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25 Creative Gift Ideas made with {CHEAP} school supplies

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Around this time of year I have to make a concerted effort NOT to go to any of the big box stores…why?  CHEAP SCHOOL SUPPLIES. I will totally admit I have a problem. I see those beautiful [cheap] notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, glue sticks, etc and I want to buy it all. Why? I don’t know, I just LOVE all of it. Anyone else crazy like me?!

This year I decided to add some order to the chaos. I came up with a list of __ amazing gift ideas that use school supplies, therefore giving me permission to BUY ALL THE SUPPLIES! Wahoo!!  Using these ideas you can stock up on the supplies while they are cheap and save money on your gift giving.  And when I’m at the store gazing longingly at those aisles of lovely supplies I will think of all of you stocking up and maybe it will give me the satisfaction and strength to buy only 20 crayon boxes. HAHA!

Let’s get started!!

Gifts for kids using school supplies

Composition Notebook + craft paper + old magazines + ribbon + Modge Podge = Customized journal, diary, drawing notepad. This is a simple craft that kids, tweens and teens would love. You could make the notebook for them, or cut out or print off pictures that represent the child and give them all of the tools they need to make their own notebook.

Crayons + Coloring Book + Travel Tray Travel day or sick day coloring kit. My kids absolutely love having their own tray to color on. These work great at home or in the car and sometimes we use them to eat on (breakfast in bed is the best!)

Crayons + Dinosaur silicone mold= dinosaur crayons = This gift has limitless possibilities! Pick a silicone mold that corresponds with an interest your child has, make crayons and pair it with a similar coloring book. Kids would go crazy over this! You could personalize this with all sorts of different types of silicone molds like this animal/insect silicone mold.  This tutorial gives you all the info on how to make your own crayons (spoiler…it is SO EASY!) You could also think REALLY far ahead and buy cheap crayons now to make shaped crayons for your kid’s valentines! Woot!

Crayons + River Rocks + Online Tutorial Link = Melting rock craft kit. I’m dying to try this out, I would love a kit to make this happen!


Crayons+ Fabric+ Sewing Skills + Gingercake Printable PDF pattern= Ah-mazing Art Portfolio (My kids would really love this! I think it would be great for road trips/church. For $10 you can purchase the downloadable PDF pattern which also includes a mini crayon art portfolio. Bonus! If you are able to sew these would be a treasure for kids!

Paint set + paintbrushes + mini canvas + mini easel = Little artist gift.  Every summer, I buy my kids one special canvas and they each paint a masterpiece that is then hung in our playroom. It is crazy how excited they are for a “fancy” canvas. Putting together these things into a gift bag would be a fun gift for kids.



Colored Pencils + PencilsBlank books + Free Printable Writing Prompts = Be an Author gift. I wrote more about this on this blog post but kids love to use their imaginations and having a blank book that is all their own is very exciting. This can be an inexpensive and fun gift especially when combined with school supply sales. Print your own free writing prompts from my free Gift Printable Library by signing up below!


Colored pencils + Coloring book + ArtBin = Portable Coloring Kit. This could be personalized to particular kid’s interests (dinosaur coloring book, Moana coloring book, Despicable Me Coloring book, educational workbook etc etc).

Colored Pencils + Crayons  + wood and skills = Art Table centerpiece Rustic DIY Pencil holder This is a gorgeous centerpiece for an art table! I’m not sure who would love this more…the mom or the kids!

Sharpies + White ceramic cocoa mug + gloss finish modge podge + online tutorial link = Make Your Own hot cocoa mug kit. You could even add some stickers to this gift (some tutorials have a sticker shape they put on the mug and then they put dots all around the letter and remove it…so cute!). All three of my biggest kids would have a blast decorating their own mug.

Colored pencils + markers + Crayons + Scissors + Glue + Glue sticks + Art caddy = Homework Caddy. I love this idea from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry and have something very similar in my house. It is a life saver for moms. At homework time, I keep this on our table and everyone has the supplies they need. This is the TIME to stock up on supplies for your caddy. If you know a mom who has a birthday coming up this would be a useful gift that will save her time!

Pencils + Tape + Glue + Scissors + Paper + Colored Paper + a bunch of other supplies = STEM Family Challenge Kit This is still one of my kids favorite things to pull out on a boring day and is such a fun family gift! The supply list and 26 fun and brain invigorating challenges are available to print for free in my printable resource library. You can stock up on many of the necessary supplies now and cut down the cost of this fun and unique family gift.  Get all the details here on the STEM kit. Your kids will love this, I promise!


Gifts for teens using school supplies


Colored pencils + fancy coloring book= Big Kid Coloring Kit. Not only is coloring fun, but it is also calming. So often teens are little kids trapped in a grown-up body. This will give them the chance to zone out and have fun.


Colored pencils + Finish This Book= This book is filled with creative prompts that get tweens and teens thinking and writing! It is so much fun!

Colored pencils + sketch book + How to Draw Cool Stuff Book= drawing gift. Even a kid that isn’t currently an artist would like a chance to express themselves artistically. This gift gives them that opportunity to try drawing in a safe environment.

Sharpies + canvas tennis shoes = DIY Tennis shoe decorating kit Even if the only place they wear them is at home, tweens and teens would feel proud to make their very own patterned tennis shoes!

Sharpies + canvas tote bag = DIY Tote Kit Like the tennis shoes, this would be a fun gift that lets kids create and express themselves!



Glue + Clear Glue + Glitter Glue + Borax + Food Coloring + cheap shaving gel + Free Printable Recipes and sign = The ultimate Slime Kit Gift! This post is my most popular for good reason. Kids, tweens and teens LOVE slime and it makes a great gift! Now is the time to stock up on glue and you’ll have awesome (and inexpensive) gifts ready to go. Don’t forget, you can print ALL of my gift printables for free by signing up below.


Gifts for Teachers

Crayons + Frame  + Knife + Glue Gun +Print= Monogram  Teacher Sign.j  I fell in love with the monogram teacher sign from A Mom with a Lesson Plan. It is simple to make, and purchasing your crayons NOW while they are on sale means you could make this gift inexpensively enough that you could grab a gift card for the teacher too!


Crayons + Clock + embroidery Hoops + Hot Glue Gun = Crayon Clock! Another cute (and useful!) gift for teachers made by Penelope at Penelope’s Portfolio. Find the instructions on Penelope’s website!

Sharpies + Super Cute Gift Tag= Useful teacher supplies! This would be a great gift for the first day of school, teacher appreciation, or last day of school. Stock up now and save money so you can buy other things your teacher needs!

Gifts for Others


Sharpies + Sharpie craft book + a creative friend = Fun and unique gift idea! If you have a crafty friend this would be a fun, unexpected gift that I can probably guarantee they don’t already have. 😉

Index cards + favorite recipes + recipe box = Thoughtful, useful and personalized gift! This would be an amazing gift for someone heading off to college or a sweet wedding gift. I love this recipe box in particular because it has a spot to hold the card on the lid while you cook. Awesome!

Scissors + Wrapping Paper + Tape = Fast & Frugal Wrapping Paper Gift.  This is a great gift for someone who has everything because 1) it’s fun 2) Everyone needs wrapping paper. Read more about it on my post here. This would also be a fun neighbor gift at Christmastime, or a teacher gift!


Decorative white board or chalkboard + White Board Markers or chalk  +  The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering + a year of quote ideas= Inspirational Quote Board Gift. I love quotes, and I love hand lettering. Combine these two things with either a white board or a chalk board and you have a fun gift for moms, sisters, grandmas, mother-in-laws, neighbors and friends. You can print off a year’s worth of quote ideas to go with the gift from my gift printables resource library.

So there you have it…25 fun gift ideas that you can combine with super cheap school supplies to give awesome gifts and whittle down your budget. What caught your eye? I’d love to hear your school supply gift plans and it wouldn’t hurt to know I’m not the only one with an unhealthy love for cheap notebooks and glue…haha!

Happy Gifting!


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Adree | The Keele Deal

Wednesday 4th of December 2019

So many fun gift ideas! I love that these are fun and practical!

click here

Monday 17th of September 2018

This week’s pic relates to my post reflecting on my GCSE results as teens received theirs this week. My definition of success is much broader than just the academic side of life and I want my children to know there is more to life than grades. That’s not to say that exams and their results are not important, just that they don’t need to necessarily be top priority especially in comparison with being a decent human being!

Mac Kosel

Tuesday 12th of September 2017


Recently I was search for some cheap gift ideas specially for Christmas event. Yah, I know it's pretty early but I think organizing works will help me to save time during the event days.

I think your this article will be pretty helpful for the kids to find out prefect gift ideas for their friends even without spending any money. Although, I may not have any kid follower on my Twitter but your this article is so AWESOME that I had to Tweet it!


The Gifty Girl

Thursday 14th of September 2017

Thank you Mac!

Shani | Sunshine & Munchkins

Sunday 20th of August 2017

I've been buying school supplies for the last few years even though this is the first year I actually have a child going to school, haha! I just love how cheap it all is and it makes doing arts and crafts at home so much easier too.

The Gifty Girl

Sunday 20th of August 2017

Can you EVER have too many crayons?! ;) Thanks Shani!


Sunday 20th of August 2017

What darling ideas! I love school supplies too so I'd be thrilled with any of these gifts!

The Gifty Girl

Sunday 20th of August 2017

Thanks Christine!!

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