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Play Spa Kit: Gift for kids and tweens!

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DIY Play Spa Kit Gift for kids and tweens

Okay mamas, this is a gift that will give right back to you! Introducing…the [play] spa set!  Not only is this a frugal gift (everything in this picture except the polish is from the dollar store!), but it is also a BIG hit with little girls.  I’m including a FREE Spa Printable that you can print, cut and get glued into a notepad at your local office supply store. My daughter loves to fill out these official papers when I go to her spa. And I have to tell you, the spa is really quite relaxing! I always get the works, because my daughter loves to do it all. She fills up a little bowl with warm water for me to soak my hands and feet in, she puts lotion on, she always does a fancy up-do to my hair and I get my fingernails and toe nails painted (she’s getting quite good!).

I made little Spa Sets for my daughter and some nieces when they were all going through a spa phase. Every time they got together, they ended up borrowing fingernail polish and other supplies and setting up a pretend spa. With this gift, they have everything in their very own spa caddy.

You can find all of the supplies you need from the dollar store…or you can go a little higher end and get most everything in the beauty aisle. I’m including some Amazon links if clicking and buying works better for you!

What’s in this Gift

A caddy You need some sort of container to put the supplies in. The one in this picture is from the dollar store and has held up quite nicely! You can find them anywhere though!

A manicure set  Fingernail files, a cuticle pusher downer, just the basics!

A pedicure set The foam things that push your toes apart make it much easier for little fingers to paint toes!

Gel eye mask My daughter keeps hers in the freezer, and it also makes a great ice pack in a pinch. Ha!

Fingernail polish set I found the one in the picture on clearance at Target, a bunch of little polishes are so much fun!

Fingernail polish remover because, inevitably there will be polish in places there shouldn’t be. I also threw in cotton pads to remove it with.

Combs a variety of combs for the fancy hair styling.

Squirt bottle also for fixing the fancy hair.

Who is this gift for

This gift is great for kids, tweens and possibly some younger teens.

The printable


Click here to download a cute spa checklist.  I had mine printed, cut and bound (with that sticky stuff that makes it like a notepad) at Office Max for $5 . It is so fun!


Are there any little girls who would love to open their own Spa Kit? I’d love to see how you put yours together!

The Gifty Girl

DIY [Play] Spa Kit Gift

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.