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15 Unique Easter Basket Stuffers

Easter basket stuffers are so much fun…but after a few years it can get hard to come up with new and exciting ideas for kids’ Easter baskets. Don’t you worry though, because I’ve searched for the most fun, crazy, cool and unique Easter basket stuffers for 2020! Some of these Easter basket fillers I know are huge hits with kids because I’ve used them for my five children…and others I’ve just found and am planning to give to my kids this year.

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A lot of these Easter basket stuffers can be used for a variety of ages. You can also check out my post with 17 STEM Easter Basket Stuffers , 10 Book Inspired Easter Baskets or  Easter Basket ideas for babies

Dinosaur Building Eggs
These eggs are perfect Easter basket stuffer for kids who love dinosaurs. You put them together which means there are SMALL PARTS. Probably better for kids 5 and up and be careful around babies! Another great option are these Lego-style dinosaur building egg

Adorable slap bracelet animals

All five-star reviews are not that common on Amazon…but these super cute animals have that distinction with almost 1000 reviews!! They are under $10, come in LOTS of different animals and would be such a fun and unique Easter basket stuffer.


Slow Rise Easter Squishies 
My kids from toddler to teen LOVE slow rise squishies. This comes in a three-pack so you can divide it up among your children or give them all three.


Micro-Racer Light up pocket racer

These come in a two-pack and would be great for kids of lots of different ages. I love that they are rechargeable. These pocket racers would make a super fun Easter basket stuffer!

Stretchy Noodle Strings 
This is a pack of 10 super fun stretchy noodles! Kids can tie them, stretch them, braid them. Add a few to each Easter Basket.

Wind-up Easter Animals
This is one of those classic toys that kids don’t see so often nowadays but I promise they’ll LOVE them. This set of six has especially cute animals. For real, look at those faces!

Smart Egg Labyrinth puzzle 
These look like SO much fun (and they are picture perfect for Easter!) You insert a wand and have to navigate the labyrinth of the egg to get the wand out of the bottom. This would be great for older kids, tweens and teens. They go by levels, so level up to 3 for teens so it isn’t too simple!

Nee-Doh squeeze balls
My kids love these squeezy squishy balls. They change color when you squeeze them and they are so satisfying! They also come in a three-pack with kitty shapes,  a three-pack of glitter squishy balls , and a three-pack of crystal squeeze balls . You really can’t go wrong with any of these super fun squeezy balls as an Easter basket stuffer.

Bunny gel pens 

This is a 12 pack of gel pens I would pair this with a four-pack of Melissa and Doug doodle pads we have these and they are great).

Egg Crayons  An alternative to the pens for younger kids are these Easter egg crayons.

Pindaloo Ball Toy
I love finding unique Easter basket stuffers that will get my kids moving and having fun. This toy is fun for kids through teens and will add a fun challenge they can play indoors or outdoors. I’m grabbing one of these for my teen’s Easter basket.

LED Foxtail ball 
This would be fun to play with during the day or at night, and I know all of my kids from ages 4-15 would love this. This would make a super fun and unique Easter basket stuffer.

Sticky Splat Eggs 
I promise your kids will LOVE these! Just don’t buy them if you strongly dislike washing your walls hahahaha! You throw these sticky splat eggs and they splat against the wall, stick and then roll down. Your kids will play with these for hours! They are not built to last forever though! I think the longest any of ours lasted was one month.


The World’s Smallest Super Soaker

Seriously…this is an amazing Easter basket idea for teens (or any kid for that matter!) This Super Soaker is fully functional and it is three inches long! This comes in a two pack and I’m totally getting these for my kids’ Easter baskets!

Chinese Jump Rope
These are a classic toy that kids will have so much fun with! My kids play this game with two friends or using chairs. They would make a great Easter Basket Stuffer for kids that will get them being active. Now I chose this one in particular because it has instructions on how to do the Chinese jump rope, but it is in a 12 pack so maybe find some mom friends to share this one with!

I hope you found some wonderful Easter basket ideas for your kids and/or teens. Aren’t holidays just the best? It is so much fun to surprise our kids.

If you are looking for other Easter Basket ideas check out these book inspired Easter baskets for a fun and unique twist.

Happy Easter Gifting!


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