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50 Creative Ideas to take Wedding Gifts to the Next Level

Wedding season is definitely in full swing around here. I am a big fan of buying wedding gifts off of registries…mainly because of the gifts we got for our wedding. We did get many wonderful things…don’t get me wrong.  But we also got SIXTEEN CRYSTAL BOWLS. SIXTEEN. They were gorgeous, really lovely. But we were newlyweds just starting our own home and we didn’t even have measuring cups! So when I’m invited to a wedding I check the registry and buy something the couple really needs. However, I like to add a little something to make it more special. It doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money, but it can add a personal touch   These gifts also work great for bridal showers.

*This post contains affiliate links. This means when you click on a link and purchase an item, I receive a small marketing payment from AT NO COST TO YOU! 

Wedding Gift Toaster with Grilled Cheese cookbook and packetsWedding Registry Gift:  a Toaster

Wedding Gift Facelift:  a Toaster plus Reusable Toaster Bags Plus Grilled Cheese Cookbook

Wedding Gift Casserole Dish Mac and Cheese Cookbook Hot Pads and Trivets

Wedding Registry Gift:  Casserole Dish

Wedding Gift Facelift:   Casserole Dish plus Mac and Cheese Cookbook plus Hot Pads plus Trivets


Wedding Gift Knife Set Vegetable Butchering GiftWedding Registry Gift:  a Knife Set

Wedding Gift Facelift:   A Knife Set plus a Vegetable Butchering Cookbook plus a basket of vegetables



Wedding Gift Blender Smoothie Cookbook Straws Smoothie Cup


Wedding Registry Gift: a Blender

Wedding Gift Facelift: Give a Blender plus a Smoothie Recipe Book plus a package of extra wide smoothie straws and these adorable milk bottle glasses


Wedding Gift Pasta Pots Pasta Cookbook Pasta roller

Wedding Registry Gift:  pots

Wedding Gift Facelift: Give a pasta pot plus a homemade noodle recipe book a pasta maker and a pasta cutter wheel


Wedding Gift Omelette Pan Brunch Cookbook and Spatula

Wedding Registry Gift: Frying Pan 

Wedding Gift Facelift: Bobby Flay Brunch Recipe Book , an omelet spatula 


Wedding Gift Mixing Bowl Chopped Wedding Gift

Wedding Registry Gift: Mixing Bowls

Wedding Gift Facelift: A Chopped Gift Basket

In this post I talked about making your mixing bowls into a Chopped Wedding Gift. This gift includes mystery ingredients for the Bride and Groom to face off in a Chopped Style Challenge. You can also print free gift tags for this. Simply sign-up for my newsletter (always filled with great gift ideas!)  and you will get access to my Gift Printables Resource Library.


Wedding Gift Sheet Set Custom Pillows Linen Spray


Wedding Registry Gift: Bedsheets

Wedding Gift Facelift: Bedsheets plus  linen spray plus Mr. and Mrs.Throw Pillows


Wedding Gift Throw Blanket Books Movies

Wedding Registry Gift: Throw Blanket

Wedding Gift Facelift: Give a throw blanket plus his and her books and some his and her DVDs


Wedding Gift Pitcher Juicing Book and Water Bottles

Wedding Registry Gift: Pitcher

Wedding Gift Facelift: Give a pitcher some beautiful drinking glasses and a  hand juicer and a juice recipe book or his and her water bottles.


Wedding Gift Hand Mixer Pie Cookbook Pie Pans Mini Pie Pans

Wedding Registry Gift: Hand Mixer

Wedding Gift Facelift: Egg Yolk Divider  Pie Cookbook and a pie tin and some adorable mini pie tins (because everything is cuter when it is tiny!)


Wedding Gift Griddle Pancake Book Syrup Ebelskiver Pancake Pouring


Wedding Registry Gift: Griddle

Wedding Gift Facelift: Griddle with pancake pen dispenser   and pancake recipe book , pancake spatula and three kinds of syrup or Ebelskiver Pan with cookbook 


Wedding Gift Iron Ironing Mat Downy Wrinkle RElease steamer


Wedding Registry Gift: Iron

Wedding Gift Facelift: Iron with ironing mat, downy wrinkle release and a mini steamer


Wedding Gift Dutch Oven Dutch Oven Cookbook Ladle and Soup Bowls

Wedding Registry Gift: Dutch Oven

Wedding Gift Facelift: Dutch Oven with this amazing “Dutch Oven for Two” recipe book,  soup bowls and ladle 


Wedding Gift Towels Laundry Basket,Tide Pods and Downy

Wedding Registry Gift: Bath Towels

Wedding Gift Facelift: Bath Towels with a laundry basket, laundry soap and fabric softener

This was one of our favorite gifts from my husband’s aunt. She washed the towels in Downy too so they smelled great and were ready to use!


Wedding Gift Pizza Stone Pizza Bible Flavored Olive Oil Pizza Seasonings

Wedding Registry Gift: Pizza Stone

Wedding Gift Facelift: Pizza Stone with flavored olive oil and The Pizza Bible Cookbook which has recipes for pizza from all over the world.  You could also add this pizza seasoning and garlic and cheese dough flavoring. Yum!


Wedding Registry Gift: Muffin Tin

Wedding Gift Facelift: Muffin Tin (this has mini muffins and normal sized muffins!)  Muffin Tin Meals CookbookMad for Muffins Cookbook, Cupcake Cookbook. You could also add some fun cupcake liners and sprinkles!



Wedding Registry Gift: Cookie Sheet

Wedding Gift Facelift: Cookie Sheet  with a silicon baking mat and a Cookie Cookbook plus a cookie spatula and a variety of chocolate chip flavors.


I hope this gives you some great ideas for upcoming weddings or bridal showers. Which one would you pick?
Happy Gifting!

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Kimberly G.

Monday 11th of March 2024

This is wonderful. Can I please have the free printables for Something Blue?

Getting Married

Monday 12th of April 2021

All wedding gifts are very unique and innYou've provided some fantastic wedding gift Suggestions. Thank you for sharing this information. My brother will get married in a few days, and I'll be using your suggestions to surprise my brother on Valentine's Day. I really liked it. Thanks for sharing.

Aimee G.

Friday 22nd of June 2018

I love all your gift lists but this one is so so fun! I especially love that first toaster one, what a unique and fun gift. I think I might use it for a friend getting married later this summer!

The Gifty Girl

Friday 22nd of June 2018

Aimee, thank you so much for commenting, you made my day! I'm partial to the toaster idea too...I think my kids would love to try grilled cheese in the toaster! :)

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