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20 of the Best Gift Ideas for Kid Athletes: Soccer Edition

Sports are a great inspiration point for kid and teen gifts. Beyond the standard sports equipment (which they probably already have) there are a lot of really great products and gadgets you can find that will help them get better at their sport (and have fun!).  Here are 20 of the Best Gift Ideas for Kid Athletes: Soccer Edition.

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High Tech Soccer Gifts for Kids

Technology has worked its way into sports and it is a great way for kids to see their progress and get better at their sport! Here are some cool tech-centered soccer gifts.

Smart Soccer Ball – This ball is really cool! You download an app, scan the ball, then set up your phone on an included stand. This smart soccer ball has a virtual trainer and a library of drills. It keeps track of your progress and even has a place to record homework from your coach. Kids and teens will love this! The ball doesn’t require charging or batteries.

Ball Control Soccer Ball This is a ball specifically for improving ball control. It includes a code to unlock 50 videos and an app. “The principle of SenseBall is based on the concept of bilateral activity. Thanks to its specific design, 50 exercise videos, mobile app and didactical program online, a player practicing SenseBall will make an average of 500,000 touches of the ball in a season. In a training session, a player uses his left foot as many times as his right and moves through space in a balanced way left/right and backwards/forwards.” This has amazing reviews!

Wearable GPS Tracker This vest can be worn under a jersey and tracks distance, top speed, sprint distance and number of sprints. You can also compare your stats to professional players’ stats! Awesome!


Useful Soccer Gifts for Kids

This is a cool backpack…and sports backpacks wear out quickly, so you can’t go wrong getting one of these for a soccer playing kid.

A water bottle is essential (especially when you run as much as soccer players!). This water bottle does double duty as a mister for hot days, and it is a great price!

Another item that is handy to have in a soccer bag, is a ball pump. This one has its own carrying bag and includes five needles.


This is a large set (50!) of soccer domes (like cones, but easier to transport and less likely to blow over). These will be great for little soccer players to set up their own drills.



And to go along with the domes, this deck of soccer drills will give them drill ideas and instructions on how to do them.

I wasn’t sure if these should be in the “useful” or “fun” section of this blog post because they are both! These LED light up soccer cones would make evening practice super fun!

This double pack of soccer-themed headbands is adorable and would make a great (and inexpensive) gift for soccer players.

Just For Fun Soccer Gifts for Kids

Glow-in-the-dark soccer balls take soccer to a new and awesome level. Your kids (teens too!)  will love kicking this ball around at night. It has five-star reviews too!

Kids’ Hover Soccer Ball This fun set includes two goals and a lighted soccer ball (with a fan). Think of an air hockey game…but it is soccer and in your kitchen. This is a smaller toy (better for younger kids) but would be a great gift to provide some fun indoor soccer time.

This soccer decor would be a great gift for teen soccer players. When you love something you want it everywhere!

Girls will love this soccer t-shirt #likeagirl

Here is a fun shirt if you have a goalkeeper.

Books for Kids who love soccer

If you know me you know I will always slip in a few books into my gift guides. If you have a soccer playing kid who loves to read they will love these books! If you have a soccer playing kid who DOESN’T love to read this just might be the spark they need to see how joyful reading can be!

This is a highly rated book by Alex Morgan (Women’s world cup player, Olympic Gold Medalist). I love books that inspire kids to be their best!

This book tells the amazing story of Leo Messi’s rise to soccer fame.

World Soccer Records 2018- When kids love something they want to know ALL THE THINGS about it. You’ll be listening to stats and facts until you are blue in the face.


I hope one (or more) of these soccer gift ideas will be perfect for your soccer-loving kid!

Happy Gifting!


More than 20 gift ideas are great for kids who love to play soccer. These products will help kids develop their skills and have lots of fun!
More than 20 great gift ideas for teens who love soccer. These gifts will help teens develop their soccer skills while having fun!

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Hello Gifty Girl!,

This is a really great resource of gift ideas for soccer-playing kids! A deck of soccer drills is something that will come in handy when training for games or a soccer tournament. On our gift guide for soccer players we found some soccer-related gift ideas for kids too like a soccer-themed teddy bear and even a medal holder!

Looking forward to more articles!

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