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48 Genius Gifts for 6-year-old Girls

Looking for gifts for 6-year-old girls? You’ve come to the right place! I’m a mom to five, including two girls. My youngest is 6 years old, so this is my second go-round with gifts for 6-year old girls! 

I’m sharing all of the toys for girls age 6 that my daughters have had and loved as well as some new ones that look amazing. These would be great gifts for 6 year old girls for their birthday, Christmas or just because!

I hope my picks for the 42 best gifts for six year old girls help you choose a gift your 6 year old will love!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Open Ended Play Toys for 6 year old Girls

As a mom of five, I love giving open ended play gifts. I love any toy that will let my kids play all sorts of variations and use their imaginations! 

This gorgeous indoor play tent comes with lights and would be a wonderful gift for a 6-year-old girl! She could play pretend princess or read inside! 

Pretend Cash Register My six year old daughter LOVES to play store! 

Adventure Vest I’m a firm believer that girls love adventures and exploring as much as boys! This dress up will allow for unlimited adventures both inside and out. This vest comes with a safari hat, one reusable storage trunk, cargo vest, safari hat, light up flashlight, play binoculars, play water bottle, play camera, four animal figures, and six animal flash cards.

Imaginary Play Gifts for 6 year old Girls

Princess Chef Gift Set: This can be used for imaginary play PLUS real baking! My daughters love to help me in the kitchen, this set includes a hat, an apron, a cookbook and a reading book. 

SuperHero Capes and Masks: Girls love superheroes too! Gift her a imaginary play gift that helps her to feel powerful!

Fairy Finder Jar: This is an amazing combo of tech plus imagination! Open the fairy jar lid to “catch” and see up to 100 different fairies! If your daughter has friends with the same jar, they can trade and share the fairies they’ve found!

The Best Ride-On Toys for 6 year old Girls

Pedal Go Cart: My six-year-old has this ride on toy and it is SO much fun! I love that she gets exercise and she loves being able to steer like she’s driving a car. 

Light-up Scooter: 6-year-old Girls will love this pink scooter that has beautiful lights!!

Ezy Roller Ride On Drifter Toy: This is such a fun ride on toy! My son has one of these and my daughters steal it all the time to play on it. It is easy to use too!

A blond girl in a pink shirt is outside running toward the camera. She is smiling and her ponytail is blowing in the wind.

Active Outdoor Toys for 6 year old Girls

Light-Up Roller Skates: These are like the trifecta of Roller Skates for six-year-old girls. Light up, colorful and adjustable sizes! I would also get a good set of sports pads to go along with this gift. 

Hula Hoop: This can be an indoor or an outdoor toy, but hula hoops are a great gift idea for 6-year-old girls! 

Outdoor Skipping Stones: This is the toy that keeps on being a favorite for my kids! They love to play with them outside or in. We play the Floor is Lava and make obstacle courses. 

Active Indoor Toys for Girls Age 6

Ribbon Wands: Your six year old will LOVE dancing, spinning and playing with these colorful ribbon wands!

Dance Mat: Combine music, lights and dancing for an awesome indoor activity for 6-year-olds. 

Smart Jump Rope Machine: We had a similar machine years ago and my kids loved it! A rope rotates in circle…there are different speeds. This works great with multiple kids as well!  

Music Gifts for 6 year old Girls

Floor Piano Mat: My 6-year-old girl has this piano and it is so much fun! It comes with cards that teach them how to play songs and gets them moving as well!

Echo Dot Smart Speaker: This is the best! Your 6-year-old girl will be able to play music she likes, listen to stories (Amazon Story Time and Disney Stories!) do active games and even call you on the phone!

Disney Encanto Karaoke Machine: Little girls who love Encanto will think this is the best 6-year-old gift EVER! The karaoke machine can connect via bluetooth to Disney songs so your little girl can sing along to her favorite hits.

Tech Gifts 6 year old Girls will Love

VTech Kid Creator Camera: My 6-year-old has this camera and it is one her favorite things to play with. It comes with a green screen, toys and stickers she can add to pictures. 

Osmo Genius Starter Kit: If your 6-year-old has an iPad, this is a fun way to gift tactile technology! Using the iPad they can do math, build tangrams, practice spelling and play lots of fun games

Princess Bundle TonieBox-This is the greatest non-tech tech gift for your kids! It gives your kids the ability to listen to stories/songs WITHOUT a screen! Each Toniebox is a smart speaker…you place a figure on top and it plays stories and songs for that figure. There are other bundles that include Disney Pixar, Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol. 

A black girl with red and white striped pajamas is lying on her stomach reading a yellow book. Lots of other books are stacked around her. She has a ponytail and is smiling.

Books to Gift 6-year-old Girls

I always love to gift books because they are my favorite things! Here are some special books your six year old girl is sure to love.

Pet Fashion Book: If your little girl loves pets and fashion, this is such a fun activity book! She can design pet outfits using fashion stencils and stickers.

How to Draw for Kids: This book teaches kids step-by-step how to draw 100 different “adventure” drawings.

Fill-in-the-Blanks Ivy + Bean + Me Diary: My 6-year-old LOVES Ivy+Bean books and this fill in the blank diary has fun writing prompts for your little girl.

Building Toys your 6-year-old Girl will Love

Your 6-year-old will LOVE this cupcake dots building kit! Your girl can use adorable lego “toppings” to make all sorts of cupcake designs. 

Magnetic Building Blocks with Ball Track: This is a new twist on a classic Marble Run Game. Your daughter can build a tower for a ball run and then watch it go down. 

Magnetic Tiles Not only are these magnetic tiles most 6-year-old’s favorite colors…they also provide hours of fun! My daughter loves to play with these!

STEM Gifts for 6-year-old Girl Future Scientists and Engineers

Soap and Bath Bombs Science Kit Not only will your six year old love taking a bath with bath bombs SHE made, she will also learn science and get to practice scientific skills. 

12 pieces Jumbo Test Tube Kit: My six year old girl LOVES to do “science experiments” with test tubes, food coloring and various liquids around our house. This is a fun (and inexpensive) STEM gift that she can use for hours! 

Big Bubble Wand and Mix: Learn about the science of bubbles (and have lots of fun!) with this giant bubble wand and powder for making enormous bubbles. 

A blond girl wearing a rainbow shirt painting a rainbow on a big piece of paper on a white table. There is a bookshelf behind her with colorful books.

Gift Ideas for 6-year-old Girl Artists

Princess Necklace Activity Set Your girl will love this ready-to-go necklace making kit. There are lots of different princesses to choose from! 

This e-writing board is a fun gift that will allow your six year old to be creative and draw on the go! 

Spin and Spiral Art Station This is kid-powered (no batteries) and includes two classics, spiral art and spin art! Your six year old will love trying these out!

Sports Gift Ideas for 6-year-olds

Gymnastics Bar: They have made these bars so affordable, and girls love to hang, pullover and play on bars. You can check out my post with more gymnastics gift ideas 48 Gymnastics Gifts that Kids Will Flip Over

Foldable Soccer Goals: Not only are these soccer goals PINK they are easy to fold up for your soccer player. 

Sport Mini-Trampoline with bar:  Although this isn’t specific to one sport, your six-year-old girl will love bouncing and flipping over this bar and will get cardio exercise and gain strength. 

Room Decor Gifts for 6-year-olds

If your six-year-old girl has too many toys OR you are wanting to go a different direction with gifts, room decor is a fun choice! Here are some ideas!

Hanging Swing Seat: These are a great option for a girl’s gift! You can attach it to the ceiling with proper hooks OR purchase a hanging chair stand

Bed Tent: I just purchased this for my son and he LOVES it! It has a special spot to put an iPad so they can watch a show from inside their tent, now all my kids want one!

Child Desk: My six-year-old loves all things craft and drawing and she would die for a desk like this in her room! 

Bath Toy Gifts for 6-year-old Girls

Gift your girl some fun toys and products to make bath time special!

Rainbow Bath Bomb: These are like a dream for a 6-year-old girl! Rainbow colors, fizzing and delightful smells.

Aqua Lab Science Bath Toy: My daughter LOVES to make all sorts of concoctions in the shower, this toy is perfect for bath and shower science.

Bathtub Toy Set: This set has it all! A “shower,” fishing poles, squirters and an awesome water powered slide. Your girl will love it!

The Best Board Games for 6-year-old Girls

Lunch Basket Game:  My daughter LOVES this game! You spin to collect a plate, napkin, fruit, veggie, main dish, dessert and drink. If you spin an ant, you have to put an item back. 

Pretty, Pretty Princess Disney Game: This is a spin on a classic game where you spin to get all of the jewels (and crown!) to be a pretty pretty princess. 

The Fairy Game: We love cooperative games at our house because everyone has to work together towards a goal! In this game, you have to beat Mr. Winter before he freezes every flower. Another favorite of my six-year-old daughter’s is Mermaid Island

Classic Toys for 6-year-old Girls

Lite Brite: Six years old is a great age for this classic gift…it has colored pegs that you push through paper to make designs. The Lite Brite lights up the paper so you get a beautiful glowing picture! 

Barbie Pet Boutique Playset: Barbies have come a long way…I love how they have different careers and your six-year-old will LOVE all the little parts and pieces to play with! 

Domino Train: All right…so the domino TRAIN part is new, but making domino tracks is a classic toy! This looks like such a fun gift! You load the train up and as it drives it drops the dominos into a path you can then knock down. There are LOTS of options, this had the most reviews that were positive. It includes 80 dominos. 

Are you inspired with some great gift ideas for your 6-year-old girl? I hope so!!

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