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DIY Valentine’s Gift for Kids: 14 Simple Ideas

These DIY Valentine’s Gift for Kids Ideas can be given as a fun 14-days of Valentine’s for kids (give one each day starting February 1) OR choose one of your favorites to give them on Valentine’s Day. I’ve tried to make it extra simple by creating free printable tags to go with each idea. I’ve also added links so you can grab the DIY Gift Ideas inexpensively from Amazon.

How can I make Valentine’s Day Special?

Growing up, my mom and dad always did something small and simple for us for Valentine’s Day and I always looked forward to it. A few years ago I decided I wanted to do a fun 14-days of Valentine’s Gifts for my kids. I bought everything ahead of time, and each night I would put out the next day’s gift on the kitchen counter. Every morning in February leading up to Valentine’s Day my kids woke up so excited to see their fun DIY Valentine’s surprise. I love making gift-giving super simple and FUN for you so I’ve created 14 free printables to go with these gift ideas. You’ll be able to find several of these gifts at dollar stores, but I found quite a few options that will be cheaper on Amazon (especially if you have more than one kid). If you have a mom friend who wants to do this as well you can get things even cheaper by buying in bulk.  These could also be used as Valentine’s handouts for friends/classmates.

You can download the printables (and sign up for great gift ideas in The Gifty Girl Newsletter) from my FREE Gift Printables library by entering your email below.

I made the printables so you can upload them as jpgs to a photo printing place and print them as 4″ x 6″ pictures (two tags to a photo). 

Without further ado…here are the ideas (with a few different gift ideas to choose from for each tag).

What can I make for Valentine’s Day Gifts?

I like to do a variety of little sweets and treats in this DIY 14 Days of Valentine’s Gifts for Kids. The best part is these work for little and big kids alike!


DIY Valentines gifts for kids, 14 simple and fun ideas for Valentine gift for kids from parents

Food-Centered DIY Valentine Gift ideas

Food is always a good way to go with kids, tweens and teens…but I only did a few that involve food or candy in case you are trying to limit sweets.

“Valentine, We Cereal-sly Love You” tag

Free Printable Tag for Valentine's Cereal gift idea

Having your VERY own special cereal (whether it is a tiny box or a big one) is super exciting for kids!  Kids will love this! I found this little cereal bowl for $1 at the grocery store. You could also get a fun cereal bowl with a straw instead! Click below for the best Valentine cereal options on Amazon.

 “If I Had To Pick I Would Always CHEWS you, Valentine” tag

We'd always chews you Valentine Gift Tag for gum gift from parents

The inspiration behind this tag was a sweet story that I read the other day.  A lady was  talking about how her mom always told her, “If all the children in the world were lined up and I got to choose one, I would always choose you.”  This DIY Valentine Gift Tag for Kids goes with gum of all sorts! You could go with a gum container like the one I used for teens,  or these adorable gumball machines, or even just a few gumballs in a bag!

“Valentine, You Are The Sweetest” tag

Valentine Candy Tag Free printable Valentine You are the Sweetest

Of course, Valentine’s is synonymous with candy! This fun tag can be paired with your child’s favorite treat. Click below for some fun options!

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Soda Gift Tag for Valentine's from parents to kids

“Valentine, We Are Soda-Lighted To Have You” tag

Soda is a treat at our house so my kids would love to have their own bottle of soda to go with this tag. You could also buy the tiny soda candies from the store (do you remember those?)


Non-Candy DIY Valentine’s Gift for Kids More Ideas

There are a lot of fun DIY Valentine’s Gift for kids that aren’t candy or food! Here are some of my favorite ideas!

“I love you THIS Much” Valentine gift tag

We Love you THIS much DIY Valentine's Gift for Kids tag

This tag needs a STRETCHY toy to go along with it. Here are some options for you…we’ve had all of these and they are all fun! There are a bunch of different s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y toys you could grab for this tag.

“You fill my heart with joy” tag

Valentine Balloon Free Printable Gift Tag, you fill our hearts with joy.

There are several options for this tag. You could give them a few of these cute heart balloons they could blow up themselves.

There are several fun balloon gift options for this tag that says “Valentine, You fill our hearts with joy!” Here are my favorites! Punching balloons are always a hit. These Whack-a-pack balloons are so fun! You smack it and the balloon self inflates. The balloon on a stick as pictured can be purchased at the dollar store or any grocery store (much cheaper than Amazon prices!)

“Hands Down You Are My Favorite” tag

Sticky Hand Tag for Valentine's Gift Hands Down you are our Favorite

I created this tag to go with sticky hands because my kids LOVE them. One of our favorite games is to put down 30 of the same size paper item and then have a race to see who can sticky hand the most! Here are links to sticky hands and some non-sticky hand toy options!

“You Light Up Our/My World Valentine” tag

Flashlight Gift Tag for Valentine's Day Gift for Kids from  Parents

Let your child know that they light up your world with this adorable DIY Valentine’s Gift for Kids. Pair it with a little flashlight, finger lights or glow sticks for some nighttime fun.

“You Make My Heart Soar” tag

Kids LOVE things that fly! Here are three fun options to go with “Valentine, you make our hearts soar” DIY Valentine’s Gift for Kids. We bought light-up rocket copters when we went to Hawaii. The kids had SO much fun playing with them at night. You could also go with these slingshot chicken toys or even foam glider airplanes

“Valentine you make me smile” tag

Valentine you make us smile gift tag for DIY Valentine's Gift for kids

There are a lot of “Smile” toy option to go with the DIY Valentine Tag for Kids that says, “Valentine, You make us smile!”  This smiley face glow wand is from Dollar Tree. You could also buy these adorable red heart smile face stress balls (not slow rise though!), smile emoji pillows or smiley erasers,

“Valentine, You Are Tops” tag

Valentine, you are tops free printable tag for TOP

TOPS are a classic kids toy that a lot of kids haven’t every played with before (say what?!). This DIY Valentine’s Gift for Kids tag says “Valentine, you are TOPS. Pair it with any of the following top toy options.

These flip tops are so fun because after spinning for a minute they flip OVER and spin on the handle side (check out the videos in the reviews). You could also go with these bulk light-up tops with a push button launcher or a classic colorful wooden top.

“You Make My Heart Sing” tag

You make our heart sing free printable Valentine's Day Tag

This DIY Valentine’s Gift for Kids Tag says “Valentine, You make our heart sing. It works with several different gift ideas. You could do a bird whistle (did you have these?! These look much fancier than the plastic ones I had growing up!) You could also do fun kids music CD or echo microphone with this fun tag.

“I’m Head Over Heels For You, Valentine” tag

Free Printable Valentine's Day Tag for Kids

This DIY Valentine’s Gift for Kids tag says “I’m head over heels for you Valentine.” I made it to go with these sticky wall climbing men. that tumble head over heels down the wall when you toss them. Here are some other head over heels gift options for you.

“Valentine, We Always Have a Ball” tag

There are so many fun options for balls. A nice squishy ball is alway a hit with kids, and these are very well reviewed. You could also use these mesh balls which are crazily addictive to squeeze (and not sticky) or these balls with leashes that you throw and they come right back to you (look for these at the dollar store!)

“You Are One Of The Best Pieces Of Our Family” tag

puzzle gift tag for DIY Valentine's Gift for Kids

Let your kids know that they are an important piece of your family with this cute little tag that can be paired with puzzles of any type. There are tons to choose from at dollar stores or there are some cute puzzles these Valentine’s Puzzles , or this one or this one that you can grab on Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed these DIY Valentine’s Gift for Kids that can work as a 14-days 0f Valentine’s count down or just as a simple Valentine’s gift from parents to kids.   It doesn’t take much time  (especially with these free printables) and it is fun to shower your kid with love and some fun little gifts each day in February.  If you liked this idea I would LOVE it if you shared it with your friends and family! Also make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with my fun gift ideas.

If you are looking for a cheaper way to shower your kids (and spouse) with love, check out my post with 14 Days of Love ideas. I share simple things to do each day to show your kids and spouse that you love them that don’t cost a thing

Happy Gifting!


A fun and easy way to shower your kids this Valentines season! 14 different (inexpensive) gift ideas plus free printable tags to give your kids a little Valentines love every day in February. #valentines #creativevalentinesideas #valentinesforkids #freeprintablevalentines #valentinesgifts #valentinesgiftideas #gifttags #valentinesday

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