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Inspirational Quote Board

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Today’s gift idea was one I wanted to keep for myself…I just love how these Inspirational Quote Boards turned out!

Years ago I went into a neighbor’s house and noticed a chalkboard hung at the bottom of their steps. She wrote quotes on it that she wanted them to read and think about. I absolutely loved it! When we moved into our current house one of the first things I wanted was my own quote board on the way down our stairs.

I’m not a beautiful calligrapher (I’d love to work on it though!), but I do enjoy thinking of quotes that might inspire my kids and husband and adding them to the chalkboard that they see every day when they walk down the stairs. I think quotes are a wonderful way to help lift our thoughts higher and give us something to think about on a deeper level.

I have (twin) older sisters and had the idea to get them their own chalkboards and make a big list of inspiring quotes to print off for them. Fun idea, right? Unfortunately when I went to buy said chalkboards there were none that I found that I loved! Boo!

I did find these beautiful decorative magnet boards at Hobby Lobby and thought they were perfect for my sisters. Now I had the problem of how to add the quotes. Why did I worry when we have at our fingertips the beautiful work of so many talented people? I started googling and found some amazing round-ups of inspirational quotes. I downloaded them into one document, printed them off and voila! Quotes were done!

The rest of the gift came together very easily. I put the quotes into a folder and wrapped them up along with the magnetic board.

Inspirational Quote Board Gift idea

Inspirational Quote Board Gift Idea

Who this gift is for

This would be a fast and frugal gift for your sisters, mom, neighbor or friend! You could tailor the quotes to go with the specific person as well:  literary quotes for a reader, religious quotes, fitness quotes, humorous quotes. You could also do a smaller version for a desk or refrigerator if you thought they didn’t have space for a larger board. These are kind of a big version of the QuoteBundles that I sell in my Etsy shop that I wrote about in an earlier post.

What it costs

This gift could easily be tailored to any budget. The quote boards I purchased were $35 at Hobby Lobby. I tried to find them on their website but couldn’t! I found some alternative magnet boards on Amazon.

This blue one for $27 (price could change!)

Or you could go with my original idea of a chalkboard (this one is magnetic too, so you could either add chalk and a list of quotes or print the quotes like I did.) This chalkboard/magnetic board is just under $40.

The Quotes

The quotes I used in my sisters’ presents can be found in the round-ups from  City Farm House and Its always autumn. The quotes you see in the frames are found specifically at  Angie Sandy (C.S. Lewis Quote) , Thirty Handmade Days (gratitude quote) and The Happy Housie (Hope Springs Eternal).  I love their work and am so happy I was able to print them off so easily for my sisters!

Can you think of someone who would love a little extra inspiration each day? Maybe you should Pin this gift for later. (Think…Mother’s Day!)

Happy Gifting!


This Inspirational Quote Board makes a fun, fast and frugal gift for friends, sisters, moms or even yourself! Get all the details and links to print the FREE quotes from The Gifty Girl.

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