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Top 10 Gift Ideas of 2017 from The Gifty Girl

I can’t believe that not only is it a new year, but it also marks the end of my first full year of posting gift ideas. I thought it would be fun to look back on 2017 at the top 10 most popular gift posts from this past year.

#10 The Gift of Love: 14 days of Valentine’s Love for your spouse and Kids

This was one of my favorite posts to write and give! Beginning February 1, I did 14 different acts of love (one each day) for my kids and husband without telling them what I was doing. It was so much fun to plan and execute a special way of showing my love each day, this post includes a free printable worksheet. I highly encourage you to try these Gifts of Love with your family this Valentine’s Day!


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Read it now: The Gift of Love 14 Days of Valentine’s Love for your spouse and kids

#9 Ten Amazing Gifts for High-Energy Kids

I have five kids, three boys and two girls and quite a lot of energy between the lot of them. 🙂 This post contains some of my family’s favorite toys that keep them active and moving indoors.

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Read gift ideas to keep your kids active and moving!

#8 The Greatest Gift Ideas for Grandpas

The greatest gifts for grandpas

After I did a survey of my readers I found the number one most difficult people to buy for are boyfriends/husbands/dads and grandpas. This post is all grandpa ideas and I think I found some good ideas for all different types of grandpas. I’ve used several of these on my own dad and he has loved them! Lots of free printables in this post.

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#7 Gift Ideas for Parents/Grandparents/Seniors

This post was one of the first ones I ever created. It includes some gift ideas for homebound seniors as well as free printables and innovative ideas that grandparents will truly enjoy.

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#6 45+ Useful Non-Toy Gift Ideas (they’ll actually love)

I absolutely LOVE to give gifts that will definitely get used! One way to ensure this is to buy useful things that are also FUN. I had a lot of great responses from this post…I hope you find some great ideas you like!

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#5 The Best Gift Ideas for your Mother or Mother-in-Law

The second most difficult people to buy for according to Gifty Girls readers are Mothers/Mother-in-laws. I totally get that! I had a great time putting together a big list of creative ideas, some to make, and some to buy, that all types of moms and mother-in-laws will go crazy over.  (The first idea is my FAV and would work for people besides moms too!)


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#4 The Best Gift Ideas for Teen Boys (Basketball Edition)

Ahh teen boys…they still WANT to get fun gifts but it is so hard to pick out things they will actually enjoy! This post was inspired by my own basket baller and has some of his favorite basketball gadgets. There is some COOL stuff available!

teen boy gift ideas for basketball players

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READ these basketball improving (but also FUN) gift ideas here


#3 25 Amazing Gift Ideas Made With (cheap) School Supplies

When back-to-school rolls around at our house I have to restrain myself from visiting stores like Wal-mart and Target. Why? Because I Loooooove buying school supplies! I tried to use that obsession for good when I made this post about gift ideas made with cheap school supplies. So read up, stock up, and decrease your gift budget this fall!

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#2 Five Reasons you should do a Family Gift Exchange and Ten Unique ways to do them


Family gift exchanges allow you to give great gift that a whole family will enjoy and there are so many exciting ways to do them. It might be a few months until you need to dust this post off, so make sure to pin it for next Christmas.

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And my most POPULAR GIFT IDEA from 2017 is…….

#1 Slime Kit Gifts

SLIME!! I’m not surprised that slime kits are still so popular because my kids continue to make slime at least once a week at our house. It is fun to mix, fun to play with and SUPER FUN to give as a gift. This post on Slime Kits was by far my most popular posts of 2017.

I tried to slime kit gifts easy for you by giving you a list of what you need for three different slime kits (beginner, intermediate and advanced) as well as free printable recipes and labels. Kids from 5 years old through teenagers will adore a Slime Kit Gift!

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Thanks for checking out my most popular posts of 2017… there are still a lot of great gift ideas that didn’t quite make the top ten you can check out! I also have TONS of gift ideas that I will be posting during the upcoming year. I can’t wait to share them with you! Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop of all things gift giving.

Happy Gifting!


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