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Chopped Gift Basket: Creative (and fun!) wedding gift!

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It’s a pretty good sign that you did well in the gift department when you get a “pre-thank you” thank you note! HA! A sweet neighbor girl got married and I found a way to jazz up a normal wedding gift into something a lot more fun!  And the best part is that this could be changed up to be an awesome gift for an individual, family, bridal shower, couple gift or wedding gift. Woot!

Newlyweds need essential items to build their home but just getting a toaster or mixer is kind of ho-hum. When I was thinking about a gift, the show  “Chopped” came to mind. In Chopped,  competitors are given 3 mystery ingredients and tasked with making the best dish featuring those ingredients. I decided to make a Chopped gift basket, including essential items and bags of mystery ingredients with the tag, “Congratulations, you got hitched! Now get Chopped!”

What’s inside:

The basics can vary on this according to what type of Chopped competition you want to do. For this wedding gift I went with a breakfast theme so I included a small skillet, a muffin tin, a set of measuring cups and spoons, a vegetable peeler, a paring knife, a cutting board, and mixing spoons. I put all of it inside a mixing bowl.  You could do a pizza theme instead and include a pizza stone, pizza cutter, rolling pin etc, there are lots of directions you could go depending on what you like and what your budget is.  You could do a lunch theme with a panini press, cutting boards, bread knife etc. This gift is so fun because you could really make it fit ANY budget!


You could add in this Chopped Cookbook (use what you’ve got to cook something great!) to any theme you choose!


You’ll also need to add Mystery Ingredients for the competition. This was fun! I just used two paper lunch bags to put the ingredients in but you could go much fancier. I did one bag of sweet ingredients and one of savory. In the sweet bag there was a small jar of lemon curd, a piece of fruit leather, and some macadamia nuts. In the savory bag I included a can of Nestle leche, a single serving packet of SPAM, and a jar of chopped green chiles.  You could probably find ingredients from your pantry for this. I didn’t include anything fresh because I knew they would be on their honeymoon and I didn’t want their gift to spoil.

I included an instruction sheet (which you can download free from my gift printables library by signing up for my newsletter), wrapped it up in cellophane and included a cute tag (also in the free printables!)



After the bride got back from her honeymoon she texted me this, “OH MY GOODNESS. You’ll get a proper thank you note in the mail, but I’m DYING I’m so in love with your wedding gift!!!! Thank you so much, we’re soooooooo excited to do our episode of chopped!” Gifting win! I’m so excited that they loved it and think any new bride and groom would have so much fun with this!

What do you think? Are you ready to do your own Chopped competition? (We have and it is SO much fun!)

Happy Gifting!




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