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8 Creative, Inexpensive birthday gifts for kids to give!

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Birthday party gifts are no easy task for moms. First off, you often don’t know a lot about the birthday kid and secondly these things add up! When you have a few kids, and they each have several friends, and you spend money on birthday gifts Cha-Ching Cha-Ching Cha-Ching!  I was excited to take on the task of thinking up some creative and INEXPENSIVE birthday gifts for kids to give. I came up with 8 gifts that include adorable free printables to make things easy for you.

I try to come up with a “gift of the year” for each of my children. I buy 5 or 6 of the same gift and have them all ready and assembled in our gift closet. That way if there is a last-minute invitation or a LOST invitation and a frantic kid telling you there is a party in one hour (ummm, never happened here! haha!) you will be prepared! Grab the gift, wrap it up and hooray! No stress, no extra spending!

I had so much fun appearing on KSL’s Studio5 today and sharing these gifts. I hope you can get some inspiration and get set up for future birthday parties!

Get access to ALL of the free printables by signing up for the Gifty Girl Printables Resource Library below. I will send you a code and you can go to this page to download and print off these (and other!) fun printables.


Jump Rope and Rhymes

This gift is a fun one for elementary aged kids. I like to go back to classic toys like this and add a little flair to make them special. You can purchase a jumprope and add the free printable Jump Rope Rhymes from the Gifty Printable Resource Library. Find all the details in this post! 



Fast and Frugal Jump Rope Gift


Best Bubble making kit

For around $10, you can make this awesome Bubble making Kit! This gift would be great for kids preschool through elementary school. And let’s be honest, older kids and parents will love this gift as well! Find all the instructions and printables in my Biggest Best Bubble Kit post!


Ye Ole’ Pirate Kit


For less than $15, you can make a Pirate kit that is sure to make all little kids thrilled! This is a great gift for preschoolers through early elementary aged kids. And with a free printable pirate map and gift tag you can make this oh-so-cute, oh-so-easy!!

Get all of the details on my Ye Ole Pirate Kit Post.

Blank books/Finish this book

This is a great gift for aspiring artists and authors. For under $3 per book, you can get these great, blank books. The cover is not shiny so you can draw on it with markers, crayons or colored pencils. You can purchase 6 blank books here, then give out some or all of them as a birthday gift.  I made some printable book writing prompts that you can cut out and add to the gift to inspire some fun book ideas! I would add a newly sharpened pencil and some colored pencils, crayons or marker depending on the recipients age.  These blank book gift would be great for elementary aged kids!


For late elementary and middle school aged kids, this amazing book called “Finish This Book” by Keri Smith is a fun and unique gift idea. The book is completely interactive and includes tasks, codes and other fun things for kids to do as they “finish” the book.  I love this idea as well as her other books like Wreck This Journal and The Imaginary World of ____. They are around $10 and would be a fun “stock up” gift. 


Spa kit

A spa kit is a frugal gift for elementary and middle school aged kids. I got most of my supplies at the Dollar Store! Find out all of the details and print off a fun pretend scheduling notepad here on my Pretend Spa Kit Post .



Coloring Kit

Coloring is “en vogue” right now for kids and adults! An easy and inexpensive gift would be a coloring kit. You can make these VERY inexpensive gifts by stocking up on colored pencils, markers and crayons during the fall when school supplies are on sale for ridiculously awesome prices. Also, as an aside, I have an addiction to buying school supplies and have to avoid stores in the fall or I end up with 47 lined notebooks, 20 packs of crayons and oodles of glue sticks. 😉

For younger kids you could include an art caddy with crayons, markers or colored pencils along with one or two coloring books (dollar store!). I made a free printable tag that says “You are Color-ific! Happy Birthday!”




Older kids might enjoy an adult coloring book with some beautiful sharpened colored pencils (yes, I totally have a problem…oooh new colored pencils!!) This has a free printable tag also that says, “Friends like you make life colorful. Happy Birthday!”


Favorite Things

This is an easy gift to throw together last minute. Simply text the parents of the child (or ask your kid!) what the birthday boy or girl’s “Favorite Things” are.  I think we forget, sometimes, what it is like to be a kid without an income or car. It is SO EXCITING to get a treat that you love all for yourself! I just threw a bunch of treats in a bag and added a cute little tag (free printable!) Wahoo! I love easy gifts and kids will love getting this too!

Magnetic Poetry

Ahh magnetic poetry. If you haven’t tried it YOU MUST! They have such a huge variety of magnetic poetry these days that you should be able to find a kit that would fit pretty much any personality. These come in a box with 200 themed magnets (for the standard size kit) for around $13.  I thought these would be a super fun gift for middle schoolers and high schoolers with lockers. Basically you have these magnets and people will gather and throw together funny (and sometimes amazing!) poems.  Right now zombies are pretty popular and they have an apocalypse themed magnetic poetry kit. They also have dance themed, baseball, geek and even an adorable little kids version called Story Maker. My little ones would love this!  Stock up on several versions and your teens could give these unique and fun gifts to their friends.




Slime Kit

They are RUNNING OUT OF GLUE at stores here. I’m not even joking. That is how “in” slime/gak/goo kits are here! This was the gift that all of the Studio 5 employees were looking at up close because they have kids they think would love it. And they will! This would be a great gift for elementary through middle school aged kids. My 12-year-old makes slime nearly every day. I am definitely stocking up on glue this fall!

Find out all of the details and get free printable recipes and signs at my Slime Kit post here.


So there you have it. 8+ unique, fun and inexpensive gifts for your kids to give as birthday presents! I hope this gives you some great ideas on gifts for your gift closet.

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Happy Gifting!

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