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39 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him in 2024

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him can be really difficult. Didn’t we just think of the perfect gift for Christmas for our special man?

It seems like people either really, really love Valentine’s Day…or they really, really hate it. One thing that puts people off is that it’s a holiday that is supposed to be all about love but the expression of this love is, well, forced. Everywhere you turn you see advertisements for the “typical” Valentine’s gifts: Roses, jewelry, chocolates, same old same old.

I’m all for having a day where we express our love for each other because, well LOVE! I think by breaking out of the mold and choosing more thoughtful gifts we can bring the surprise and LOVE back into Valentine’s day!

There are THOUSANDS of gift guides out there, but today I want to share with you the best gifts that are a little out of the box. Here are some non-flower, non-chocolate, non-jewelry long LASTING gifts that will show your boyfriend or husband how much they mean to you. I hope this gift guide helps you choose the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special guy. 

This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

What do Guys Want for Valentine’s Day? 

When you are thinking about the best Valentine’s Day gifts for guys, the best thing to do is to put yourself in their shoes. I’m not saying there aren’t some sentimental guys out there…but I AM saying that sometimes the ooey-gooey love gifts aren’t as appreciated by men.

If you want to express your love with a romantic gift I think you should go for it, but might I suggest that you take it to the next level by also getting him a useful gift or something he enjoys?

By choosing a thoughtful gift that he will actually use and adding in some sentimental thoughts, you’ll come up with great Valentine’s Day Gifts that your guy will adore. Read on for tons of great suggestions (that will make this easier for you!)

Valentine’s Day Gifts for him that celebrate where you’ve been:

Traveling creates strong bonds and special memories. Celebrate the places you’ve traveled and your favorite memories with the perfect present. From scratch off maps, to maps that you can put your photos in, you can surprise him with a gift that reminds him of all the good times you’ve shared!

scratch off map of the world would be fun for decoration and planning your next vacation together as a couple! You can hang it in your living room or bedroom for a reminder of the places you’ve been and want to go. 

If you and your boyfriend, spouse or partner love to visit U.S. National Parks, this scratch off map would be such a fun Valentine’s Day Gift.

This Valentine’s gift is a fun combination of scratch off map and bucket list! The poster has a list of the top 100 travel destinations.

This 36″ by 24″ U.S.A. photo map has templates so you can cut out photos from your travels and add them.

This stunning world map pin board would make an elegant Valentine’s Day gift. It includes 100 pins and 60 stickers for you to mark your travels.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Future Travels

If you haven’t had the chance to do a lot of traveling, your Valentine’s Gifts for Him can also show the places you hope to go. It can be fun to dream about trips and even put money aside to help you reach your goal.

This Adventure Fund Bank makes for pretty decor and has the inspiring message “Saving For Our Next Adventure.” It has an opening in the top (add some money to get your fund started!).

Another Travel Fund Box, this one can standalone and is so cute!

This travel shadow box can be used to save money OR to save mementoes from travel. It has a picture of the countries of the world on the front of it.

50 States 5,000 Ideas is a book that can give you and your husband ideas of “where to go, when to go, what to see and what to do.” It’s perfect for dreaming and planning!

Ultimate Journeys for Two: Your partner will love this book that gives you ideas for amazing places to travel on every continent.

Our Bucket List Adventures Book has prompts to help you and your husband plan bucket list for your life together and even spots to keep sentimental mementoes and record the places you visited.

Great Ideas for Sentimental Gifts for him

Let’s be honest…sentimental gifts (no matter how well intentioned) can often fall flat with men. I did a survey that showed that 95% of men prefer more “useful” gifts. However, here are some Valentine’s Gifts for Him that are more on the sentimental side if you want to go this direction.

Capsule Letters in a Bottle These little capsules have papers inside them so you can write memories or things you love about them. So fun!

Couples Coupon Book: This book contains 30 pre-filled vouchers for things like “Win the argument, Full body massage, Homemade dinner, Fantasy fulfilled, Boys’ night out, Sexy text, Uninterrupted nap and “Yes” all-day.” Plus 10 vouchers for you to fill out yourself.

I Wrote a Book About us: This is such a sweet book that has prompts for you to fill out with things about your relationship.

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Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts for him

These gifts might be a little silly, but laughter can be a great way to connect with your special guy on this special occasion. 

It’s not easy being my wife’s arm candy, but here I am nailing it Mug: Not only is this funny, the mug is actually super nice! It is 14 ounce, vacuum insulated and has a splash proof lid.

Trophy Husband T-shirt: This would be a funny Valentine’s Day gift if you are married!

Custom Rap T-shirt: This would be hilarious to gift your guy for Valentine’s! Upload various photos of you and add your name for a funny, custom rap t-shirt.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him That Help You Reconnect

These gifts will help you connect emotionally. After you’ve been with your partner for a few years it is easy to get lost in the mundane day-to-day and forget what really sparked your connection. These gifts have little things that help you connect in a fun way, whether that be conversations, flirtations or more! I think they would be a great Valentine’s Gift for Him on February 14th or any other occasion!

The Couples Game: This game is an excellent way to connect and laugh with your partner! It comes with prompts and two white board for you to write and compare answers. There is also a “late night” version if you want to get a little naughty.

35 Scratch off Dates: If you’re in a rut for date night, this would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift! It has special “hints” on the bottom of each card so you can sort of know what you are getting into (inside vs outside, need extra materials, making food at home vs going out etc). Alternatively, you could purchase scratch off stickers and make your own cards!

The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition Book: Not only does this book have 50 really fun scratch off date ideas, it also includes a place to journal about how the date went and add pictures to make a great keepsake for your relationship!

Physical touch is another important way to reconnect…especially if you have kids and have less time for physical connection. The bonus is that these massage gifts can be enjoyed by both of you!

Massage Oil: I did it all for the nooky. The name of this company made me laugh! This massage oil is coconut scented (there are lots of different scent options though) and absorbs quickly. This would be great for getting the massage started.

Massage for Couples Book: Written by a licensed massage therapist this book has diagrams and in depth explanations to make for a relaxing and sensual massage.

Hot Stones and Warmer: Hot stone massages feel AMAZING! This warmer gives you the ability to give and receive a relaxing hot stone massage in your home What an excellent gift for both of you for Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him to spice up Date Nights

One good idea for a special Valentine’s Day gift is to talk to your spouse, boyfriend or partner ahead of time about exchanging date nights! Have each person to come up with one at-home date idea and one “going out on the town” date idea and get actual gift cards/supplies for the date.  Here are a few unique gifts for you to give as a date night for Valentine’s!

At home date ideas:

PAINT NIGHT: Painting supplies and Bob Ross on YouTube! Include a gift card for a favorite takeout restaurant

COOKING COMPETITION NIGHT:  There are so many different fun cooking competition shows that you could reinact for date night. Maybe a Chopped competition (each of you gives each other three ingredients?) or Best Leftovers Ever (Netflix) competition where you try and repurpose ingredients in your fridge into a new delicious meal. This would make a fun date night with friends as well!

Foodie Dice: This would be so much fun! Roll the dice to get your inspiration ingredients, go shopping together and then make a meal!

DIY Hot Sauce making Kit: This would be a fun activity!

Sushi Making Set for Beginners: If you and your boyfriend/partner/husband like sushi, an at home sushi night could be a fun and adventurous date!

SPY DATE NIGHT: Start with a Nerf Gun Battle, followed by a classic spy movie and some international cuisine. 

2 pack Nerf-like Guns: When’s the last time you had a nerf gun fight?! For extra fun don’t tell him ahead of time and write a note at the door with the gun saying “Come find me!”

Mission Impossible 6 movie DVD collection: There are lots of spy movies to choose from but this one is a favorite of ours!

Mixology Bartending Kit: This would be an excellent addition to a spy date night!!

AT HOME GAME NIGHT:  There are lots of fun two player games. Have a simple at-home date night where you battle for bragging rights. 

Jaipur Board Game is a strategy game for two players. You collect and sell goods for rupees.

Dutch Blitz: My husband and I love this fun game! It can be for up to four players but two is just as fun.

Super Skills: This would be a great date night game for more active people! Lots of fun active challenges.

Other fun DATE night gifts for your Valentine

I love this 100 Dates Scratch off poster! I think it would be really fun to alternate date nights and have this fun list of ideas to choose from and mark off. Some of the dates are a little more involved than others, but most are pretty easy (and inexpensive). You can see the date idea written and once you complete it you scratch off the circle on the circle.

If movies are your thing, this set of 50 scratch off cards of the Top 50 movies makes for a super fun Valentine’s Day Gift Idea! Scratch off a card and watch the corresponding movie. This gift will help you expand your repertoire AND easily plan for date nights. 

Date Night Dice: This set comes with five dice inscribed with ideas. You roll a dice for each part of the date night, one for “what to eat” one for “What to do” one for “after that” and one for “sexy time.”

 I hope these fun gift ideas have inspired you this Valentine’s Day! From meaningful gifts, to fun experience, the right gift for your guy on this day of love will be the one that you choose! Trust your heart and choose a gift that will meet his specific needs in different ways.  Still looking for more inspiration? Check out these other gift ideas for men. 

Great Gifts for Men

Amazing gift ideas for men that they will love to receive.

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