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Creative {Non-traditional} Valentine’s Day Gifts for your spouse

Valentine’s Day. It seems like people either really, really love it…or really, really hate it. I think one thing that puts people off is that it’s a holiday that is supposed to be all about love but the expression of this love is, well, forced. Everywhere you turn you see advertisements for the “typical” Valentine’s gifts: Roses, jewelry, chocolates, same old same old.

I’m all for having a day where we express our love for each other because, well LOVE! But you know how I feel about purposeful and mindful giving. I think by breaking out of the mold and choosing more thoughtful gifts we can bring the surprise and LOVE back into Valentine’s day!

So as we approach Valentine’s Day here are some non-flower, non-chocolate, non-jewelry long LASTING gifts that will show your loved one how much you love them!

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Non-traditional Valentine’s Gift Ideas

A Vacation Savings  Jar

Alternative Valentine's Gift Ideas

Now full disclosure: I am the WORST ever at going on vacations with just me and my husband. I have a super hard time leaving my babies. However…the two vacations we have gone on without kids in our almost 18 years of marriage were SO much fun. Presenting a jar like this (Vinyl decal from the Etsy Shop @TheBranchandTheVine)  with some cash inside sends the message, “I love you and want to spend some time away with you!” Who wouldn’t love that? You could also include a travel guide for a destination you’ve dreamed about going.  A vacation jar would be great for future LOVE holidays as well, like anniversaries. You could also both pledge to put extra change in the jar to fill up that jar faster!

This Adventure Fund money box is another option that is already done for you!


Date Night Exchange

Another gift idea would be for each person to come up with one at-home date idea and one “going out on the town” date idea and get actual gift cards/supplies for the date.  Here are a few ideas for you!

At home date ideas:

PAINT NIGHT: Painting supplies and Bob Ross on Netflix. Include a gift card for a favorite takeout restaurant

COOKING COMPETITION NIGHT:  Ingredients for a Chopped dinner Challenge (have spouse pick your three ingredients!) and watch a chopped marathon!

SPY DATE NIGHT: Nerf Guns and Mission: Impossible Movie with homemade pizza

AT  HOME GAME NIGHT:  Spouse Scattergories from The Dating Divas and Chinese Food

Furniture or artwork

Another gift idea is to purchase something that makes your home a little homier.  I love the idea of my husband and I both picking out a new piece of furniture or artwork together or either buying it or putting money towards that for Valentine’s day. We can’t be the only ones who have kids with super cute furniture and no headboard of our own, right? It would be great to go on a Valentine’s date and pick out a new something together for Valentine’s Day, or spend the night cuddled up on Pinterest looking for ideas.


I love the idea of buying a custom painting of your home like these beautiful ones from This Creative Nest .


Year in review photo book


Creative non-traditional valentine's day gifts for your spouse

February would be a great time to put together a giant photo book from the previous year. You could go simple and create Chatbooks from your phone camera roll or Instagram, or you could do a little more in depth book with photos from a camera. To make this really special you could write things and add memories to go with the photos. I have loved the books I made through the website Blurb (see above). Let’s just pretend the year on the front is a little more current? MMkay?  This would be a great activity to do together.



Learn a new skill together


Our local “fancy” grocery store has these amazing couples cooking classes. How fun would it be to spend time together learning how to cook your favorite food?  For locals in Utah check out these Harmon’s Cooking classes. And if you aren’t in Utah look at the higher-end grocery stores, or even cooking schools near you.  There are also real time cooking videos on Youtube. Wouldn’t it be a blast to buy all the ingredients and cook along with Chef Jamie Oliver?


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Did any of these gift ideas help spark a plan for you? I sure hope so!
Happy Gifting!


5 creative and non-traditional Valentine's Day Gifts for your spouse!

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