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33 Cool Teen Girl Hair Care Products for 2024

Teen Girl Hair Care Products in a gift basket is a great gift idea for the tween or teen girls on your gift list. Now it seems like there are millions of products for hair (some useful, some fun!) so why not pick several and put them into a super fun gift basket that would make the best gift for teenage girls?  I’ve curated lots of cool products that will help your tween or teenage girl have the hair of their dreams! Keep on scrolling to see ideas for straight AND curly hair girls!Also, make sure to check out this companion post Teen Makeup Gifts: beginner beauty kit gift ideas for ideas on makeup gifts teen girls and tween girls will love!

This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

What do teenage girls like?

As girls become tweens and teenagers they start to care more about their appearance. If you’ve noticed the tween or teen girl on your gift list trying out new hairstyles then making a teen hair care gift basket would be a gift that is not only useful but so much fun! You can scale this gift idea up or one haircare product for the teenage girl on your list or buy several teen girl hair care products and make a gift basket out of them!

New hair style Inspiration for a Teen Girl Hair Care Gift Basket

Braids, Buns and Twists Book This book has tons of amazing step-by-step instructions for gorgeous braids, buns and twists. I know there are lots of YouTube tutorials but teenage girls will love having this book to have open on the bathroom counter as they learn to navigate these fun styles. The New Braiding Handbook is all about new braids If you have a girl who loves retro, this Timeless Makeup and Hairstyles book looks amazing!

Teen Girl Hair Care Styling Accessories for a Gift Basket

Grab your teen some fun styling accessories for their teen hair care gift basket. These Spin Pins twist into your hair to keep your teenage girl’s buns and other up-dos perfectly coiffed. Bun Maker A big set of donut bun makers will help your teen girl with so many fun styles! Traceless Hair Ties I haven’t tried these myself but I would love to! These leave no marks on your hair (and come in different colors to match your teenage girl’s hair color!). Claw Clips: Yep, the 90s are back in hair too! Your teen girl would love to be gifted this set of 8 neutral colored claw clips.

Fun and useful Styling Tools for Teen Girl Hair Care Gift Basket

There are tons of fun styling tools that your teen will love to try out! 

This is a styling brush hair dryer with the brush built in and has over 82 THOUSAND ratings! It is supposed to be magical and would be such a fun addition to a teen haircare gift basket! This Bed Head waver can give your teen girl gorgeous beach waves! We have this one and love it. A  professional straightener can give your teen stunning straight hair OR a gorgeous curl (with a little bit of learning how to twist it!). This is the top rated straightener on Amazon. Heatless Curling Rod Headband:  My teen daughter has been using this heatless curling rod for years and it works great. She actually discovered if she puts it in her DRY hair at night and sleeps on it she gets the best curls (she has fine, straight hair). Your teen girl will love this option for easy curls! Chi Spin ‘n Curl This is an especially great teen girl gift for a younger teen who is still learning to do their own hair, but it is fun for all ages who want curls! What makes this different from a normal curling iron is that inside the Chi Spin ‘n Curl is a rotating barrel that twists (and curls) your hair. Your teen girl just places a section of hair inside and slowly pulls down to get an excellent bouncy curl.

Curly Hair Products that make great gifts for Teen Girl Hair Care

If the teen girl on your shopping list has natural curl, there are amazing hair products just for her! Curly Girl, The Handbook This is the OG handbook for teenage girls with curly hair! Lorraine Massey teaches curly-haired women how to care for their hair in a way that makes their curls look amazing! Cake Beauty The Curl Next Door Shampoo, Conditioner and Curl Cream would make a great hair care gift for a teen girl. Satin Lined Sleeping Cap This sleeping cap will keep your curly girl’s hair looking fresh through the night! DevaCurl Defining Gel is a product that will help keep their natural curls looking perfect. A Microfiber anti-frizz hair wrap will help them dry their hair while they do other things! Last, John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Mousse will give major volume while keeping those beautiful curls in tact!

The Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Teen Girl Hair Care

Teenology Shampoo and conditioner  This shampoo is specially formulated to help prevent the forehead and nose breakouts that happen so often in teens.  It has amazing reviews and would be a fun addition to this teen girl gift basket (and the price makes it worth a try!) Dry Shampoo If your tween or teen hasn’t tried dry shampoo they will love this as a unique gift! Not only does it space out hair washing days, but it can also be used to add texture and make braids stay in longer. This is the number one best selling conditioner on Amazon…what is amazing about it is that it deposits color on your hair! Now this won’t work for us dark brown/black haired girls (BOO!) but if your daughter has lighter hair and you are okay with her experimenting with some fun colors, this could be a great gift for a teen girl hair care gift basket!

Hair Care Essentials for Teen Girl Hair Care Gift Basket

Microfiber Hair Towel I don’t know why I didn’t get these amazing towels years and years ago. No more dripping down your back! Hair gets dryer faster! Not expensive!! These Wet Brushes are like a miracle! Wet hair gets untangled quickly and without pain. This Comb will help get the perfect part or perfect tiny braid. Hair Mask This hair mask will make this haircare basket truly the best gift for teen girls because it is truly luxurious and pampering! It will help rejuvenate your teenage girl’s hair after days of styling. Continuous Water Spray Bottle This handy bottle will help to re-wet hair in the morning, or to style into braids. If your daughter uses products that heat up her hair, this straight hair spray will protect her hair from damage.

Fun Teen Girl Hair Care Accessories

Hair Chalk For those days that your girl wants to add a little color to her do! These are fun and wash right out. These fashion hair clips are all the rage for 2020. Grab this adorable set of clips and your teen daughter will love to try them out! Floral Headbands are fun extra for a teen girl hair care basket! This four pack of floral headbands is a great deal.

Unique Extra Gifts for a Teen Girl Hair Care Gift Basket

You can go beyond clips and pins to create a Christmas gift or birthday gift that teenage girls really want. These unique products might be something the teen girl on your list has been wanting to try out. 

Gummy Hair and Nail Vitamins to help with hair strength and growth and the side benefit of gorgeous nails and skin! – These gummy vitamins have amazing reviews, if you have a girl who wants longer, stronger hair (who doesn’t?) this would be a cool product to add to a teenage girl’s hair care basket. Hair Drying Scrunchie Add this to the list of things that I wish I had thought of! This hair scrunchie is absorbent microfiber so your daughter can throw up her wet hair and the scrunchie will dry it. Genius!  Cute Satin Scrunchies with bow Another product I see in so many teens hair! These scrunchies are adorable and come in lots of great patterns.

Containers for the best Teen Girl Hair Care Gift Basket

The right container makes every gift cuter! And having all of your teenage girl’s hair products in one place means better organization and time saved! Here are a few cute options your teen girl will love!

 This Portable Caddy for Hair Products is stylish and will help keep your teen’s hair products corralled! Another great option is this over the door hair styling tool organizer. This simple but beautiful hyacinth basket would be a great container for a teen girl haircare gift basket!

What do you think? Wouldn’t you have loved to get this unique gift as a teenage girl?  Is there a teen or tween on your list who would love their own basket full of cool hair care products?

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