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51 Amazing Easter Basket Stuffers for Everyone in the Family in 2024

Easter basket stuffers are so much fun…but after a few years it can get hard to come up with new and exciting ideas for Easter baskets. Don’t you worry though, because I’ve searched for the most fun, crazy, cool and unique Easter basket stuffers for everyone in the family for 2022! Many of these Easter gifts for kids I know are huge hits because I’ve used them for my five children…and others I’ve just found and am planning to give to my kids this year.

This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

A lot of these Easter basket stuffers can be used for a variety of ages. You can also check out my post with 17 STEM Easter Basket Stuffers , 10 Book Inspired Easter Baskets or  Easter Basket ideas for babies. If you need an adorable personalized basket to put them in, you can find the best ones in this post, 15 personalized Easter Baskets for 2024.

Non-candy Easter Basket Ideas for Little Kids

I love to add non-candy easter basket stuffers for my kids of all ages. Whether you are looking for things to put in a boy Easter basket, or a girl Easter basket, here are some great options for little kids (keep reading on for bigger kids, teens and adult Easter basket ideas!). 

In 2022, Silicone Poppers or pop it fidget toys are so popular and make a great non-candy Easter basket idea for kids of all ages. Here are some fun pop-it ideas!

This is a four pack of Easter shaped pop it fidget toy will be a perfect non-candy Easter basket toy to slip into kids’ Easter baskets. 

Kids will love to find Pop-It Fidget Bracelets in their Easter Basket. 

Colorful Pop Stress Fidget Balls would also be a great addition to a boy Easter basket or a girl Easter basket. 

All five-star reviews are not that common on Amazon…but these super cute slap bracelet animals have that distinction with thousands of reviews. They are under $10, come in LOTS of different animals and would be such a fun and unique Easter basket stuffer. 

Squishies are a little kid (and big kid!) favorite. This three pack of Easter themed slow rise squishies have great reviews and are adorable! 

This is one of those classic toys that kids don’t see so often nowadays but I promise your littles will LOVE them. This set of six wind up hopping toys come in Easter eggs. A perfect Easter Basket Filler your Little Kids will love!

Toddlers and little kids will love these Easter egg crayons. You could pair it with an Easter coloring book!

This six pack of egg splat balls are SO much fun (but do leave marks on your walls!). These work for kids of all ages (my teen likes them too!). 

They’re noisy, they’re stretchy and OH MY GOODNESS your kids will stretch and play with these Pop Tubes for hours. (They even connect to each other!). We’ve had these and although they don’t last a full year, my kids love them. 

Active Toys to put in Easter Baskets for Little Kids

This is a super fun, no-mess Egg Toss Game in the form of a talking stuffed ball. Kids toss it back and forth trying to catch it “safely.” Sensors inside the ball notice if it is caught too hard or lands on the ground and responds with over 40 spoken phrases. Reviews on this Egg toss are amazing! 

This rainbow streamer would be a fun and active toy for little kids both indoors and outdoors! It is perfect for running around outside or dancing inside. Boys and girls will love this active Easter toy!

Your littles will LOVE this giant bubble wand kit! It comes with bubble concentrate, a large bubble wand and a booklet with tips and tricks. 

Christian Easter Gifts for Kids

If you want an Easter Basket Stuffer that helps remind kids about Jesus and has more of a Christian focus there are some wonderful options available! 

Water Wow Books are the best! Melissa and Dough have a Bible Stories Water Wow Book that would be an excellent Christian Easter Basket Stuffer. 

A Learn-To-Draw Bible Stories book along with a sketch pad and some crayons or colored pencils would go perfectly in a Jesus focused Easter Basket for an older child. 

I adore these Easter Story Finger Puppets. They come with a script so your kids can put on their own Easter Finger Puppet play. 

This Everybunny Prays stuffed bunny and book set is MADE for a Christian Centered Easter Basket for kids! An adorable stuffed easter bunny and a sweet book about prayer. When you push on the soft plush bunny’s tummy, it recites the Lord’s Prayer. 

Another great Christian Easter Basket Stuffer is an All about Jesus Sticker and Activity Book

A Bible Quiet Book will provide a fun, quiet way for little ones to learn about Jesus (especially while at church!). 

Easter Basket Stuffers for Older Kids and Tweens

One of the best tips I can give you as a more experienced mom (does that make me old?!) is KIDS OF ALL AGES WANT TOYS. Not all toys, but at least one fun thing to play with! I always include a fun toy for my kids and teens! Here are some great unique Easter Basket Stuffer options for older kids and tweens. 

These micro-racing cars are rechargeable, light-up and tons of fun! They come in a two pack and include two lanyards, two clear balls the cars can drive in and two USB cords. 

My kids love these squeezy squishy balls. They change color when you squeeze them and they are so satisfying! They also come in a three-pack with kitty shapes,  a three-pack of glitter squishy balls , and a three-pack of shaggy squeeze balls . You really can’t go wrong with any of these super fun squeezy balls as an Easter basket stuffer.

These Smart Labyrinth Eggs look like SO much fun (and they are picture perfect for Easter!) You insert a wand and have to navigate the labyrinth of the egg to get the wand out of the bottom. This would be kids around 8 and up. 

This is a 12 pack of bunny gel pens I would pair this with a four-pack of Melissa and Doug doodle pads we have these and they are great. 

Another fun craft option…this super cute bunny 3D diamond painting kit for kids! 

These magnetic fidget rings are a fun doo-dad for older kids and tweens. This set of three rings are multi-colored and would be a cool addition to an Easter Basket for older kids and tweens! 

Outdoor Toys Easter Basket Fillers for Older Kids and Tweens

I need to add a disclaimer having bought this Light up Foxtail for my 9-year-old. Ummm these go really HIGH. My son immediately tossed his straight up and into the top branch of our tallest tree. HAHA! We did get it down but foxtails are best in wiiiiiiide open spaces (parks or giant backyards). 

Seriously…this is an amazing Easter basket idea for teens (or any kid for that matter!) Three Tiny Super Soakers! These super mini squirt guns are fully functional and only three inches long! I got these for my kids last Easter and they were a huge hit.

My kids love these flying discs frisbees…and these take it up one notch and are glow-in-the-dark! Woot! A great Easter Basket filler that your older kids and tweens will love to play with outside. 

Easter Basket Ideas for Teenagers

If your teen has AirPods, there are so many funky fun AirPods cases! This Airpods case is Sour Patch Kids theme, but you can also choose a basketball AirPods case, an M&Ms Airpods case, a baby Yoda AirPods case, Cup-O-Noodles Case, or a Gatorade AirPods case .

You can’t go wrong with a new water bottle for teens. Tons of different colors (and some ombres!) to choose from. I would also throw in some fun water bottle stickers to jazz it up!

If your teen is protective of their phone charging cable, these character cable protectors are an adorable Easter Basket addition! I would grab a new phone charging cord and attach one of these gems to it for their Easter Basket. Other awesome options are these Pokemon Cable Protectors and Mario and Luigi Cable Protectors

Outdoor Toys Easter Basket Stuffers for Teens

I love finding unique Easter basket stuffers that will get my kids moving and having fun. I bought this Pindaloo toy for my teen and he loves to play with it! It is a challenge they can play indoors or outdoors. This would work for older kids as well. 

We have a light up frisbee like this one and my teen loves to play it at night with his buddies. 

Pickleball is an outdoor game that teens and adults love! A 2-pack of pickle ball paddles and balls is a great Easter Basket filler for your teen!

Christian Easter Gifts for Teenagers

There are also fun ways to add a Christian focus to your teenager’s Easter basket. Here are some ideas. 

This gorgeous Jesus Cross Necklace  would be a lovely Easter basket stuffer. This is a more masculine cross pendant necklace for teen boys that has a bible verse on it. 

A Five Minute Devotional for Teen Boys or Five Minute Devotional for Teen Girls would be a sweet addition to a teenager’s Christian Easter basket. 

 This Color the Words of Jesus coloring book is gorgeous! Add some colored pencils and it would go perfectly in a teen or adult Easter Basket. 

My teen boy loves wearing fun socks, especially to church! A pair of Jesus Guacs My World socks is a funny Easter basket gift idea!

Teen boys will love this sign of the fish leather wrap bracelet in their Easter Basket. If you are looking for a more feminine bracelet for a teenage girl Easter basket stuffer this delicate cross bracelet is a lovely option.

His Grace is Enough t-shirt would be fun rolled up in a Christian teen girl Easter Basket (and there are tons of color options!). For a teen boy this Jesus is my Homeboy t-shirt is funny!

Adult Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

Whether you are looking for Easter Basket Stuffers for your grown-up kids or for another adult you love, here are some fun Easter Basket themes and Ideas!

Self-Care Adult Easter Basket

I love these Energizing Shower Steamers for an Adult Easter Basket. You throw them on the floor of your shower and it makes it feel like you are in a spa in yoru own shower! A Self-Care Check in guided journal and would be amazing in Easter basket focused on Self-Care. Another great addition to an Adult Self Care Easter Basket are these pop up affirmation cards. It is a set of 30 cards that have inspiring words that will make you think.  

Outdoor Fun Adult Easter Basket

An Easter basket is the perfect time to add some fun outdoor activities since it is springtime! Here are some ideas for outdoor fun for adult Easter baskets. 

You could go with an intro level Pickle Ball set or a more professional Pickle Ball set. You could also add a light-up frisbee. Bucket Pong is a giant version of beer pong to play outside. Super fun addition to an adult Easter Basket. 

Grilling Adult Easter Basket

This set of mini bbq spices would be a unique and fun addition to an adult easter basket. You could also do a set of barbecue sauces, this one has original, tangy and spicy, smoky bourbon and sweet and spicy. A wireless barbecue thermometer would also be great in a grilling Easter basket for a grown-up!

Beauty Adult Easter Basket

Everyone needs a frozen face roller! It helps reduce puffiness and feels amazing when you have a headache or sunburn. Easter colored Essie Nail Polish would be perfect for an adult Easter beauty basket. This set of six Korean face masks could be used in one basket or many!

I hope you found some wonderful Easter basket ideas for everyone in the family. Aren’t holidays just the best? It is so much fun to surprise the people we love with fun Easter basket stuffers. 

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