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18 Creative Gift ideas for young writers

I think most people dream of being an author at some point in their life. Anyone who has lost themselves in the magic of a book naturally wants to be the creator of the same magic for someone else. I’m all about gift ideas that help kids explore and develop their talents and I have my own little budding author. She is always thinking up new books and storylines and it is so fun to see what’s going on in that creative brain of hers!

Here are some ideas of gifts if you know and want to encourage a young writer.

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Somewhere to write



A writer needs somewhere special to practice their craft. If they don’ t have a desk, a lap desk is a great alternative. These come in lots of fun different colors.

While this is advertised as an art desk, if you have a young writer this would be amazing for writing on! We have this desk and my kids love it. It has lasted for years and it is durable and perfect sized. I would say this works great for kids ages 3-8.

This gorgeous desk would be perfect for a tween or teen writer.  Just make sure it fits in your space!


Something to write on

For younger writers, I love these journal/notebooks that have writing lines along with space for an illustration.

We also love these Blank Books in our house. My kids love to make their stories into “real books” by using their best handwriting and illustrating in these hardcover books. They are such a treasure for this mom to keep and are relatively inexpensive.


For older kids, you could go with inexpensive legal pads, composition notebooks, or a beautiful leather journal like this one.

I’m kind of geeking out about this typewriter! I looked for one for my daughter a few Christmases ago and couldn’t find one.  Why a typewriter when there are computers and printers?? I think a typewriter gives a different immediate type of satisfaction that you can’t get from a computer file. This typewriter from American Crafts is adorable and would be so much fun for an aspiring author. My only hesitation with this one is that it doesn’t have the best reviews (although it doesn’t have that many reviews).

This typewriter is quite a bit more expensive but has better reviews.  It isn’t quite as cute as the first typewriter though.


Mid-level Laptop

This laptop would be great if you want to invest in technology that will do more than just write. 😉 This is a mid-level that would be great for a tween/teen.

Something to write about

This is probably the biggest hang-up for new writers. What do I write about? 

Make it easier for your young author by adding something to their gift that will help them!


I made some fun free printable writing prompts if you want to include them with your writing gift. Sign up for the Gifty Girl Printables Resource library and get an access code for this printable as well as tons of other fun gift printables!

I also love these story cubes.  Kids can roll the dice and get different prompts for their stories. (These are also really fun to bring on trips, compact and you can just make up stories out loud with the whole family!) This set of cubes looks really fun too (could be a stand-alone gift!). It includes Fairy Tales, Scary Stories and the classic Story Time.


642 things to write about has creative prompts that will get kids’ writing wheels going!

This Amazing Story Generator is probably more suited for teen writers, but the format is so fun! The pages are divided into three parts, that give you a fun prompt when combined. 

Scholastic has a super fun Story Starter machine that gives prompts and lets you actually write stories and print them out in different formats (like a newspaper story). A great link to add to the gift card.

There are also writing prompts that you could print off and include in the gift like these Lego Mini-figure writing prompts from HomeGrown They would be perfect for a kid who loves legoes and writing!

And here are Star Wars writing prompts from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls.

You could also encourage your young writer to write more about themselves.

My book about Me was a book I had when I was little, and it has questions for kids to answer about themselves. It is so fun to look back at! What was even MORE fun was when I saw my husband had the SAME BOOK he had filled out when he was little. Serendipity!


This All About me Keepsake journal would work great for kids ages 8-12.

This would work for older teens and asks lots of good questions that help them in essence to write their biography. 

Older teens would love a book like this All About Me and the in-between ages might like “All About me, a Keepsake journal for kids.”


This book has helpful ideas and information for aspiring young writers.


If you are giving a writing gift to a teen, these online courses are pricey ($100+) but look amazing. Some options include Teen Scriptwriting, Video Game Writing, Creative Writing and Non-Fiction Writing.

I hope this gift idea fits a lucky kid in your life. Maybe it will inspire the next Shakespeare or J.K. Rowling?

Happy Gifting!


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