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30 Adorable Fillers for Easter Basket for Baby in 2024

Looking for some creative ideas for Easter Basket for Baby for 2024? I found the cutest and best Easter Basket Fillers on Amazon that will make your baby’s Easter Basket perfection.

What do you put in a baby’s Easter basket?

I remember every holiday with our first baby was so exciting, but some holidays prove to be more challenging than others! The traditional Easter basket filled with candy and toys doesn’t work with babies so you need to be a little creative.  These ideas will work whether you are a parent or a grandparent trying to think of what to gift your grandchild for Easter. 

Here are some sweet Easter Basket Ideas for Babies for 2024 that are useful, adorable, and include baby in the Easter fun. 

This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

This Bunny Eggy Teether is the perfect size for baby’s hand and looks very satisfying to chew on. It also has a beaded clip to keep it from falling on the floor. 

This Easter bib and sock set would make a great Easter Basket Filler for babies. It includes 3 bibs, one that says “My 1st Easter” and two pairs of socks. These are more infant sized/weight bibs. Not for babies who are eating solid foods.

This pastel pacifier clip works with all types of binkies. It is cute and also chewable! 

A baby wearing pink Easter Bunny Ear headband. Baby is wearing a white cloth diaper and looking at the camera. She is holding a pink toy and looking at the camera.

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies: Toys

There are so many adorable toys that will work great as Easter Basket Fillers for Babies. Here are a few you can chose from. 

Musical Egg Shaker Trio  This 3-pack of shaky eggs are perfect for babies as soon as they are able to grasp. They are soft and make a satisfying rattle sound.

Easter Stuffed Animal (in a zip up egg!) This is for a four pack of critters, but you can also order individually. Babies will love the zip up egg and it will help them learn object permanency as a bonus!

Baby Ball My babies always loved these balls. They are easy to grab and delightful to gum.

Babies love music, this rotating music box looks perfect for a baby’s easter basket! 

Baby Teething Necklace (for mom to wear) Mom can wear this with her Easter finery and keep the teething baby entertained

This crocheted bunny teether is the cutest and would be a perfect Easter Basket Filler for Babies!

A Jack-in-the-Box is such a great toy for babies…music + learning about cause and effect. Plus this bunny makes it perfect for Easter Baskets. This toy last for years and years!!

Hide-N-Squeak Eggs help with color recognition and are fun for babies!

This wooden rainbow stacker is so versatile and colorful. Babies and toddlers will enjoy this toy in an Easter basket. 

Easter Basket for Baby: Treats

What can you put in Easter baskets besides candy?

If your baby has older siblings there is a natural tendency to want to put some food or treats in there as well! Just choose baby food with an Easter/spring twist!

Peter Rabbit Organics baby food pouches Organic baby food with peter rabbit on the front 

Sweet Potato and Carrot Puffs These dissolve and are great first foods for babies that are crawling on their own.

Mango Banana Carrot Teethers These are messy but babies love to gum these things!

You could also get some snack holders for Baby’s Easter Basket. 

This four pack of reusable bamboo bowls for kids is SO CUTE!  It has a perfect Easter chick, a cow, an Octopus and a frog.  

I also love this Zip Top Silicone Snack holder. It stands up, but can also zip up! It also can be washed and re-used. 

This baby trainer mug is adorned with a sweet little bunny and would be a perfect Easter Basket Filler. 

Baby wearing a crocheted bunny hat lying on green carpet scattered with colorful Easter eggs. The baby is looking up at the camera and chewing on his/her lip.

Easter Books for Baby’s Easter Basket

Anytime I can add a book to a gift, I do it! It’s never too early to encourage your baby to love reading. Here are some Easter Books that are excellent Easter Basket Fillers. 

Baby Touch and Feel Board Book My babies always loved the touch and feel board books. Since touch is such a big part of learning at this age your baby will enjoy this easter book! 

The Itsy Bitsy Bunny Based on the Itsy Bitsy Spider song, this is an adorable book for baby and they will love to hear you sing!

HOP Easter Peek-A-Boo A flap book is so much fun for babies when they have the skills to be able to grip and move things. 

Clothes for Baby’s Easter Basket

I always try to look ahead with holidays and think about things that my kids will need in the near future. Buying spring and summer clothes and adding them to Baby’s Easter Basket is a useful gift. Here are some super cute options. 

This baby boy swim set is oh-so-cute and a great price! It includes a hat, a rash guard and shorts. The one piece swimsuits for boys are cute but in my experience two piece were much easier to change baby’s diaper! 

I love all of the fabric options for this super cute one-piece baby girl swimsuit, and the fact that it has a button crotch so you can easily change diapers. The long sleeves and high SPF of the suit mean less chance of burning that sensitive baby skin. 

I can’t get OVER this ruffled romper with bunnies on it. Easter or not, YOUR BABY GIRL wants this in her Easter basket!!

A young baby is lying on green carpet that has Easter eggs and tulips on it. Baby is wearing a crocheted bunny hat with ears and lying on his/her tummy looking at the camera.

Special containers for baby’s Easter Basket

Rope Basket I’m always a fan of buying Easter baskets that can be reused. This rope basket could double as a toy or book holder in baby’s room and comes in blue, pink or gray!

Personalized Soft Easter Basket I love these adorable personalized baskets! Soft and perfect to keep using as your baby gets older. 

A fabric storage bin comes in handy for baby clothes and toys AND makes a great Easter Basket for baby. There are lots of choices in fabric and color. 

I hope these Easter Basket Ideas for Babies help inspire you for baby’s first Easter basket!

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Happy Easter Gifting (and enjoy every minute with your baby!)


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