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The Best Gifts for Teen Girls

The Best Gifts for Teen Girls. Deciding what to get your tween or teen daughter as a gift is very overwhelming to many parents. They are past the age of fun toys, but they aren’t grownups. The great news is that there are a lot of great gift ideas for teenage girls and I’m here to help you figure them out for your teen. I’ve come up with some of the best gifts for teen girls by different categories to help spark some wonderful gift ideas. Because even though she’s growing up, there is nothing better than seeing a smile light up your little girl’s face when she opens a gift from you. 

What is the best gift for a teenager?

Even though your daughter is a teenager, the best gifts for a teenager are gifts that she will enjoy and will make her feel loved and heard.

This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Gifts that make Teen Girls Feel More Grown-up

Teenage girls are right between child and grown-up and they love gifts that make them feel more on the grown-up side. Some ideas like: 

A purse or wallet for teen girls

A pineapple wallet – a real grown-up wallet is a fun gift for teen girls. Here are a few fun options! Adorable Animal Wristlet – Your teen girl will love all of the cute patterns on this wristlet! Octopus, sloth, llama, dog, cat, jellyfish,  shark, sea otter, panda, whale, walrus. You can’t go wrong!! Another great gift for teen girls that will make her feel grown-up is a Vera Bradley crossbody purse. There are tons of patterns and colors to choose from. 

Makeup gifts for teen girls

Make-up is also a fun gift idea that most teen girls would love! You can get some ideas for a Beginner Teen Makeup Kit on this post, or you could go with some other more advanced makeup products. I recommend stopping by Ulta and getting an eyeshadow palette with bright colors or some fancy mascara! 

Hair care gifts for teen girls

If your daughter is interested in hair, a hair care gift basket is a super fun gift for teen girls! I have a post with tons of great products for a hair care gift basket. Here are a few of them!

Cute Satin Scrunchies with bow I see these scrunchies in so many teens’ hair! These scrunchies are adorable and come in lots of great patterns. Teenology Shampoo and conditioner  This shampoo is specially formulated to help prevent the forehead and nose breakouts that happen so often in teens.  It has amazing reviews and would be a fun addition to this teen girl gift basket (and the price makes it worth a try!). This is a styling brush hair dryer with the brush built in and has over 82 THOUSAND ratings! It is supposed to be magical and would be such a fun addition to a teen haircare gift basket! 

photo of teen girl smiling

Gifts for Teen Girls that they can enjoy with Friends

It’s always a good bet to buy your teenage girl a gift that will be fun for her to enjoy with her girlfriends. Here are some fun gifts! 

Talking Mr. Predicto Ball (New version of a Magic 8 Ball): This ball is so much fun and your daughter will love to play with it! You ask a question, wave your hand over the top and it lights up and answers your questions with “30 possible affirmative, negative, or non-committal style” answers. You have soooo many questions as a teen girl (Does the boy in my math class like me?) and this is a funny way to find out the answers. 😉 

This projector hooks up to your phone and can project movie, YouTube Videos or Instagram feeds onto the wall or ceiling. Your teen girl will love being able to project what’s on her phone for her friends to enjoy. 

I used to LOVE doing quizzes with my BFFs when I was a teen. This quiz book is full of fun activities that your teen girl can do with her friends. 

Gifts for Teen Girls that are Cuddly or Cozy

Teen girls want physical connection and hugs but sometimes don’t feel like asking for it. A cuddly stuffed animal or cozy blanket can help satisfy that need to squeeze. Here are some great options. 

Hugging Whale– I bought this for my teen girl and it is seriously PERFECTION!! (and all my kids want it now). It is big and so so soft and squishy. There are several different animals to choose from made by this manufacturer.

Gigantic Sherpa Lined Sweatshirt Blanket– Oh my goodness this is like the cozy trifecta! There are lots of styles (not all animals) and this has all things teenager girls will love: Oversized, Soft and warm. Your teen girl will love this!

A soft cuddly blanket–  Another cozy gift option would be a super soft blanket. This one has a TON of amazing reviews and comes several colors and patterns. I think teens would agree this is one of the best gifts for teen girls!

Gifts that make a Teenage Girl feel Heard

The best gifts that you can give your teenage girl are gifts that show you listen to them and know what they are interested in. This is simple to do, make sure to ask your daughter questions, when she mentions something that she likes (whether it is a hobby, sport, show, song, or Instagram account) make note of it somewhere. When it is time to buy your teenage girl a gift, look for something that goes with an interest of hers. You can check out some of my blog posts like Gifts for Teens who love Fashion, Gifts for Dancers, Gift Ideas for Book Worms, 18 Creative Gifts for Young Writers

Teen Girl Hobby related Gifts

Lettering is popular and a fun hobby for a teen girl to pick up! If your daughter loves watching Instagram Influencers, how about a Vlogging kit (including microphone, tripod and light) so she can try it for herself (with lots of guidance from mom and dad of course!). A ukelele makes a great gift for teen girls because it is easy to learn and fun to sing along with!

Photo of teenage girl in a yellow shirt holding two gifts wrapped in pink wrapping paper

Teen Girl Gifts: Decor for their bedroom

When teens get to a certain age their bedrooms become their safe space. You can buy a gift that will help make their rooms cozier and more fun to be in! Here are some ideas!

LED Light Strip– Both of my teens have an LED Light strip like this one. It has adhesive so it can be put anywhere in your teen girl’s room. It has lights that flash in different patterns and colors and can be controlled with a remote. So fun!

Comfy Chair This chair is soft, fuzzy, foldable and comes in lots of colors. It would be an amazing teen girl gift!

Funny Pillow This pillow makes me laugh! I think teen girls would love this sweet reminder when they come into their bedroom sanctuary. 

This aesthetic wall collage kit would be so much fun to gift to a teen girl! It comes with an assortment of pictures and quotes in colors that your teen can arrange on her wall. She will love this! 

A jewelry organizer will help your teen girl organize her jewelry in a fun and beautiful way. 

My teen daughter has this gold framed white erase wall calendar in her room and she loves it!

I hope these gift ideas help inspire you with the perfect gift for your teen girl. Looking for something else? Check out these posts!

Teen Gifts

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Happy Teen Gifting!


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