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Family Gift Idea: Record Breaking Family Gift Inspiration Board

This family gift idea is perfect for many different kinds of families, big ones, small ones, young kids, old kids…it’s for any family that loves to be active and have fun together! Combine the Guinness Book of World Records with some of the tools needed to try and break the records. This would be a great gift for so many different types of families and can be scaled up or down depending on your budget.  Plus you can grab a free printable to explain what this gift is all about! Just sign-up below for The Gifty Girl newsletter and get a special access password to the Gifty Girl Gift Printables Library!

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First, you need a The Guinness Book of World Records, 2019!  This year they have a list of challenges that you can try at home! PERFECT! I went ahead and found some records that would be super fun to try for this family gift. Here is everything you’ll need for this super fun and unique gift!

Next up, a Pogo Stick! This first Pogo Stick can hold 40-80 pounds which would be great for families with younger kids. If there are older kids you might want to use this Pogo Stick that holds 90-160 pounds.  The most consecutive jumps on a pogo stick is 88,047 and was achieved by Jack Sexty (UK) during Pogopalooza 2015 at Paine’s Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2015. I think my son’s record is 100! HAHA! This would be a fun one to try for.


Who doesn’t love bubble gum, and who doesn’t want to try for the LARGEST BUBBLE EVER BLOWN? You’ll need a whole lotta bubble gum (this bucket is just right for this gift!). And some rulers to measure…you’ll need to beat out Chad Fell who blew a bubblegum bubble with a diameter of 20 inches (!) without using his hands at the Double Springs High School, Winston County, Alabama in 2004. Chad says the secret of his success is blowing with three pieces of Dubble Bubble gum. Totally hooked up with the last link! Woot! I will NOT mention the largest bubble blown by nose. Blech!

Add a soccer ball and some serious arm strength to see if you can beat the fastest 50 meters walking on hands with a soccer ball between the legs. (26.09 seconds if you are wondering!)


Do your giftees have a dog? They can try and beat the “most successful skips over a rope achieved in one minute by a dog and a human. Our dog would get exactly ZERO. Add a jump rope  (or a few!) to this Record Breaking Family gift and there are a BUNCH of records to be attempted (plus it’s good exercise to boot!)

Did you know, the most dice stacked into a tower in 30 seconds while blindfolded is 19? Try it for yourself with this set of 50 dice and some cute blindfolds. You’ll need a stopwatch to keep track of those 30 seconds!

Tennis balls, a bucket and two competitors = a chance to catch the most tennis balls on the head in one minute (48!).

And last, sport cup stacking! The fastest cycle stack is 5.68 seconds. Kids, teens and parents will love trying out this Cup Stacking game.



Who you should buy this gift for?

This gift would be a fun family activity for families with young kids, teens, or even college-aged kids! My family would love to try and break these records!

The beauty of this Record Breaking Family Gift one is you can do all sorts of combinations. Pick the items that you think your gift recipients would like that also fit your budget and you are good to go!

So what do you think…any record-breaking families that need this for Christmas?? If you are looking for other family gift ideas try 15 Totally Fun Outdoor Games for families, or Shadow Puppet Theater Family Gift Stargazing Family Gift or a Big Top Circus Family Gift. Our family’s FAVORITE family gift is this STEM Family Challenge Kit.

Happy Gifting!

The Gifty Girl

This super fun family gift is great for families of all ages! This record-breaking family gift has fun activities that everyone will enjoy. Try and break the record for the most pogo jumps or stacked dice (blindfolded!). #familygiftidea #wholefamilygift #familygiftexchange #creativegiftidea #thoughtfulgiftidea #uniquegiftidea #christmas #christmasgifts #christmasgiftidea #giftguides

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  1. Jessica

    November 20, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    Great Idea!!! I love this! Simple, not expensive and super fun.

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