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10 Book Inspired Easter Baskets

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Easter is fast approaching! If you are looking for a new spin on an Easter basket, I’ve put together 10 Easter Baskets that are inspired by books!  There are baskets for both genders and all ages! I have all the links (from either or Target) below so you can click and buy and get them delivered in plenty of time for the big day.

Cars and Trucks and Things that Go Easter Basket

Cars and Trucks and Things that Go Easter Basket

Little kids LOVE Cars and Trucks and Things that Go! You can’t go wrong with this Easter Basket!!
In case you have one of these books already I’m sharing a few of my favorite car books (and I’ve read a ton!) I know all of the proper names of trucks, just in case you are wondering. haha!
1. Cars and Trucks and Things that Go: A classic book for kids! Richard Scarry’s books are the best, so many things to look at and so many silly things! (Hot dog car! Crayon Car!!)
2. My Truck is Stuck: My kids love this book, it has such a cute story and fun rhymes. It is great to read aloud!
3. Priddy Books: Trucks! Priddy books are my favorite, they have such great pictures and my babies love them!
4. Max the Cement Mixer Play-do Play-doh is an Easter Classic and this set looks super fun!
5. Transportation Easter Basket This tin basket is seriously adorable
6. Pull back construction trucks  My mother-in-law bought this exact set for my son and they are the cutest. They are pull back cars and there are a ton of them and they are super fun! The little dump trucks dump and the parts move (they are tiny!) Probably better for 3 years old or older because of tiny parts.

7. First 100 Trucks and things that go! Another Priddy book (I told you I love them!) that is all those awesome construction pictures in sticker form. Nice thick pages that are durable and fun to stick things on. We have several Priddy sticker books and we love them.


Fablehaven Easter Basket


Fablehaven Easter Basket

This book is a great book for older kids or a read aloud for younger. Full of magical, mythical creatures and a great storyline. Here is a basket filled with Fablehaven goods!
  1. Fablehaven We love this series by Brandon Mull! If you haven’t read it yet your kids will love it! And if you have read it, the sequel DragonWatch just came out!
  2. Fairy garden This book is bursting with fairies, you could include a fairy garden kit so your child could make the fairies near your home more comfortable!
  3. The Journal of Secrets This gorgeous leather-bound journal can be your child’s very own Journal of Secrets like the one Kendra finds!
  4. Keys Include a magical looking key, your child will have to read Fablehaven to find out what it is for!
  5. Roped Green Easter Basket 
  6. Chocolate Milk Although the milk in Fablehaven isn’t chocolate it is an important part of the story and a fun addition to the basket!


Courage to Soar Gymnast Basket


Courage to Soar Gymnast Easter Basket

I love inspiring biographies and these books by Olympic Gymnasts Simone Biles and Laurie Hernandez would be perfect for your gymnast! Choose one or both for this gymnast Easter basket.

  1. Courage to Soar by Simone Biles
  2. I got this by Laurie Hernandez
  3. Water Bottle every gymnast needs a good water bottle!
  4. Gymnastics Draw String Bag A fun little bag that will hold essentials for gymnastics class.
  5. Chipwood Easter Basket with plaid liner
  6. USA Leotard Your gymnast will love this USA leotard!


Angelina Ballerina Easter Basket


Angelina Ballerina Easter Basket


I’m pretty sure every little girl wants to be a ballerina at some point in their life. Make their dreams come true with this Angelina Ballerina basket!

  1. Angelina Ballerina a classic! Your little one will love reading about the twirling, whirling ballerina mouse!
  2. Ballet Slippers These are affordable and beautiful little ballet shoes.
  3. Ballet slipper socks Let them have the fun of always wearing ballet slippers even under their shoes!
  4. Tutu Easter Basket AAAAHHHH This basket! Could it be any cuter?!
  5. Nina Ballerina magnet kit This is the cutest little Melissa & Doug magnet set. Your ballerina can dress up Nina in lots of different costumes!
  6. Tutu There are lots of different colors of this tutu that is highly rated on Amazon!



Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Basket


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Easter Basket

Every kid should read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!! This is a perfect Easter basket because this book is all about CANDY!!

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
  2. Candy! Of course you need to add Everlasting Gobstoppers!
  3. Oompa Loompa These Funko Dorbs are awesome!
  4. Willy Wonka Here is a Willy Wonka one too.
  5. Blue Basket 
  6. Wonka Bar As the picture says, this doesn’t include the chocolate…but if you buy a chocolate bar and wrap it with this Wonka Bar wrap and throw in the golden ticket it would be so much fun in this basket!


My Side of the Mountain Easter Basket


My Side of the Mountain Easter Basket

This would be a great basket for an older child. I read this book outloud to my son and daughter one summer and we still talk about it. Every kid dreams about being independent and this book is the ULTIMATE independent kid book! If you’ve already read this book you could do another book Hatchet!

  1. My Side of the Mountain
  2. Hatchet 
  3. Maple Candy In the book Sam Gribley makes all of his own food as he lives on his on on his side of the mountain. Some fun candy made of maple would be a good addition to the basket.
  4. Green Bamboo basket
  5. Beef Jerky 
  6. Pocket Knife If they are old enough, a pocket knife would perfect with either of these books.



Big Book of Dinos Easter Basket


Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

This Easter basket is based on one of our favorite Dino Books!

2. Both of my boys have these awesome Velociraptor claws. They are made of foam so they don’t hurt! Which is important because as a mom we get poked in the eyes enough. We don’t need to add velociraptor claws that can actually wound.

3. Dinosaur Toob A bunch of little dinos!

4. We used these most amazing hatching eggs for Halloween handouts. They were the hit of my son’s kindergarten class. You put them in water, they hatch out a dino that then grows in water. All different types. Now this is a LOT of eggs (40) but they are inexpensive.

5. Chocolate dino egg

6. Tin Dinosaur Easter Bucket Warning: this thing is REALLY big in real life! You could add some things from the post I did of unique gift ideas for kids who love dinosaurs!


The Velveteen Rabbit Easter Basket


The Velveteen Rabbit Easter Basket

Why not an adorable bunny basket based on one of these classic bunny books?! The first three are for your littles, the last is for a bigger kid!

  1. Runaway Bunny 
  2. Knuffle Bunny
  3. The Velveteen Rabbit
  4. Watership Down  This is one of those books I vividly remember reading in middle school. For older readers, but a great book!
  5. Chocolate Bunny because…of course!
  6. Bunny Basket Isn’t this adorable??
  7. Windup hopping Bunny
  8. Bunny Ear Toss 
  9. Stuffed Bunny I’m ordering this one for my baby. Doesn’t it look so soft and cuddly?


If you give a dog a donut Easter Basket


If you Give a Dog a Donut Easter Basket

All of the Laura Numeroff books are fun, fun FUN! This one lends itself particularly well to an Easter Basket!
6. Apple Juice (because it goes perfect with donuts,at least according to dogs.)
Harry Potter Easter Basket

Harry Potter Easter Basket

Another book that every child needs to read (in my opinion!) Harry Potter! If your child hasn’t read it yet this would make a great Easter Basket!
  1. Harry Potter
  2. Wand and glasses set
  3. Mischief Managed Cup 
  4. Blue Basket (apparently I loved this one, hahaha!)
  5. Chocolate Frog
  6. Bernie Botts Every Flavor Beans So much fun! Also terribly disgusting, so of course kids will love them.




I hope you can find a Book Inspired Easter Basket that will work for your family. I think these are so much fun!

Happy (Easter) Gifting!


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    Wow! This is quite the list of ideas! You’ve got something for everyone here.

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