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DIY Early Christmas Gift for Neighbors

This DIY Christmas Gift for Neighbors will help you check off your gift list in a fun and creative way! Use the free printables Christmas Gift Tags and impress your neighbors with a fun and useful Christmas Gift.

This is a great year to spread some Christmas cheer to your neighbors and co-workers. If you want to avoid giving sweets, and want to keep down the costs of your neighbor gift, I thought up a great DIY Early Christmas Gift for your neighbors!

I personally love giving Christmas gifts to neighbors early on in the season. That way, I’m can check them off of my list and have more time for other fun holiday traditions!

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I came up with this idea when I saw some adorable Christmas-themed magnetic To-Do lists. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are useful…doesn’t everybody need a festive to-do list?

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Last, you can also attach a fun Christmas pencil or pen, although I think it looks great even without one.

This DIY Christmas Gift for Neighbors is so much fun! Your neighbors will be thrilled to have a gift that they can use as they plan out their holiday celebrations and you will be ecstatic that you are done with neighbor Christmas gifts! Win-Win!

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Happy Gifting!

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