adjustable beam for gymnasts

This balance beam can be height adjusted to practice more advanced tricks off the ground. It can not fold however so make sure the gymnast you are buying for has some space. 

Another gymnastics gifts investment would be a rectangle trampoline. This shape is best for practicing tumbling series (at 10′ x 17′) your gymnast will be able to work on shorter tumbling sequences.  This one is sturdy, includes a net and ladder and would be a fun gift idea for your gymnast. 

Gymnastics Gifts that will Inspire your Gymnast

When you love gymnastics you eat, sleep and drink it. Here are some book ideas so your child who loves gymnastics can read it too! 

Books for gymnasts:

Perfect Balance Gymnastics Book Series Gift for Gymnasts

The “Perfect Balance Gymnastics Series” by Melissa Torres will be a definite hit for gymnasts around 7-12 years old. Each book tells a story about a gymnast overcoming a struggle,  and gaining skills and confidence in her sport. Not only will your gymnast relate to the story, but she will also have so much fun reading this series. Buy one or buy them all for your gymnastics loving girl! 

picture book for young gymnasts

This picture book “She’s Got This” is written by Gold Medal Olympian Laurie Hernandez and looks like a great fit for little girls who love gymnastics

I love to show my kids great examples of people who are successful in the things my kids love and biographies are a wonderful way to do that. These will be better gifts for teen gymnasts. 

Simone Biles gymnastics book gift for gymnast

Courage to Soar is a book by Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles and tells her journey to gold. 

Another book by a great Olympic example, Fierce is by Aly Raisman and tells her story of “dedication, perseverance, and learning to think positively even in the toughest times on her path to gold medal success in two Olympic Games–and beyond.

You could also gift a meet journal, this one includes space for recording your training. There is also this gymnastics meet journal for boy gymnasts.

I love this gymnastics bangle bracelet with a good inspirational quote. 

What gear should I buy for someone who loves gymnastics?

The basic gear that gymnasts need are leotards. And like fun socks, you can never have too many of those so they make great gymnastics gifts! Here are some great options.

Gymnastics Gifts Unicorn Leotard

 This unicorn leotard “biketard” is everything little girls dream of! More advanced gymnasts can’t wear leotards with shorts like this, but these will work for beginners. 

There are several different colors and versions of this leotard, and your gymnast will love the inspirational message! 

Gymnastics gifts for teen leotard

This leotard has a little bit of bling and would be a stylish gymnastics gift for teenagers. 

 This warm-up jacket is so cute and comes in a hoodie version. Also lots of sizes from kid to adult! 

T-shirts are gymnastics gifts that your gymnast can wear to show the world what she loves. This Eat, Sleep, Gymnastics Shirt is adorable and comes in lots of colors.

If you have a gymnast in the house you know how true this t-shirt is!

Gymnasts would love this cute gymnastics bag to haul snacks, warm-ups and their water to practice and meets.

I also love this customizable gymnastics bag you can grab on Amazon. Just make sure to order it in time for your gymnasts Christmas or birthday present!

Long hair definitely needs to be pulled back when you are a gymnast. These gymnastics hair ties are SO CUTE your gymnast would love this as a gift! These would also make a great gymnastics stocking stuffer. You could also divide them up for your gymnast to give as Christmas or Birthday Gifts to her gymnastics friends!

Gymnastics Room Decor to give as Gymnastics Gifts

 I absolutely love this gymnastics medal display! They will make a great gift for your gymnast and give her a beautiful spot to display her accomplishments. 

 This gymnastics medal display is beautiful and has an inspirational message on it! 

Gymnasts will love this color-changing nightlight!

And last, no matter their room decor, you can’t go wrong with a pillowcase! This Dream pillowcase is adorable and comes in lots of colors for any gymnast on your list. 

I hoped this helped inspire you with tons of gymnastics gifts ideas for your gymnast! 

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 Happy Gifting, 


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