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Slime Kit Gift

Click HERE for a new updated Slime Kit Gift post with THREE different kit ideas (beginner, intermediate and advanced slime kits)

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Are your kids into the slime/goop/goo/gak craze right now? It’s honestly nuts…every time I try and buy glue at my local grocery stores there is NO GLUE. For real! I had to go out of our city to find school glue!

My 12-year-old is the inspiration for this gift because he actually asked for it for Christmas! Since Christmas he has been trying out lots of different recipes (and even making one of his own creation) and has narrowed it down to four perfect recipes that I made into a free printable.

The thing I love about this gift is that it is really versatile (and inexpensive!). This gift would be good for kids from about kindergarten through middle school. I actually think that high school kids would enjoy making this as well so it could be a great family gift too.

EASY DIY Slime Kit Gift for kids including free printable slime recipes and sign

What’s In this Gift

There are basic ingredients in every slime recipe, so we’ve included those as well as some extras for when kids want to try something a little different. You will need:

White school glue

Borax (you can find this in the laundry aisle) I put it into a smaller container because you only need a 1/2 or 1 teaspoon each recipe

Food coloring 

Measuring Cups and spoons (I bought mine at the Dollar Store!)


Elmer’s Clear Glue

Glitter Glue  (Or you could buy plain glitter)

Container (this doubles as a mixing container, I bought mine a the dollar store)

Floam Styrofoam Beads (I threw foam cups in our blender with a few tablespoons water and it worked great!)

Shaving Cream (I also bought this at the dollar store)

Slime Recipes: You can download free printable slime recipe cards in the Gifty Printables Resource Library! Just put your email address and you will get a code to get access to the Printables Page.

Putting it together

This gift is so easy to put together! I just put all of the ingredients into the container along with the recipe cards. You can also print off the Slime Kit container sign from the Printables Library. Woot!


What it costs

Fast & Frugal for sure! By purchasing the containers, shaving cream, measuring cups and foam cups (for floam beads) from the dollar store, the only real expenses were Borax (which I actually have on hand from making laundry soap), food coloring and glue. The whole kit is around $15! You can save even more money by stocking up on glue in the fall when school supplies are amazingly cheap!

I’m telling you, kids love making AND playing with this slime! If you store it in a ziploc bag or airtight container it will give you several weeks of fun!

Who will you make this Slime Kit for? I’d love to hear!!

Happy Gifting!


DIY Slime Kit Gift for kids, tweens or teens

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Wynne McCann

Wednesday 11th of April 2018

How do I get access to the printables library? I put my email below is that how I get in?

The Gifty Girl

Wednesday 11th of April 2018

Hi Wynne, Yes, once you put in your email an email is automatically sent to you with the link to the printables and the password. Check your spam folder, it sometimes goes there! Please let me know if you haven't gotten it and I will help you out! :) [email protected]

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The Gifty Girl

Friday 21st of July 2017

Thank you! I hope you can use it!

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