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The Greatest Showman: Circus Themed Family Gift

When extended family grows, gift giving gets harder! Sometimes a great (money saving) solution is to give a gift for the whole family. But then there is the challenge of thinking of something that:

1) The entire family will like

2) The family doesn’t already have

3) Doesn’t break the bank!

Here is one gift idea that fulfills all these requirements AND MORE.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your eyes to the center of the ring for The Greatest Showman CIRCUS THEMED FAMILY GIFT!

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What is this gift?

Let’s go over all the elements of this family gift.

1) First, a slackline. Slacklines are SO much fun and great for exercise and balance. Tighten it between two trees or poles and walk the tightrope together. This slackline contains a practice line to hold onto to keep everyone safe. You can watch it in action on this Youtube family review. Be warned, I watched it with my kids and now they are begging for one of these for Christmas.


2) Balance/Trick Ball: Remember how the elephants, those GIANT ELEPHANTS stand on a tiny ball? Well, here is the ball! How your giftees use it (safely we hope!) will be up to them. But surely a circus needs a ball!

3) Throw these clown noses  into this gift and watch the silliness ensue!

4) The Greatest Showman Soundtrack is a must for this family gift. No one can resist singing along to these songs!

5) Lights and Sound: This super cool gadget will throw rotating lights onto your ceiling AND works as a bluetooth speaker. This will set the stage for the perfect Red Top Event!

6) The Neoprene juggling clubs are soft, colorful and challenging. If you think juggling clubs might be too tough, go for these easier juggling balls. Or if the family has little and big kids, it might be a good idea to have both!

7) A unicyle.  Apparently, our neighborhood went through a phase with unicycles, and the tweens and teens ride them around all the time, it was very surprising at first but it is great for balance and exercise and would be a fun addition to this family gift!

8) Ticket Booth: If the family you are buying for has little kids, this would be an excellent way for them to be involved in the circus, their own ticket booth!

9) Ringmaster Costume: These only come in adult sizes but the hat and coat would be fun for any of the kids to wear.

10) Megaphone: This inexpensive megaphone will be fun to get the crowd’s attention (even if it is just stuffed animals).

11) Hula Hoops: Picture your gift recipients jumping through these hula hoops  circus style or do some traditional hooping.  And what grown-up can resist reliving their good hooping days? Also entertaining for the kids, haha!

12) Giant Lion Stuffed Animal: The children will be able to showcase some fancy tricks on this over six foot long lion!

13) Circus Tent: Another fun idea to add if there are small kids, this adorable circus tent has great reviews and would be fun to play in.  It also is suprisingly big (according to reviewers) but folds into a small carrying bag. Way fun!

Whether you put all of these fun items into a family gift, or just choose a few, this Greatest Showman family gift would be SO fun to give and even more fun to receive. Do you have the perfect family in mind?

Want to check out other fun and unique family gift ideas? Look at this STEM Family Challenge Box, or Shadow Puppet Family Gift, The Record Breaking Family Gift,

I hope this sparked an idea for you.

Happy Gifting!


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