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30+ Absolutely Amazing Gift Ideas for Aspiring Fashion Designers

Today I’m sharing some Absolutely Amazing Gift Ideas for Aspiring Fashion Designers. If you have a kid, tween or teen who adores Project Runway or Project Runway Jr, or who just loves style and fashion, here are some gift ideas that will help them learn more about fashion and design.

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Basic Fashion Design Gift Ideas for Aspiring Fashion Designers


Janome Sewing Machine

An absolute essential for a fashion designer  is a sewing machine.  This was the third sewing machine we bought my daughter…and the only one that actually worked! She was young when she started sewing (7-years-old) and I kept getting tricked into buying cute sewing machines made especially for little kids. Please trust me and DO NOT waste your money on a kid sewing machine! This Janome is a smaller size than a full-size sewing machine so it works for younger kids and it ACTUALLY sews things. It also comes in really cute colors! I think this machine would work for kids about 7 years to 11 years. The only thing I don’t like about the Janome is that it doesn’t have a light…which makes it hard to sew in low-light conditions. If you have a child right on the brink of teens, I would definitely opt for a normal size machine like the one below.

Brother Sewing Machine

This basic sewing machine has everything beginning to intermediate seamstresses and fashion designers need. 50 different stitch styles, 6 specialty feet. It is the machine I had for 10 years and served me well!

Sewing Kit

This is a highly rated sewing kit that has all of the sewing basics…mini scissors, seam ripper, measuring tape,  needles, thread etc.

Sewing Basket

This basket has all of the sewing kit essentials and space to add other sewing items like fabric.  (It is also super cute!)

Wrist Pin Cushion

Not only are these made of adorable fabric, they are also so useful for holding pins!! Order a pack of straight pins to go with this gift!

Fabric Scissors

These scissors would be better for older kids as they are super sharp! But they are priced well and Ginghers are the best!

Dress Mannequin

This is a great thing for more advanced fashion designers, and as a bonus they can use it in their room to style/layout their own clothes!



Fashion Gifts for younger Fashionistas

Fashion Superstar-Coloring book/app fashion design 

My daughter has this and it is SO much fun! You use colored pencils to design outfits on the special pages, then download a special app and scan your picture. The app animates the fashion design on a model going down the runway. Super cool gift!

Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketchbook

This includes 40 sketch sheets and templates and stickers. 

Fashion Plates

These are amazing throwbacks (did you have fashion plates when you were a kid?) This set is especially nice with a carrying case and textures.

Fashion Studio Fashion Design Kit 

My daughter had this kit and it was she had so much fun with it! Using the included mannequin, fabric and supplies she was able to make actual barbie doll size dresses.

Fashion Doodle Book
We love this line of doodle books! This has pages of girls wearing different clothes that can be colored in.

Why not give your fashion lover the opportunity to style some of her own clothes? You could get her…

White canvas tennis shoes + Fabric Markers or Puffy Paint and she could design her own shoes!

Or grab a white canvas bag with fabric markers or puffy paint

Or get a 100 percent cotton shirt and some tie dye so she can make her own amazing tie dye pattern? (My kids LOVE doing this!)




Fashion Design Gift Ideas for Aspiring Fashion Designers who are older (Tweens/Teens)

Fashion Sketchbook:

This sketchbook gives step-by-step instructions on drawing figures from many points of view and in varying poses. The author explains the tricks of the trade: how to “dress” your figure; render color, texture, and print; and create accessories, hairstyles, and makeup looks. It looks like a great book for teens interested in fashion!

Girls’ Guide to DIY Fashion

I love this book! It builds a foundation of fashion basics including choosing fabrics, mood boards, sketching and sewing and helps girls design five outfits.

Essentials Fashion Sketchbook-with figure templates

This would be better for older teens or more advanced seamstresses. It contains descriptions and pictures of basic garments, fabric information and tips on measuring.

Project Teen: Handmade Gifts your Teen will Love- 21 projects to sew

This book has 21 Projects to sew including: Fun and Unique Pillow Patterns, Quilt Patterns, Tech Cases, Bags, Accessories and Zippered Pouches. If you purchase this book I would choose one or two projects and get all of the supplies necessary so they can get started right away!

20 ways to draw a dress

You need to look inside this book! It is awesome…”Each spread features 20 inspiring illustrated examples of 45 themes – black dresses, summery hats, stylish shoes, faux fur coats, and much, much more–with blank space for you to draw your take on 20 Ways to Draw a Dress.”  This is a unique and useful book!

A Guided Sketchbook

This is a beautiful and sophisticated book that takes you step-by-step through different wardrobe elements and styles.

Older girls would also love the opportunity to style some of their own clothes.  You could get her…

White canvas tennis shoes + Fabric Markers or Puffy Paint and she could design her own shoes!

Or grab a white canvas bag with fabric markers or puffy paint

Or get a 100 percent cotton shirt and some tie dye so she can make her own amazing tie dye pattern? (My kids LOVE doing this!)

This Silk Screen Kit also has amazing reviews! Teens would love to make their own designs and screen print them.

Project Runway Season 8 DVD set

This show is my favorite! There are sometimes swear words and content that is confusing for younger kids. I would watch this with my child so you can explain things if needed. This would work great for teens though.

I don’t do Fashion, I am Fashion Pillow cover 

This comes in a bunch of different colors and would be so adorable in your fashionista’s room.

Fashion Printable Wall Art

Print this digital download at your local photo place and put it in a frame…a stylish gift for an older aspiring designer.

I hope you found an absolutely amazing gift idea (or two) for your future designer. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, try 43 Unique Ideas for Teens to Make Money or 20 of the coolest hair products for a teen girl gift basket Don’t forget to check out all of my other gift ideas (and free printables!).

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