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15 Totally Fun Outdoor Family Games

I love any game that gets our family outside and playing together. Our five kids range in age from 14-years-old to 2-years-old so it is HARD to find activities we can all do together and actually enjoy!  I’m always on the lookout to find awesome outdoor family games and I’ve compiled a list of the very best games, including lots of DIY options. These make great family gifts and work well as gifts for people who “have everything.” See if any of these fun outdoor family games will work for someone on your list.

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Super fun outdoor family games



This game can be used on land or in a pool and works great for families with kids of all ages. It’s described as “next generation corn hole” but can be taken down and put in a portable backpack. It has hacky sacks so parents can show their kids some old school hacky skills. Haha!



This outdoor family game combines horseshoes, bocce ball and outdoor bowling and it won a Men’s Journal award AND a Creative Child Seal of Excellence award. It looks super fun, have you played this one?



This game is also called Viking Bowling…you try to be the first person to get to exactly 50 points by knocking down the numbered sticks (skittles). I love that kids can work on their math skills while you play!! There is a great DIY Tutorial on making your own Molkky game that you can read or PIN here



Kubb (or KOOB)

This is a Finnish game that is also based on a Viking game. You win the game by knocking down the King, but you have to eliminate the other team’s Kubbs first. There is also a DIY tutorial on how to make a koob game that you can read or PIN here.



Bottle Bash

I imagine this game was invented during a party with a bunch of drunk people..but it looks like an outdoor family game the whole family would love!  Each team has a bottle balanced on a stick and using a frisbee you try to knock the opposing team’s bottle off. Fun right?!


Bucket Ball 

Fill the buckets with water, then try and toss the balls in (is this like beer pong?! Can you tell I know nothing about drinking hahaha!).  You can buy beach or Party versions of bucket ball.

Disk Toss Game

There is a fancier name brand version of this game (which involves throwing a frisbee into a small cylinder while the opposing team tries to deflect it) but this has better reviews because of its durability and compact size. It’s also quite a lot less spendy!



This is a game we have! It’s a little tricky for small kids, but if you have a family on your list with athletic older kids/teenagers this is the game to choose! It’s fast moving and tons of fun…we bring it to the beach with us.



Any game name that has three consecutive Os in it has to be amazing. 😉  This game is like horseshoes…try to be closest to the center and score the most points.



Run Mat Race

This looks hilarious! Teams compete by running along the mat and rotating it (kind of like a hamster wheel!).

Classic Games re-imagined for the outdoors


Potato Sack Race

A fun classic, these potato sacks are durable and kids will get a ton of exercise.



Egg and Spoon Race 

Kids love to do egg and spoon races and this colorful kit also has a carrying case so you can play it again and again.


Yard Yahtzee

This set includes a dry erase board for scoring. Super fun game to play outside!


Four in a Row

This isn’t a super active game but would be great for something to play outdoors.


Giant Jenga

This game is NOT a great one for families with little kids…because when this tower falls you have to move fast or you will have a bunch of 2x4s crashing on you! Yikes! It is a great one to have on hand for teens or adults…and comes in a carrying case. You can also do a pretty easy DIY version of this… read about it here or PIN it for later.


Are any of these outdoor games one you would like to try with your family? Or a current family favorite? 

Happy Gifting, and happy outdoor family time!




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Jenjo Games

Saturday 24th of July 2021

Outdoor games like these are perfect for family gatherings and reunions. All these ideas seem so much fun, thanks for sharing this list!

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