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These 13 products will make an amazing stargazing family gift! Kids of all ages (and parents too!) will love to spend quality time together looking up at the wonder and mystery of the night sky. #familygiftidea #familygift #christmas #christmasgiftidea #giftbasket #wholegiftidea #thegiftygirl #creativegifting #thoughtfulgifting #giftbasketsforfamily #giftguide

13 Awesome Products for an out-of-this-world Stargazing Family Gift Basket

Family Stargazing Gift

I love giving whole family gifts! Not only can you get more bang for your buck, you can also pick out a gift that will give them a great family activity and the opportunity to make memories with each other. Space is a wonder that doesn’t lose its appeal with age. That’s why a stargazing family gift is a perfect gift for families with kids of all ages. Here are the things you need for this out of this world stargazing family gift idea. This gift can work for any budget…you can scale up or down, have a few things or all of the things!

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Binoculars are the least expensive tool for star gazing and this set is a great option. Even if you add a telescope to this gift, binoculars would be good for fast star spotting and to add another set of eyes to the sky.

Beginner Travel Telescope 

This is such a cool beginner telescope that is easy to transport. It also includes a smartphone adapter and a bluetooth camera remote for better exploration and to enable you to take pictures!

Intermediate Telescope  

This telescope is more of a mid-level, (and pricier) but will make everything you look at that much more amazing and close-up! This is the telescope that our local planetarium recommended.

Portable Folding Couch

This will let your star-gazing family have somewhere comfy to sit while waiting for their out of this world event!

The Comfy Blanket/Sweatshirt

The COMFY! This is kind of the coolest.  It’s like a combo between a blanket and a sweatshirt. Cozy and oversized and would be perfect for chilly stargazing nights! (I think I need one of these!)

Star Gazing Journal 

This highly rated journal has spots for you to fill out all of the info on what you are seeing as a family!

50 things to see with a telescope-Kids Edition

I love this book, it helps you know what things are possible for you to see with your telescope (and gives great info and explanations for kids!)

Nightwatch Star Guide

This guide is a little higher level but is amazing!

StarFinder Book 

Another amazing book with detailed information and great pictures to help you know what to look for (and what you are looking at!

The Night Sky Star Finder 

This star finder (also called Planisphere) is specific to the area you live in (so make sure you are choosing correctly!). You can turn it to the right date and have a map of the sky for that day! So cool!

A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars

This book is a beautiful picture book that would be a perfect addition if you are doing this gift for a family with younger children. Gorgeous pictures and a lovely way of learning what our universe is!

Space Game

This game has great reviews and a lot of variations that make it a fun and educational game for kids and teens!


A space puzzle would be a great addition for this star gazing family gift!

Would you love a stargazing gift? Is there someone on your list who would love it? I hope so!

Happy Gifting!

These 13 products will make an amazing stargazing family gift! Kids of all ages (and parents too!) will love to spend quality time together looking up at the wonder and mystery of the night sky. #familygiftidea #familygift #christmas #christmasgiftidea #giftbasket #wholegiftidea #thegiftygirl #creativegifting #thoughtfulgifting #giftbasketsforfamily #giftguide These 13 items are perfect for an out of this world stargazing family gift. A great gift idea for kids of all ages (and parents too!) ##thegiftygirl #familygiftideas #familygift #giftbasket #stargazing #creativegiftideas #thoughtfulgifting #giftideas #christmas #christmas2018 #giftguides

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