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15 Adorable Personalized Easter Baskets for 2024

A personalized Easter basket just adds an extra bit of fun to Easter. Kids love to see their names on anything. Whether you are searching for an Easter Basket for your kids that is already personalized, or if you want to add a creative touch and personalize the baskets yourself, here are 2024s most adorable Personalized Easter Basket Options.

How do you customize easter baskets?

If you want your kids’ Easter basket personalized, you don’t have to go to a specialty shop! There are a lot of affordable personalized Easter baskets in a wide variety of styles and options available on Amazon.

These Easter baskets are a custom order…once you select the basket and fabric/style, you’ll enter the characters you want on the basket. You can choose to use initials in a monogram-like style, or write out the entire name. All of the custom Easter Baskets on Amazon utilize embroidery in their personalization. 

I’ll also share some simple ways to take a non-personalized Easter basket and add your child’s name at home. These are simple DIY Personalized Easter basket ideas. 

How early should I order personalized Easter Baskets?

Custom embroidery will take time, so if you are ordering a personalized Easter basket from Amazon you will need more than the standard 2-day delivery.  Most sellers ask for a 2 week lead time. To be extra sure you get your personalized Easter basket before Easter Sunday in 2024 (March 31), I recommend ordering no later than March 7. If you are too late, read to the end of this post for simple and adorable DIY ideas for personalizing your kids’ Easter basket!

Don’t forget about family or community Easter egg hunts! If you have any of those planned you will want to order your personalized Easter basket ASAP. 

Read on for the best personalized Easter baskets (and DIY Personalization ideas) available on Amazon for 2024. 

This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

The cutest Easter baskets already personalized

These Easter baskets have the option of adding an embroidered name. Pay special attention to the number of characters you can use in the embroidery as well as the size of the Eater basket. 

Personalized White Easter Basket with Ruffles These are so perfectly Easter! With white fabric and ruffles, these baskets measure 9” x 8.5” and have five different color options. The embroidery can be up to nine letters.  Great options for boys and girls! 

Seersucker personalized Easter Basket for Kids  Stylish seersucker personalized Easter baskets come in black, blue, green, navy blue, pink and purple. The embroidery can be done monogram style or full name up to 8 letters. These baskets are pretty large, measuring 14” x 6” x 8.” 

Personalized ANIMAL Easter Basket  If you have younger kids they will adore these bunny Easter baskets! These can be customized with any name up to nine letters. Super cute!

Classic white wicker Easter basket for kids with a gingham personalized liner This is more of a classic Easter basket style. There are five different colors of gingham liner available. This personalized Easter basket has the longest name option, with up to 18 characters. It measures 11” in diameter and is approximately 14” tall. 

White Personalized Easter basket for kids with colored personalized liner This personalized Easter basket has three different designs, plaid, waves or applique bunny in two different colors.  You can customize this with a name embroidered up to 9 characters. 

Personalized Fabric Bucket Easter Tote for kids This tote Easter basket has 14 different fabric choices from whales to popsicles. The size is 9” diameter and 8” tall. This could be re-used as a storage container in your child’s room after Easter.

DIY Personalized Easter Baskets 

If none of the custom personalized Easter baskets available on Amazon are your style, there are some simple ways to add personalization. You could:

  1. Write on the Easter basket with Fabric markers or Fabric Paint
  2. Order Iron-on Vinyl Stickers 
  3. Use a wooden tag and personalize it with paint or vinyl stickers. These wooden carrot tags or Easter egg shaped tags would be adorable too!

I found the cutest non-personalized Easter Baskets that have the space customize yourself.

Bunny Banner Easter basket I love how this Easter Basket has the perfect space to add your child’s name…a bunny holding a banner. This larger basket is 13.7” wide on the top width, 6.7” wide on the bottom and 10.2” tall. There are four different colors available and the perfect little space to write, paint or iron on a child’s name to make it personalized.  

Simple Seersucker Easter Basket with bunny ears I adore the simple and classic Easter Basket. It is 13.7″ width on the top, 6.7″ Bottom Width and 10.4″ in height. I think this could be adorably personalized with your little bunny’s name using a wooden name tag or vinyl stickers.

Bunny face basket Your littles will adore this sweet bunny face Easter Basket. Lots of colors to choose from and space on the canvas basket to add vinyl letters or attach a tag. This Easter Basket measures 9″x 6″x 8.5.”

Sequined/chevron bunny silhouette There is a lot of white space available on this sequined bunny silhouette Easter Basket. I think it would look great with iron on vinyl applied! Lots of colors to choose from as well as a non-sparkly chevron silhouette. This basket is 9.5″ x 9.”

This adorable bunny easter basket  has tied ears as a handle. The gingham fabric on the bottom would be a great place to add vinyl stickers or fabric paint your child’s name. This is one of the biggest baskets we’ve seen measuring 15” x 13” x 10”. 

Burlap and plaid Easter Basket: I love the options for this basket. You can choose from several colors of liner, different colored bunny silhouettes with a cute puffy tail and plain or with ric-rac details.

I hope you were able to find the PERFECT personalized Easter Basket for your kids, there are so many cute options!

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